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    Eternal Crystal

    B-day Bash Demo Ver.

    Development Ramblings 

    You've been warned  BD

    ~March 8, 2016~

    I had an idea for one those game within game type things as soon I received an email with this Birthday Bash thingy. Why not do a spin on the "stuck in a MMO" plotline that's been flying around recent animes lately. I wanna try a visual novel/point and click adventure similar to Phoenix Wright or Etrian Odyssey. Hmm how am I going to do that? Found a couple of plugins and watched a view tutorials that could achieve something similar the gameplay I want to make. All this was happening a few days before the MV update on the 2nd. It was then the new plugins came into my hands. Instead of an MMO plotline what about a Card Collecting game? My mind flooded with various games I've played with a collecting theme. It hit me what kind of story I wanted to tell. Through lots of concepts drafts, resources hunting, graphics editing, I realized the almost a week flew by. I still haven't got a solid way to tell the story.

    What kind of gameplay do I want? Point and click with picture backdrops, to have a map with sprites or not, and a slew of others...

    What about the story? Where does it begin? What will the characters do? If I go pure VN I would need to make busts of characters with emotes. Ughh the CGs, I wouldn't have time to make custom scenes. OK let’s use the RTP characters. I know it’s set in the modern day so SF actors it is. I just didn’t like their faces… always looking to the left with a deadpan stare. What are they looking at? So I re-created the first two actors in SF_Actors 1.

    Those are main characters. You get to choose. Problem is the colors are a bit off. Ok I’ll edit it them. Nothing to crazy and hey they’ll emote. Just that the other teeny boppers will have the same faces too...looking to the right...looking like twins. Why can’t I be satisfied!? There’s no time to be picky Zephyr.

    Just tell the story and let the gameplay be simple.

    Go simple. Make it short. Make it sweet...mmm *takes a break with a kit-kat bar*

    It hit me again! Yesterday I spent it working on a simple story that will be a prelude or an introduction to the main game. From there I can expand it to the concepts floating in my head.

    *Fun Facts: in a word file the above info in a page long.

    This is what I have so far. Not including the resources I made which won’t make it into this demo(?) prelude thing-a-ma-jig.

    Story and Characters


    You play a silent protagonist on a bus ride to your childhood home in Suburbia. Your family has decided to visit an ill relative and they dragged you along for the ride. That’s doesn’t too bad but your parents are now actually thinking of moving back there!!! Yeah, three exclamation marks, you’re not too happy about that. I forgot to mention your little ankle-biter of a sibling won’t stop bothering you from tuning out into lil’ world when the bus ride is 5hrs long.

    You say to yourself.(Thanks [Insert Parent here]. This will be a great trip.)

    The bus driver who looks like a Captain of a Large Cruise ship welcomes the passengers aboard the S.S. Navigator. He’s taking this role-play thing a bit too far…

    As you try to drown the voices of the sibling, the parents, the Captain (whose name is in caps just cuz), and whoever is snoring...under your seat, you lul into a deep sleep. (Finally!) into memories your childhood…

    The day you moved from Suburbia…


    Main Character

    You play a silent protagonist… wait I already said that. Let’s see what you looked like during Picture Day. D’aw look at that Award-winning smile... I said SMILE! There it is. :D

    Child_SF_MC_wip.png Children_sample.png

    I dunno if I should add emotes... ehh I'll do that later. *Plays the "I don't have time Card". Nobody play a trap card... I don't have enough life points.  :|



    Best Friends

    Insert more ppls here... that are important to the story


    Coming Soon...
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