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    "So he closed his eyes, sang in a voice so clear
    That his imaginary world began to appear
    He sang so clear this world alive
    And the boy stepped in where he finally could survive..."
    Abney Park - His Imaginary World

    Hi, everyone! I've been thinking about this project more than 3 years. And finally I have decided to tell everyone my ideas about this game.
    Basically Escapism is an RPG with some puzzles, strange atmosphere and unusual main characters. I was inspired by such games as OFF and Space Funeral so the world of game is quite bizzare, yet it has its own rules, elements (agony, euphoria and emptiness) and history.
    There are three main characters of the game.
    A blind young man named Adrian, brave adventurer, who's calling himself a 'knight' (He is something like a Don Quixote in the world of Escapism).
    A talking sword with a big red eye on its blade, the Seer Sword. He is Adrian's mentor and weapon. While having this mighty artifact Adrian is able to see even though he's unable to open his eyes.
    A 'monster queen', beautiful girl named Neroria, who's able to learn abilities from monsters and talk to them.
    Notable NPCs:
    A bus driver called Gizo. His taxi-bus is able to move through the kingdoms of Escapism. He's a friendly guy, who dreams to drop his job and become a comedian.
    A vendor, Mr. Greedy, shady man wearing a sack on his head. He's selling everyting what can be found in the land of Escapism. There are rumors that he had sold his real name to a stranger.
    Setting and World Development:
    The world of Escapism has three kingdoms. Utopia, Gehenna and Nowhere. Nowhere is a kind of a prison kingdom, the place for unhappy, diseased and dangerous creatures. People slowly transform into monsters when they're thrown there.
    The inhabitants of Utopia and Gehenna are different. Utopia's people are colourful, inventive, they love all kinds of entertainment, while the dwellers of Gehenna are silent and have many phobias.
    These are the concepts of the characters.
    Mr. Greedy
    Any feedback would be appreciated!
    Thank you for your attention!
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    The conceptual idea sounds interesting.
    Without a story element though there isn't much to give feedback on though.
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    What are puzzles do you put on your game? Please tell us more. I hope it is not too hard to pass. Good and Bad kingdoms sound fun to play.
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    Both OFF and Space Funeral rank among my favorite rpgmaker games so this definately makes me interested. I agree on wanting to know more about the story, as well as some movk-ups and/or screenshots to see what kind of artstyle and humor you are going for.

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