May 26, 2021
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Since I'm new to the community as a developer, I can't offer any advice other than as a player.

I couldn't get my Xbox controller to work with your game, and Abanddon was a tough boss. Someone with less experience playing RPGs may become a little frustrated and give up, but I love the genre, so I managed to pull through.

Overall I had fun, and I'm happy I tried out your game! :kaothx:


Suddenly, a summer breeze...
Apr 13, 2012
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Was finally able to get into this and my word, the presentation and thought that went into this game is incredible! I'd PM'd you my thoughts but from my notes, I'll copy-and-paste the pros, cons and personal nitpicking for anyone interested. Easily a 9 out of 10 at the least.

+ Gorgeous presentation!
+ Loving how the character faces "speak" and have SFX during text, + text box effects
+ Eventing to where I could give teddy to ghost immediately when I found teddy first
+ Full healing after every battle, despite random encounters
+ Battlers move, shake, etc when acting in battle with unique death animation!
+ Sir Godric is a boss!
+ Party dialogue between themselves and NPCs is fun! Can feel each gal's personality.
+ Area is linear but doesn't feel less for it; mapping, objects and backtracking help.
+ Vengeful Maiden resists holy element! I assumed all would be weak to it.
+ Defending recovers MP, but isn't too broken! I've had trouble with it myself before.
+ Stat debuffs work on Abaddon!

- SFX are wayyy too loud compared to background music
- Does TP reset after every fight?
- Boss may have a bit too much HP? But still forced me to slow down, felt like a real boss.

* Do the random enemies change after each ghost? Cool if or if not!
* Too many abilities that feel redundant? Most useful for Gordic and Abaddon though.
* No SFX for menus? Jarring for me, but I can understand why too?
* Battles are snappy, but maybe too fast at times?
* No descriptions for key items and equipment?

Thank you for making this, and looking forward to seeing those girls in action again!


Apr 17, 2021
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Hi again, i finish your game (better late than never in this case) so here comes mi review :)

You said this was your first game (i remember read that somewhere) and i can see you went the extra mile for a single map game, the character talking, custom sprites for characters, enemies, but also menu display AND battle (I notice the little turn order up there and the life bar) that part, the visual aspect is amazing! Except may for the battle background, it was a little to dark. I know is the "dark forest" but i was sometimes a bit hard to watch the enemies AND specially their life bar, a minior detail easy to fix.

You also have a good concept to use the animations on the map, in fact, you make good use of a lot of thing i usally see others asking, specilly on the cutscene moments, you deliver the dialong it was nice, despite characters been a little stif, but thats a nitpick. Overol, it was a nice job :)

Now... i know this is your first game, and trust me, I am judging you base on that. Still, there is still a lot to point out for your next game have consideration... in short, this is the part no one likes to read, but please do..

One feature i notice right away, is autoheal, honestly, this is not a bad feature at all, i do not rememeber the name of the game, it was on mobile, using the same feature, i fininsh that game, and you actually improve in something: The encounter rate. You did not bombarme my with battles, they were scarse, but can not escape (unlike the other game i point out) And enemies hit hard, but at the end of the battle, i was fully healed again, some there was preasure on battle, but i knew i was going to be fine after the battle. If you want to explore this feature further, i think you have the bases cover, there other aspect to learn to exploit this, but has said, you have a good start.

The same feature however, point me out something i did not notice at first glance... all characters were the same. Yes, their moves were diferente, but they had the same HP, MP and every single base stats, equipement wise make a bit of diference, but thats it. This remove the fealing i have 4 diferent characters, but i have only 1 characters with 4 diferent colors. I really have no reason to use Ashley´s Cover on Jasmenie because, she could take pretty much has many hits has Ashley, maybe half or a whole hit less. I know you will do better next time, but still, something i want to point out.

Now, for your next demo of your next game... skills... for something this small, we dont need that many skills, cut them in half, so we can focus on those few insted of having so many skill we wont end up using anyways, like the poison/sleep arrow, or cover (but this was due the base stat of each character been the same) Also, make sure every skill works properlly. I gather 100 TP on the last fight for Tia´s Excalibur... but the skill did not work at all :( Earthquake did work properlly though.

Overall and nice and impresive expirience for your first game, keep improving! and if you launch a demo for another game, rest assure i will play it :) Till next time.


Sep 14, 2020
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I recently played it, and I enjoyed it. Each character had their own personality, which was expressed in the dialogue and skills. It's a bummer that it was short, but 5 stars overall. I enjoyed the fact that the game had random encounters because it added to the ghostly feel of it. I definitely suggest that others play this game.

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