RMMV Enemy priorities moving during magic attacks in front facing battles, commission/request.


Apr 12, 2023
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So in my game I've cut the enemy image into sections arms, legs, body and put them into the troop as separate enemies and arranged them so it appears as a single enemy, with hidden parts on the bottom layer.

When limbs are being attacked there is no issue as I found ArcheiaSnippet_NoBlink which resolves one issue with this method as the blink was revealing the underneath layer, I have considered remaking the enemies so there is nothing being hidden so that's plan B.

The issue I am looking to fix with a plugin only happens when using magic animations, when the animation interacts with the image layers of enemy battler, I think it changes the priority of the layers?
This makes the hidden/bottom parts that would be revealed after the top layer/limb is defeated become visible even though the limb has not been defeated yet...
Here are some images to show what I'm describing, I'm happy to try describe what's happening in detail or take a screen recording if you need?

here is the enemy before getting hit by magic, thanks to the plugin mentioned above the image layers maintain this priority/visibility while being hit with physical attacks:
During magic attacks, here you can see the whole illusion falling to pieces and as the image layers flash/change priority revealing what is beneath, I don't mind this so much during the magical attacks as there is a lot going on:
And the major issue, here you can see the aftermath of the magical attack where the body layer has been left in front of the other layers leaving the hidden parts that would only be revealed after defeating the arms/legs, sometimes using another magical attack will make some of the layers return to their original priority but mostly they get put in the wrong place ruining the reveal the player should get after defeating a limb, I'll also mention in this image all limbs are still alive:

So yes, that's the issue, my thoughts are making a plugin that forces the enemy images to maintain their priorities when magic animations are running would be the solution, any help would be fantastic!

PS: I am also looking for a plugin to create a custom battle UI I have designed, I'll make a thread for that another time but if someone wants to DM me that's great.


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Jul 2, 2014
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Might it not work better to change the battler images under whatever conditions? Instead of having everything in there the whole time, layered on top of each other.

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