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Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV Resources' started by esziaprez, Jul 21, 2016.

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  1. esziaprez

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    I try to create some dragons SV battlers with the basic RMMV dragon character and Enemy.

    It's not finish for the moment but I want to publish the begin of my work to have your coments about.

    Usage :

    Free for commercial & non-commercial use, as long as I get a free copy of the game.
    You may edit these for your own use, but don't post them anywhere without my permission. This includes no asking for edits of them in request boards etc.

    Credits to "Esziaprez" or "EGS".

    You can edit as you want.

    You need to own RMMV to be allowed to use them legaly (and RMXP for the 2 pots).


    Permission d'utiliser pour les projets non-commerciaux et commerciaux.
    Merci de m'envoyer une copie gratuite de votre jeu.
    Il est interdit de reposter mes ressources sans ma strict permission et ce même si vous avez modifié mes ressources !
    Il est permit d'éditer mes ressources pour votre utilisation personnelle.
    Veuillez me créditer sous le nom de "Esziaprez" ou "EGS".
    Tout irrespect fait a ces termes me donnerons le droits de vous forcer a enlever le droit d'utiliser mes ressources.

    Vous devez disposer d'une licence en règle de RMMV pour utiliser les ressources légalement (pour les modification de ressources existantes).

    For the moment :

    Drako.gif Sorry For the low quality of my gif.I will publish png format when I finish all frames.

    I try to add a breathing animation and correct the deffects.

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  2. mlogan

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    This section is not for posting works in progress, but for completed resources for others to use. Please post in the WIP topic and when you have completed resources, then you can create a topic or ask for this one to be opened. Thank you.
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