Equipable Costumes Plugin Request *Figured out*


Mar 14, 2012
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In my game i was hoping to have costumes that could be equiped like an accessory in its own slot. I have the equipment slot and items created but no way to change what my actors appearance is based on the equipment. 

My inspiration on this is similar to the title system in the tales series where you can equip certain titles for stat boosts and then there are a few that will change the characters appearance for fun. 

I figured how to do this with an event, so I don't need this anymore, however I will post a screenshot of my event to possibly help someone else out in the future. 

costume fix.png

What I did was create a parallel event that checks every time the cancel button is pressed, incidentally with default RPG maker button config the cancel button is also the button to open and close the menu.

So I'm checking if the characters are equipped with costumes every time the player opens and closes the menu. I haven't extensively tested this yet. but from what I can see it works for my personal needs and I hope that It will help someone else out in the future. 
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