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Nov 26, 2019
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Hi all
I have been working on a game for a long time and when it comes to exporting it to the web, I am not able to make it work. The export for windows game.exe works perfectly, but when I export it for the web there is no way it will work.
It gives me a lot of errors related to the actors.js file in the data folder.
I have seen that it could be due to not having access to the folders of the computer, but it does not work for me in any browser and allowing access in Chrome as suggested elsewhere.
Seeing this, I have created a new project and I still get the actors.js error.
I have checked the file and it is not corrupt or anything strange is seen.
I am beginning to despair and I am not able to solve it.
I hope someone can help me, after a thousand hours of work it is a shame not to be able to publish it.

PS: The game is available on for download, the files are not encrypted so anyone could try to carry out the process if they want to help me.


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