Aug 4, 2012
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I'm unable to figure out how to equip something to a character's 2nd weapon slot via eventing or script calls. If you use the event command to equip a weapon twice, it will just keep swapping out the first weapon and never equip the second one. You can't select a weapon to equip in the shield slot, and when I tried something like $game_actors[x].equip[1]=17, trying to equip item 17 in the 1 slot (which should be the shield/off hand slot), it doesn't work. It seems that the issue is that the engine basically gives a character two 0 slots, but no way to actually differentiate which is which.

Basically, what I'm trying to do is unequip a character of both weapons who has the dual wield trait (which I haven't been able to do, I can only unequip the main weapon - in fact, if I try to unequip a shield, it removes their dual wield flag and gives them a shield slot), then re-equip them with two weapons. I don't want to get any scripts if I can help it, or at least none of the larger ones that change any functionality. I don't want my dual wield character to be able to equip shields or anything in their off hand slot, I want them to just have the two weapon slots. I'm not looking to add 2-hander functionality to the game. I'm not looking to modify the existing structure of the system if I can help it - but I can't figure out how in the world to force-equip or force-remove something in the second weapon slot for any character with the dual wield flag.

EDIT: Just figured it out. Was browsing through the game_actor section of Game Objects for the change equip commands and came across change_equip_by_id(slot_id, item_id). If I do a script call like,

$game_actors[x].change_equip_by_id(1, 15)
	$game_actors[x].change_equip_by_id(0, 16)

then it will properly equip weapons to both weapon slots. I can also de-equip those slots by using 0 for the item_id.
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