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Here is the presentation of my project :


Eternal Heaven - Prologue
I created this project for his huge, original and dark universe, but especially to intrigue the player, to ask himself questions about his society where he's gonna move up through his actions. But to determinate until where he will be able to go in his anti-conformist quest.
Technical informations
Project name: Eternal Heaven - Prologue
Version: V. 1.2
Software: RPG Maker VX Ace EN
Director: Ewaldar
Team: -
Creation: 01.10.2013
Gender: RPG
Language: English(OV = French)
World: Middle-Age Dark Fantasy, semi-open
Age limitation: Strong langage + inappropriate content for young
Playtime: 30 minutes
Eternal Heaven is divided in 5 continents, each continent have its own traditions, cultures, political and religious institutions, people, money, etc. Here are some fundamental facts about Eridia (it's the one where you'll play):

1) The High King has the supreme authority and then the full powers. He is elected by the Assembly (11 Lords), and cannot be replaced, unless one of the following facts happen: death, murder, if the High Queen asks personally for the abolition of his powers according to the majority of the Assembly.
2) The new High King must be the descendant of the current king, but on extreme conditions, he can be a High Councillor, the 1st General of the army, or a 1st Rank member of the Assembly (who loses then his functions).
3) It is extremely forbidden to vow a worship to anything else than a divinity (Divinism). The villages of Sarith and Callas vow illegally their worship to a King-Child (Humanism).
4) The use of a foreign money is liable to imprisonment.
5) To threat, to strike, to enter by sneaking, to steal, to violent or to kill an innocent is liable to jail, but may lead to a death penalty.
6) Each town or village has a temple of one of the divinities. These temples are in conflicts each others. Anor, the Great City of the Men, vows all the divinities (8 or 9).
7) Prostitution, racism, slavery and discrimination against are common things.
8 ) Every Man carrying the title of "Sir" is either a Knight or a Nobleman and must be respected above all rules. It is the same for the "Lady" title.
9) The official religion (and obligatory) is the one of the Eight (Divinism). Some are talking about the Nine, then they count the Fallen God of the Mountain.
10) The High Council of Anor is ruled by the High King, the High Queen, the Prince, the Lord of Anor and the High Councillor. They take important decisions, and hold beneath the secret. The penalty of betrayal is up to the High King, but normally the "Tongue or the Hands".
Following the rape and the murder of your daughter Aliria and your wife Thalia by the Companions of Asis Zaheb (it's an old society which you belonged to thirty years ago, but you leaved it and betrayed it), you commit suicide to cancel the "Blood Debt". But, you assist soon to a very strange ritual and be revived by one the Height of Eridia, then the Companions have now a Blood debt too. A deal is proposed: to pick-up the black souls of the Companions - allowing you to resurrect your family - but committing the worst things ever... Until were will you go to save the one you love?
You embody Reon Leoral, issue of a modest smith family, and you will help him in his Black Souls quest, in order to resurrect his family, murdered by an old society to which you belonged to in the past. Some old ghosts will appear and change your life forever. The story line is narrated by different situations, then you can switch between the mains characters (at specific moments). It allows to revive some scene from a different view, and answering some questions you may have asked yourself.
You start on the continent of Eridia, the most Eastern, whose towns and villages create a free kingdom of Men. You move half-freely in a universe with a difficult background: military wars, civilian conflicts, slaughters... A storm is coming on the kingdom, and no one cares. The political and religious institutions are greedy and persecute the unfaithful civilian. The corruption and the fear are regular, and since the forbidden of the Magic by the High King, every one uses it illegally in their houses...
Between taboos, religious and political conflicts, backstabber are essential to survive. Be on your guard or you will finish on a pike! Will you be strong enough to understand the rules of the game or will you let the other bury you with your morals?
Characters introduction
Mains - Monarchy
His Grace Lodirion Mekor is the High King of Eridia. He’s married to Lady Lomia, High Queen. They have a legitimate son, Prince Luror, heir of Anor.
His Grace is on his 80 years, and the carelessness of his son, then he refuse his son on the Throne.
He leaves in the Castle of Anor, and rule (beside Eridia) especially the North (Anor, Meldir, Bramir and Almerios). His rule, strong and cold, particularly toward the common people, makes him feared, but respected by the Nobles and the Clergy.

Her Grace Lady Lomia comes from Brenaïs, small and poor village from the very South. She leaves now at the Court, and has to serve her duties. She still sends goods to her native village. She’s younger of 30 years than her husband.
Officially she prays the Heights of Eridia, but it’s only by duty. In her heart, she doesn't vow to anything else than herself.

Prince Luror is the heir of the Kingdom of Eridia. However, his father refuses him on the Throne, because Luror does not have women in his heart, but men. Stripling of 20 summers, he leaves at the Court where Lords and Nobles humiliate him about his sexuality.

Sir Ulian Etard is the Lord of Anor, and his fiefdom of Bramir and Meldir. He is the first vassal of his Grace. Aged of around 70 years, he’s a 1st Rank member of the Assembly for 40 years, and many conflicts, crimes, wars and persecutions have been caused due to him.
Smart, skilled and strong-minded, he wins to introduce his bastard daughter to the Court by marring her to a small Lord. He has now a strong support of the powerful (rich) Trades Islands.

Sir Prelan Thorien is the Lord of Almerios and his fiefdom of the Old Forest. He is the 1st vassal of Lord Etard. Widowed of an Elf Duke of Vellaria, he must get married again (or he will lose his status, then he has no heir at the very moment). He doesn't like cruelty or corruption, and try to stay loyal and fair in this dark world.
Sir Sius Theard is the High Councillor of the Assembly. He was a renown Knight for many years, before coming to Anor and study at the Court. He hate anything but white men, and many racist rules came from his fouled mind. He vows personally a worship to a cruel Orc Goddess, whose aim is to offer human heart in dark rituals.
Mains- Companions

Reon Leoral is a modes smith from a poor family. For 13 generations, he works at the family smithy. He’s married to a trade woman, Thalia, and they have a daughter, Aliria. Alcoholic and sometimes violent, he is kind of soft in the head, anti-hierarchy and noblemen. He has no other lust than hosed his wife the most he can (and the ones in the whorehouses).
He only believes in the worship of the Height, and curses the others who have other religious opinions. He acquired some skills with a sword, an axe or a dagger. Beaten up by his father during his childhood, he hates more than everything the rogues, and the criminals in the world. 

Thalia is a 40 years woman with an awful childhood: sold as whore by her mother, she ran away from whorehouses of the Islands and leaved them to go in Brenais, with a strong young man, called Reon. She’s very proud of her daughter

Aliria is the only child of Thalia and Reon (thought he created a lot of bastards beside). She is open-minded, really like the men and help her parents to hold their shops. She dreams of a new life at the Court, where she could be married to a young, prestigious and beautiful Knight, to whom she would gave many heirs. 

Boram Gibeld is a foreign adventurer around 45 years. He fights with bows and daggers, but knows swinging a sword or an axe. He sells his skills for money.

Known as the Kingdom of the Fallen, in reference to its shocking history of a God declined in a human form, he was condemned to have committed a sin of the flesh with a mortal. Eridia extends from the city of Bramir, famous for its home-made beer, by way of the Royal Library of Tanaria, then Carallis, Capital of the South, famous for its impassable walls and his soldiers without fear, until go to Brenaïs, small common village, having seen being born from big personality, as High Queen Lomia Dambion.
The Pass of the Cursed is year impassable mount during the winter, because it always roams terrified creature there, and roads are not safe, especially for storekeepers. The traders of Brenaïs lead by Sarith, village known for its tournaments and its traditional games. The inn of the Five Otters is particularly delicious), to go to Carallis. 
The Old Forest comes from the foundation of the Continent and many tales are told about her, you will find moreover a place of prayer for old Divinities, today vestiges of a civilization, the Merkhat. The Sacred Wood allows the prayer of the Gods of Eridia, worth knowing the Eight.
It is the smallest one and year island having formerly belonged to the Merkhat, today disappeared. The majority of the inhabitants are of the race of the Men, came from Eridia at the time of the Conquests (185-422), but chased away during the conflicts of independence by the Dwarfs. Today, both races live in peace and trade regularly together.
Berniòn and Merliòn are the only cities of the island, producing what the dwarfs know the best, worth knowing gold, silver, weapons and iron, steel, bronze (sometime gold to satisfy the whim of any Lord) armours,. The Men produce all which is to live and drink, and the beer of Merliòn is recognized, even to Eridia! 
The Wood of the Angels was created by the Men to have a place of prayer for their Gods. The Dwarfs have none, thus they do not believe in the superstitions and the legends, only what their eyes and their ears can bring back to them.
We call it the Land of the Elves, because the large majority of its inhabitants are one of the peoples of the Elves. It extends from Bricia, the Great Capital of Terhria, known for its bows and arrows thanks to the elven knowledge, to go to the Black Forest, place of prayer for the elven divinities. They are Avatars representing virtues of the free people (Love, Friendship, Freedom, Solidarity, and Tolerance). Those statues have faces of the founding father, whose story is taught in all place of instruction. 
Terhria go to Vellaria, whose port produces the biggest and most beautiful ships of the world. It is a major cultural city, in which you will find an elven library. All the books were translated by the Guild of the Meastre, people of the Men, came during the Great Conquests.
Known under the name of Continent of Dead, then lived the peoples of the Spirits, race of ancients civilizations, today lost. They are generally calm and pacific, but as everywhere, there are exceptions.
The Resting Woods and the Woods of Knowledge are places of prayer founded by the Men, during the Conquests. The Undying Mountains divides in two parts the continent and are kept by a dark people of powerful Spirit (Seniath). They demand taxes in order to pass the border and no one never passed without paying (but with his life).
The biggest continent, but almost uninhabited - only by some Orcs peoples, whose activities fell for centuries – of Eridia. They are generally a pacific people, and worship the both divinities of the continent (Death and Life). But the Radûk, a cruel people, worship several dark divinities (Animal and human offerings, torture, rape). The main commercial link of the Orcs are the Free City of Asquâl and the Ruby Isle. Orcs produce the big majority of artifacts (magical items) of the world. Only the Elves can produce them too.

Free Cities
They form the cities of Asquâl and Râhl, powerful military and commercial cities. They possess number of ships and convey food and equipment by the Trade Islands, whence wait the Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Spirits and Men.
The peoples come from the Men, came during the Great Conquests, and have been installed there in order to prosper the lands. There are no Lord, but Guilds who lead the cities, and they are (Meastre, Peasant, Trader, Wizard, and Smith)

Ruby Isle is famous for its production of blushing diamante and its pearls, very valued by the Dwarves. The ruby is mainly traded with Orcs and Elves, because it possesses inherent magical virtues. Ruby Isle is leaded by a Lord of the Men.
Trade Islands are the commercial center of the world. It’s from there that leave and arrive all the desired and produced merchandises. The Islands are leaded by a represent of each race, who form the Council of the Five, and have all power.


Keyboard module
Allows to open up menus, to jump, accept/cancel an action, etc. Unavailable during the kinematics.
The game is entirely playable with mouse (screen title included), and allows you to have a new game experience. Pass your cursor above the events in order to display his name and his icon; its allow to quickly identify the type of event or NPC
Attribute Points
Each level up gives you 3 points to set in your attributes.
Inventory size + drops
You start with a carrying capacity of 5. Each 2 points of Strength given improve this capacity of 1. Moreover, you can drop items from the menu by pressing A (only non-quests item). 
Allow you to win gold, exp, and some equipment. Each quest possesses a rank of importance from 1 to 5 stars (5 is the better), a description, an objective list, location et people who gives it, along with rewars. The objectives are not display unless the very previous one is completed or by hearing some rumours. The NPC have a icon (not the same that with the mouse), following the type of quest. 
Main => Essential to progress in the story, numerous and often difficult, can get a lot of gold, exp, and generally equipment. Icon N°238
Secondary => Not necessary to finish the main story, they affect the environment by your choices. Get only exp. Icon N°232
Tasks => Really secondary quests, typical in the small villages (cut x wood and get back). Not many, they give only a few gold and exp, sometimes an item. Icon N°236
Simple dynamic fight system
Basic battle system, it has some customization with the scripts of Moghunter (animation of the battler and enemies, victory popup and some other nice stuff).
Allow you to choose between 5 levels of (Baron, Comte, Duck, Prince, King). Each level has its own characteristics.
Some NPC could read and tried more less good to write poems, tales & fables, historical story, remembers, chronologies, etc. You can consult them by opening the corresponding book and get a lot of informations about the huge universe of Eternal Heaven. Some quests are bound with letters, and they are all classified in one section, in order to quickly find them.
Extends the playtime by proposing several challenges and unique missions. Each completed success is popped up and allows you to gain points. Those points are used to acquire special equipment and artefact, which you will never find by a merchant. 
Day/Night + Time
Simple system in order to have unique event during the night (you will meet more thieves), and some attractions or tournaments during the day. The NPC sleep generally from 9 PM to 7 AM and their home and the majority of the shops are carefully closed. Time passes 10x faster and cannot be speed up or skipped.
Adds a choice system with colours, bounded with Honour. Green choices are linked with Justice, and improve Honnour, red ones decrease it.
Character switch
Replay a scene through another character to understand better some parts of the game.
Fast travel + Discovered locations
When a location is discovered, you get EXP. If you open up the world map, you can fast travel to cities and villages.
Screenshots (French, but doesn’t change anything)
Title Screen & Interface



Introduction & Dialogues 









Menus (suite) 


Menus (suite) 


Menus (fin) 




                              Game's director​
                                ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                               ​
Eternal Heaven - Prologue​
Screen title :                  Devianart​
Tilesets :                       Celianna​
Logo :​
                      Adrian von Ziegler : (Albums)​
                                  Dark Music​
                                  Emotional Music​
                                  Only Piano​
                                  Romantic Music​
                                  World Music​
                      freemp3box :​
                                  Dark Fantasy Theme​
                      Within Temptation​
                      Casper Gaming:(http://www.caspergaming.com)​
                                  CSCA Core Script 1.0.7​
                                  CSCA Difficulty System 1.0.3​
                                  CSCA Light Effects 1.1.0​
                      Eekoun :​
                                  Mouvements souples ​
                      Fomar0153 :​
                                  Keyboard Module 1.0​
                      Galv's :​
                                  Region Effects 1.9​
                      game_guy :​
                                  More Self-Switches 1.0​
                      Jet10985 + ListRA-92​
                      + Berka + Woratana :​
                                  Mouse System​
                      JV Master :​
                                  Skip Title Screen​
                      Lightnox :​
                                  LN - Teleport EX​
                      Modern algebra :​
                                  Quest Journal 1.3a​
                      Moghunter :​
                                  Animation + 1.2​
                                  Battle Cursor 1.0​
                                  Battler Motion 1.8​
                                  Battle Result 1.4​
                                  Damage Popup 2.6​
                                  Ennemy HP Meter 1.2​
                                  Light Layout 1.3​
                                  Scene File A 1.3​
                                  Ultima HUD 1.1​
                      Nicke :​
                                  Core 2.1f​
                                  History Book 1.0a​
                                  Map Hud 1.0c​
                      TDS :​
                                  Stat Distribution 1.8​
                      Tsukihime :​
                                  Map Drops​
                                  Map Saver​
                                  Inventory Size​
                                  Region Names 1.1​
                                 Sleek Item Popup 1.12​
                      Yami :​
                                  Dash Stamina​
                                  Overlay Mapping​
                      Yanfly :​
                                  Ace Equip Engine 1.06​
                                  Ace Item Menu 1.02​
                                  Ace Message System 1.05​
                                  Call Event 1.00​
                                  Event Chase Player 1.00​
                                  Extra Drops 1.01​
                                  System Options 1.00​
Story line​
Bêta-test - correction​
Special thanks​
                 steffman.de/Wordpress (Augusta Font)​
for all your support and help given, especially in the​
correction, debug, mapping tutorials, and the motivation​
as for the project.​
2013 - Eternal Heaven - Prologue​

Additionnal informations
Current version: 1.2
Playtime: ~ 30 minutes
Release: [01.12.13]
Download links: 
Soon !
I thank you in advance to test, but mainly to play my game, and I request you to send me back all remark, criticize (so positive as negative, even if the last ones make you more progress)! Include some proposal or improvements, then I’ll take time to study them.
©2013 - Eternal Heaven - Prologue
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Since you're in the process of translating your game and need the community's help, I will approve this. But please update your screenshots once you're done.


Sep 25, 2013
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Thanks for agreeing my game !


News of 06.04.14



-Presentation is fully completed, but may need to be read again by a native english person in order to improve it.

-Scripts, Data Base and all pictures are now translated.

-Some small issues and general improves have been made.


-Translate the Events on the maps

-Translate all dialogues in the maps



Sep 25, 2013
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First Language
Primarily Uses

News of 22.04.14


-The first part of the presentation has been improved

-Additional contents have been translated

-Languages minor corrections have been made

I hope I'll post a download link for Mai.

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