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Sep 16, 2012
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1/11/14 - Hello everyone, my name is Anthyny and this is the project I've been working on. Essentia is a planned to be a vast and deep story with lots of "Wow, I never would've seen that coming" type of events.

The plan is that once you feel like you know the feel and scope of the game, you'll enjoyably enough find out that you were wrong. The story and theme spans several genres from high fantasy, victorian, medieval and steampunk to name a few. Sorry if the topic looks cluttered, I tried to keep it as organized as I could.

Story and Background Info

The Universe as we know it exists among the two planes of existence, Arupa and Rupa. Rupa was a timeless plane in which its inhabitants all lived an eternal existence. Arupa, its counter part, was a plane in which time had managed to sink its grasp into, creating the cycle of life and death for all beings on it. Ayelette was a barren rock floating along the outskirts of known Arupa. The planet's own life cycle had come and gone for eons, its people before, if any, lost in history. It would have continued along like this for the most part if it had not been for it's notice by Altair. Altair was a being of the Rupa plane known as a Deva. These spiritual beings were always the embodiment of their chosen trait. Altair's was Creation. He had spent his endless life learning how to perfect the harmony that was known as Creation by creating a balance of the four main elements, Fire, Air, Water and Terra. Ayelette's discovery couldn't have come at a better time for Altair as he had finally achieved a method of Creation that he felt would be able to sustain life forever even among the Arupa plane.
He descended upon the dead planet from Rupa and let his work begin. He breathed his own spiritual energy into the planet and the they took form of four beings that would represent the elements. Praetor Deva's as he called them as they were to serve as his links to the planet.

  • Esther, Praetor of Water
  • Cyrus, Praetor of Fire
  • Lyra, Praetor of Air
  • Astrid, Praetor of Terra
With these gifted elements, he allowed these four to mold the planet and make bright with the life it had once had again. Soon the planet took its first breath and quickly after was grasped my time itself as it begun it's new life cycle. Fit for inhabitants, Altair let loose one more surge of spiritual energy and created the souls of the beings that would soon awaken as the people of Ayelette. Soon the planet was vivid with life of all types and thus began the new history of the fated planet.

Essentia & Kenneling

Now that the planet was alive and moving, Altair could just leave it be if he wished and then the planet would live outs its existence until it ended up barren as it had been once before. He had greater plans for Ayelette however as he believed he could counter time itself. Each being of Ayelette possessed a salvo of spiritual energy taken from himself directly called a Kennel. He had given this to the people for one sole purpose of being able to harness it's energy, which they began to refer to as Ki, and use it to manipulate the elements as well. To teach the people of the planet how to harness this energy, the Lesser Devas were created to co-exist on the planet with its people and spread the teachings. The act of a person harnessing the energy from their Kennel and successfully transferred into an element became known as Kenneling. Each time Kenneling occurred on the planet the combination of the Ki and the element would leave a small catalyst behind known as Essentia. Essentia would be collected by the Praetor's of the four respective elements and through it be able to give the planet new life, thus prolonging the planet and it's people for an eternity, even on the Arupa plane. So the people and Lesser Devas of Ayelette would equally be spread out amongst each element so that an equal amount Essentia would be created for each element, making sure the required balance between the elements remained. This is what Altair believed would happen at least.
The War of Essentia

With each group of people following a certain element, the people of Ayelette all sprouted several unique and flourishing civilizations with their roots in their respective elements.

Now the Lesser Devas had no problem abiding by the single elemental rule, for they were created of Altair himself and remained untainted by things such as desire and curiosity. The people of Ayelette however were born of a mortal realm however and were not as lucky. It did not take long for certain groups of people to begin delving into harnessing more than one element. Not soon after, Multi-Kenneling became available through the people's own study and meditation, even though the Lesser Devas warned against such practices. This caused the balance of each element being manipulated to shift and soon after Essentia of the elements being sent were no longer the same. The Praetor's of each element began to receive different amounts of Essentia, some receiving more than others. While the off-sets were small, it wasn't long until a significant amount had shifted to one particular Praetor, and that was Esther, the Praetor of Water. Esther soon begun to revel in the extra energy being drawn to her and her power flourished with it. None of the Praetors were meant to handle this much energy at once and she soon became corrupted by it, driving her to crave more. She soon began an imperialistic campaign through her followers to force Water Kenneling to be used around the world. The first to contest her was Cyrus. His natural burning passion gave him a stronger desire for balance than Lyra and her carefree attitude and Astrid's hermit like thoughts. The conflict between Cyrus and Esther eventually trickled down to the people of Ayelette themselves and the animosity between them all grew. It eventually all broke out into a rampaging war over the planet and the endless fighting ravaged the new born planet, stripping it of its own energy. Lyra and Astrid finally felt they had to intervene, but they were too late. Cyrus and Esther were so tainted by the hate they had for each other that there was no stopping them. The War between the Elements continued until Ayelette finally let out it's final cry as it died once more. The cry reached Altair, who was taken by complete surprise.
The Taint of Arupa

Altair thought that he had been able to outsmart the cycle of life and death on Arupa, but upon his return to Ayelette he learned quickly that he was far from it. Instead of prolonging Creation his devices had only wrought an early destruction. With despair he surveyed the grim scene and finally accepted that perhaps he was not ready for the task he had attempted. He sealed away the Four Praetor's, unable to bring the tainted spirits back to Rupa with him. He could not abandon the people of Ayelette themselves, for murder and death were against his virtues. He restored the planet once more and with a heavy heart, created a barrier around the planet. It suppressed all the Kennels of its inhabitants and Kenneling became extinct and after that, with a head hung in shame, he returned to his Rupa to further his understandings of Creation, leaving Ayelette to decide its own fate as all the world's of Arupa did.

The Lesser Devas were left behind as well, being that they were also partly born of the planet, but they're abilities to harness Ki were left intact. This led to a division to be created between the mortals and the Devas and not long after a crusade against them and everything spiritual was led. The leaders of the said Crusades believed that it was because of the abilities of the Devas that they were all lead to war in the first place. If Altair had removed the ability 
Altairia & The Crusades

The Lesser Devas were left behind as well, being that they were also partly born of the planet, but they're abilities to harness Ki were left intact. This led to a division to be created between the mortals and the Devas and not long after a crusade against them and everything spiritual was led. The leaders of the said Crusades believed that it was because of the abilities of the Devas that they were all lead to war in the first place. If Altair had removed the ability it must have been for a good reason, so they worked to finish his job and remove all aspects of it entirely. The Kingdom of Altairia was founded on these principles and the Crusaders of the Altairian Military Academy lead the assault on exterminating the Devas.

The Devas were not aggressive beings and they were quickly eradicated before the minority that hadn't been slaughtered fled. Ayelette's populace now began rebuilding its new civilizations without the help of the Elements.
Present Day

Ayelette has continued on, growing and rebuilding their world. It had been a 800 years since the first Major Crusades had occured, but Altairia's views still were the major driving force of the world. The Military Academy had turned to allowing its Crusaders to be used for Mercenary purposes to continue its funding. However, there have recently been small rifts appearing all over the planet in which spiritual energy leaked through, Altairia had quickly returned to its roots and began working to discover and stop the cause, but it is still unknown. Now they simply are deployed whenever a rift or Tear as they began to call them appeared to keep their world from being corrupted by the spiritual energy once more. 

Alec || Age: 22 || Starting Class: Crusader 

Special Skill: Rush

Alec's attacks cause him to get excited during battle. This allows him to relentlessly chain his attacks together without using as much ST (Stamina) or causing high delay.

Alec is a senior at the Altairian Academy which means that he's soon to be deployed out for his first Crusade. His parents were also Crusaders, but were supposedly lost at sea due to an unforeseen storm. Since then, he's lived with his grandmother in a small fishing village, but spent his younger years dreaming of the adventures and stories his father had told him before he perished. He would reenact these stories out in the woods for his own personal fulfillment until he was finally able to enlist himself. He's been waiting patiently and is finally anxious and ready to go out and see the world on his own.

Some people might call him carefree in attitude, but to most he's just reckless. Adventure and excitement will almost always take preference to everything else in his mind which is why he won't say that he's reckless himself if he's asked, merely that he just likes a rush.

Airi || Age: 18 || Starting Class: Sage 

Special Skill: Focus

Airi is able to contain energy temporarily in her whole body and not just her Kennel. Once her containment limit is reached, she explodes with energy, leaving her in a heightened state as the energy pours out. Greatly increasing her abilities and stats.

Airi was born in the same fishing village as Alec and the two ended up growing up together for the most part being the only children in the village. She would often accompany Alec on his "grand" adventures as children. Through these adventures they met a series of events that lead them to realizing that Airi's Kennel wasn't fully compressed by the barrier for some reason. Keeping this to themselves, they had spent the rest of their younger years learning what she could do. This was finally until Alec went off and enlisted with the Academy, hardly ever being able to visit home. She then spent her days quietly practicing her abilities while living the life a fishermen's daughter.

Phenor || Age: 43 || Starting Class: Captain

Special Skill: Comraderie

Phenor has been a high ranking officer in the Academy for countless years and this has lead him to be an inspiring leader when he needs to be. He's able to rally formations and encourage his team members to carry on and work together, increasing the traits and survivability of the party.

Phenor has been on countless Crusades and was even enlisted when the Academy was used only for Mercenary purposes. He's seen plenty of things that would phase a normal person and the real evils of the world which is why he finally retired to just teach. This is the reason he gave anyways, he's really just a lazy bum that enjoys doing nothing. One will hardly find him without a smile and a corny joke being told.

Alec often comes to him to hear stories of his past adventures and through this the two have developed a friendly bond.

Lillian || Age: 0 || Starting Class: Lesser Deva

Special Skill: Archair

Lillian is a descendant of Lyra, meaning that her abilities with Air Kenneling are natural and more potent then what other's could achieve.

Lillian, or Lilly as she later prefers, is a Lesser Deva that was created through an anomaly that occurred during a recent Tear. She awoke on Ayelette in absolute confusion and surrounded by the shouts of dying spiritual beings all around her as the Altairian Academy and its Crusaders descended on them all. Terrified, she sprinted off into the forest.....

Being born without direction or guidance, she is required to learn about life on Ayelette on her own and is able to take her own opinion on things rather than follow the rigid and simplistic lifestyle her ancestors had lived.

|| Battle System ||

  • Animated Side View Battles
  • Charge Turn Based: Each Action will have a certain delay, deciding on how quickly you get to take your next action.
  • Stamina/Fatigue System: Physical Abilities take Stamina to use. If your Stamina is depleted, your character will be Fatigued and unable to act for a few turns while taking extra damage when hit. Keep your Stamina from depleting by using the 'Rest' Command when low or using Stamina replenishing items. Being hit constantly will also deplete your Stamina.
  • Ki System: All beings have a Kennel in which they store their spiritual energy (or KI). Ki is required to use spiritual abilities such as elemental manipulation. All characters will gain KI at different rates and ways. This can be changed and customized as well. IE: Creating a party that focuses on using Agressive Fire Based Abilities, and then learning to draw KI from when a Fire-type ability is used by your party.
  • Terrain Battles: Certain terrain will prevent certain characters from using certain abilities or attacks. Some skills and enemies can alter Terrain.
|| Character Customization ||

  • Class System: Each character will have a starting and unique class available to them. Classes can changed out and a subclass can also be used to ensure that your party has all outlets covered.
  • Personality Traits: Characters will have a mood and thought process that changes throughout the game. This can changed to affect their abilities.
  • Kennel Meditation: Characters can all study and meditate to harness and access their Kennel in different ways. Be it allowing them to manipulate multiple elements, or convert spiritual energy to stamina based abilities for example.
  • Special Skills: Each character has a unique skill system to use.
|| Gameplay ||

  • Relationship System: You will be required to build and tend to your relationship with your party members throughout the game. This includes on deciding which heroine will be Alec's soul-mate, whether party members will desert you on your quest and how well they function in battle. -A sad captain doesn't inspire very well.-
  • Multiple Story Paths: Actions taken will alter the storyline and who joins you on your quest. It's also not just the good and the bad ending. There's the good ending, the bad ending, the perfect ending, the terrible ending, the secret ending, the alternative ending and the what the hell just happened ending, etc etc etc.
  • Encounters: All types of encounters will occur. There will be the ones that you can't see (Random Encounters, but there are ways to change that) ones that you can see (On Map, so just walk away buddy) and other special kinds. Ambush Encounters: Enemies will be waiting for you to cross their path to jump you. Learning certain skills will allow you to avoid these if your fingers are fast enough.
|| Off The Path Content ||

  • Fishing Mini-Game: Fishing more will net you higher fishing skills. Which means you can use better rods. Which means you can catch some crazy stuff which can get you in trouble.
    There's also the Fishermen's Guild that you can trade your fish in too for points to trade for prizes.
  • BYOB: Create a collection of Bottles that you can store unique and rare potions and concoctions in. The more of these unique bottles you find, the more awesome things you can collect.
  • Side-Quest Board: People are lazy, but you're not! Get extra rewards by doing other people's dirty work.
  • Unit System: Create your own unit and command center. Upgrade it's features to allow access to some nifty crafts and recruit mercenaries to assist you on your journey.
  • Crafting/Synthesis System: Craft all kinds of gear and items. Find recipes all over to increase your inventory or pay for classes.
  • Collections: There are plethora of things to collect.
    - Encyclopedia: Learn the true history of Ayelette through scattered Volumes of its history books.
    - Essentia Medallions: These rare coins are in high demand by a certain individual. Find out why.

|| Graphics ||




Kristine S.


Erin H. 

|| Scripts ||



Victor Sant




Saba Kan




|| Music ||

Kevin McLeod

Notes and ChangeLog
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Looks good. You seem to have put a good amount of panning into it and know what you're aiming for, and the mapping is nice. How far off a demo are you?


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Looks pretty good. I like the organization that you have here. And it looks like you are putting a lot of work into the battle system which tends to go over looked.

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