Equip Slots for Items, Skills, and Equipment

Discussion in 'JS Plugin Requests' started by Jaymonius, Apr 25, 2017.

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    (Bare with me on this one as I'm not sure if this would fall under support or not.)

    H-Hey! Jaymonius here and I am experimenting with MV. And I noticed the Yanfly Equip Slots thing was nifty. And I also had a thought if there was some way to make one singular window for equipping all 3 categories, Items, Skills, and Equipment? Instead of making separate windows for each skill slot?

    I guess the best example of this is how Final Fantasy Legend 1 and 2 handled their inventory. If there was a way to do that in MV, that'd be great. If anyone can help me with this, (and direct me to the right plugins for what I need,) I'd be grateful.

    Thanks muchly.
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    there is a way to simulate that, but admittedly it is an inferior way compared to a real plugin
    you can make pseudo-equipment that fits into an equip slot named "skill" and have that equipment add the skills as traits (completely removing the regular skill learning options).
    For items it would be a bit more tricky with the equipment giving a skill "use item XY" and the skill having the desired effect, removing the regular item on use (either by common event or by skill cost plugin.

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