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Jul 11, 2014
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This takes place in a world of high fantasy, where I will eventually be creating games, stories and more inside of the world, all interconnected.
This current write up is about the Eternal Stone, a powerful stone that was created during a great war. A bosmyr does his very best to prevent anyone from using the stone in any way.

Eternal Stone Story
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - Felaern Shathyra
Year 401 ADE (After Dragon Extinction)

An old Bosmyr, who is named “Felaern Shathyra”, sat down on a wooden chair. A common yet old cracking sound vibrated throughout his room. This sound proves that this Bosmyr is very old and wise. He grabs his pipe “Dragon Whisker”, and as his finger points on the head of the pipe, a tiny spark blitzes into the pipe's head. A small fire emerges. Felaern looks down at the little Bosmyrs that excitedly look up, awaiting Felaern’s Story.

He starts his story with a puff of his pipe. He inhales the smoke deeply, and closes his eyes. A moment of silence before he blows out a large amount of smoke, which whirled into shapes of a large elven city that was decorated by the celebration of Emmat. Felaern begins saying the first words of his story...

“401 years ago, Ralosandora was home to the elves and dragons. The High Elves and Bosmyr were very connected with one another, and had yearly celebrations called ‘Emmat’. This was a peace ring ceremony with the Gold Dragon “Emmat, The Eternal One”. Many elves would gather and celebrate this ceremony as a token of respect to the gold dragon’s long life. I was part of the ceremony, in fact. I was the one who managed it. I glanced over to the gold dragon Emmat, who was enjoying his time. I smiled as I knew a gold dragon loves to speak with the mortals, and hear the stories of their life. I walked to Emmat and asked him, ‘Are you enjoying yourself, Wise one?’ A powerful voice blew into me as Emmat said, ‘The way you affect those around you is perhaps the question you were to ask. The answer is around you, Felaern’. I smiled to know he seemed happy. His head moved closer towards me and looked into my eyes and said, ‘Remember our promise Bosmyr. Your magic is unstable, don’t use it’. Emmat ended his words with a weak blow into my face and smiled brightly. I Looked up to him and walked away, feeling grateful, as if Emmat’s my father, protecting me from chaos. As I walk, I turn to look at Emmat’s great joy. It was a moment I will never forget. I looked a bit above as the moon shined upon the scales of the gold dragon.”

Felaern waves his hand to cause the smoke of the pipe to form the shape of a dragon laying on the city floor, along with shapes of sparkles that flutter around the dragon. He looks down at the little bosmyr, who are inspired by the beauty these shapes of smoke create.

“But as I looked over upon one of the six towers of Dyrna, my attention was caught by a shadowy figure climbing fast on the tower. I looked around for one of the Dyrna’s Guard, but oddly enough none were around. I knew something was greatly wrong. I turned around as I started walking towards one of the barracks, when suddenly, I hear a yell ‘Look into the skies!' I looked up and saw what was never to be expected.”

Felaern puffs into his pipe as the little Bosmyr yell, “What was it?” “Tell us more!” Felaern blows another wave of smoke that shapes a moon with black wings.

“Esalyss, the Deathlady. A black dragon who was the greatest black dragon, and served Emmat, to protect the world. However, this did not last. The moon was covered by Esalyss' wings and body as she dived down to attack Emmat. We describe this attack ‘The Winged Moon’, as the force of the wind from Esalyss' wings hit the ground. It was as if a storm hit the city within. I was able to hold on to the wall, but many others flew past me like rag-dolls. As the force of wind ended, I ran to one of the doors of the local watchtowers. As I ran, I saw from the corner of my eyes both dragons fighting. I rushed into the watchtower that luckily was unlocked. I ran up the stairs as I heard the dragon’s roars and powerful impact onto the floor of the city. It was as if the earth was shaking. I fell several times from the stair steps, because of the impact force. As I finally made it up to the top of the tower, I was able to witness the great fight between the dragons. I watched as I saw the dark forces of Esalyss attack the other elves, like a liquid shadow wave washing into the city. This dark force was other elves that had worshiped Esalyss for great power, and jealousy of Emmat’s greater power. Esalyss knew she did not have a chance of victory over Emmat’s might. I was unsure where Esalyss had the courage to fight. Was it the army that she had? By surprise, the three other great dragons, the blue dragon “Milreocrays, the Voiceless”, the red dragon “Durganth, Lord of Fire” and the white dragon “Lideronth, the White” joined the attack on Emmat. Here I realized that something was about to change in this world.

After the long fight, the four dragons that attacked Emmat were greatly wounded. As Emmat stood over the four dragons, the sun rose from the long night shining upon his broken scales. Emmat spoke and said, ‘Your betrayal will never be forgiven, and shall be punished’. As Esalyss stood up and looked up to the Gold Dragon, she said with a grin on her face, ‘This will be the last time that I will look up to you’. She held a strange rock and smashed it into the ground. A great flash of shadowy light engulfed the city. It blinded my eyesight as I fell to my knees. I wiped my eyes to be able to see once more, as light brightened my eyesight. I immediately stood up as I looked down from the tower, but no dragon was in sight. Only a dark hooded figure, who seemed to be a sorcerer of the dark forces of Esalyss. The figure was holding a strange staff. It lifted the staff up and forcefully hit the ground, as black lightning zapped the area around it. Five mortal-like bodies appeared from nowhere. My imagination could only lie to me about what I just saw. ‘Are they the dragons?’, I whispered to myself. The dark figure walked to the one with golden hair and grappled him at his throat, with one hand, the dark figure lifted him up above the ground, and yelled, ‘We have no use of you anymore Emmat.’ My eyes opened wide, realizing what just happened as I saw our great gold dragon, so fragile in the hand of this figure. A golden fire with a green aura blazed around Emmat’s mortal body. The hooded figure raised Emmat’s body higher as his body slowly disappeared into dust. I was frozen, filled with emotions I could not describe. Watching my lord… no, My Father, burned in the hands of this MONSTER!”

Felaern stands up from his old chair, a golden flame burns from his eyes as he continues his story.

“I looked at my hands while they blazed into flames. I never knew that anger could affect my chaotic power so much. I looked down at this MONSTER and whispered, ‘You shall feel what I feel now’. I jumped down the watchtower, flicked my finger to conjure a Feather Fall and slowly floated down to the city floors. I looked at my new enemy. The Hooded figure stood in the attack position, but I carelessly smiled and blazed his surroundings with a golden flame. The hooded figure looked afraid, but I never underestimated my opponent, especially mercy… It was far too much to give mercy. I walked towards this MONSTER. The hooded figure cast a red-like bolt that swirled towards me. I moved my head to evade this bolt. The sound of blood flowing as it passed my ear. I walked faster and blazed my footsteps behind me, burning the ground that I called home, and grabbed the throat of this MONSTER. I pulled it up and yelled with a devastating anger, ‘WHY!?’ The strength of my voice caused the wind to blow, as the hood from the figure rolled off. The face revealed a female with dark skin, red lips, purple eyes and long ears like ours. Her hair was silver like the moon. She smiled and said with a choked voice, ‘We were once like your kind, ‘happy’, but your kind took it away from us’. My chaotic power was too unstable. A glimmer of my memory shone Emmat's words… My hand tightened around her throat as flames engulfed around her. I looked at her smile as her body burned. I let go of her body, which vanished, leaving behind a green cloud. I regret not being able to understand more from her actions. I noticed a few things fell from her body, including a green stone that had a green aura. I knelt down to grab this stone. As I held it in my hands, I felt the same energy of Emmat, and realized what she did. Sounds of yelling from other dark forces approached near. I knew that this stone was not ready to be used in this world. I held it tightly in my hand, knowing I had to hide it. I looked one more time into the sky, to say my farewell to my own home. As the golden flames slowly extinguish around me, I saw the army of the dark forces. Grabbing a stone that from the floor, I drew a teleportation circle around me. I stood up, and shed a tear. I whispered to the air, ‘I am sorry, wise one. I could not keep your promise’. I stamped on the floor and disappeared from the city.”

Today… the world has changed so much after the War of Neptis. Only a few High elves and Bosmyrs from Dynar survived the attack of Esalyss, and no dragon has been seen ever since. As if they never existed, but I know… that the four great dragons in their mortal like form, especially Esalyss, are still searching… for the Eternal Stone.
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 - Ardur Orbwhisper
Year 400 ADE (After Dragon Extinction)

Music, clanks of mugs, and laughter from the local tavern in Copperedge, the City of the Copper Lionhood. The door opens as the sound increases from the atmosphere inside. Looking around; you can feel the joy and tales of old. Several traveling dwarves gathered who are definitely the loudest in the tavern but it is not a bother to the local humans that are gathered around the dwarves listening to their tales. A bit closer to the bartender sits Ardur Orbwhisper. A muscular human figure, black facial hair, and a unique difference of eye color. His left eye is light grey and his right eye is ocean blue. You could tell by the expression of a person when you look at them. You look at Ardur. His eyes open as his head slightly tilted looking towards you. You know you are speaking to a man of experience. “I will have another Ale.” Says Ardur to the bartender. Ardur turns his head towards the door of the tavern. He slightly tilted his head. As if he knew something is about to happen. The door slammed open. A complete silence voids into the tavern. With all eyes towards the silver knight standing there at the door of the tavern. He slowly walked towards the bartender taking off his silver helm from his head. Silver long hair flew out of his helm with a dark complexion in his face. A human with a powerful vibe, something you won’t see every day. The eyes of the people inside the tavern followed his footsteps. Slowly the music started again where everyone continued their tales. The silver knight stands next to Ardur as he places his greatsword against the bar table. Looking at the blade made of silver with a writing engraved on the blade that is unknown to the common tongue. The knight sits on the stool next to Ardur. The light slightly shined in the knight’s face revealing a clear scar on his left cheek. “You dodge an arrow in battle.” Spoke Ardur while he sips from his mug. The knight looks at Ardur, he cracks a smile and yells. “I will have what he is having”. The bartender swiftly moves to grab an ale for the knight. The knight did not flinch his eyes away from Ardur. Although Ardur acts like it was normal. “You were in battle yourself?” asked the knight. Ardur smiled and replies “With my Pa’s hatchet. At least that’s how it began.” The bartender places the ale on the bar table and the knight looks away, slightly nodding. “What war were you in with your Pa’s hatchet?” Ardur looked at the knight and said “War of Vapora. Even though it wasn’t my battle. It was on my Pa’s farm, however.” The knight looked at Ardur for a moment before he looked up and took a sip of his mug. He clanks the mug down and says. “You must have been very young at that time. People like us had to face something that would frighten a local man. Yet we face it without hesitation. What did you do next?” Ardur looked at the knight as the conversation was broken by a sudden door slam. A local man looked worried and distressed. The music stops and the people look at the local man. The local man jumps up on the table where the dwarves sit. “Oi, mate! Watch it!” yelled a dwarf. All the eyes are pointed at the local man who clearly ignores the fact of what he is doing. He looks around the tavern when his eyes meet with Ardur. A slight jump of relief as he rushed to Ardue. The people of the tavern look shocked and worried. As the local man almost trips over his own feet he yells “Ardur! An attack… in a local village nearby. It is huge and ugly!” Ardur calmly stands up and grabs his hatchet from under the bar table. He slightly looked at the knight and said “I protect my kind from creatures stronger than men.” Ardur toss a few copper coins on the bartable. The coins have a cross shape figure engrafted in the coin that represents the Copperedge shape of the city. Ardur followed the local man who jumped around speaking to Ardur about the huge creature. The knight looks at the bartender and puts a silver coin that is shaped like an oblong down on the bartable and smiles.
Ardur traveled on his horse following the local man that was running by foot to a village not even 10 minutes away. As they arrive. There indeed was a huge ugly creature swinging his large club around. It is almost as tall as one of the village houses. You can hear the screams of local villages and running around. Several dead bodies around the area. Ardur stepped off his horse and stepped forward saying “That there is an Ogre". The local man loudly speaks “What is it doing he---.“ As the ogre turns his head towards Ardur and the local man. Ardur smiles and says “Being stupid and hardheaded.” The local man stands there as if he is peeing his pants and whispers. “I think he noticed us…” Ardur looks disappointed at the local man. The ogre turns his body towards the two men and yells “More tiny human for Gambo. I crush tiny human!” The local man shivers and calls in a broken voice, “Ardur?”. Ardur tightens his grip on the hatchet that he holds. Stands prepared for the ogre to run towards him. The ogre starts to move towards the men causing the ground to shake slightly. In Ardur’s right eye corner he sees a silver blade appearing with the same engraved writing he saw at the tavern. “I have unfinished business with this trog.” Speaks the knight in silver armor. He looks at Ardur and says “My name is Vom Lightninggloom, I am a Templar of the Silver Knights. Shall we finish this dance together?” Ardur looks at the knight and says. “I never danced with another man before. But this will be an exception”. As both men start rushing their way to the ogre; the local man stands there with no clue, shriving and closes his eyes.
Chapter 3
Chapter 3 – Sanev Thero
Day of Dragon Extinction)

“If I mix these ingredients in the right time tha---.“ A Knocking sound from the door and bubbling sounds of the potions gathered within his laboratory. A female voice yells from the other side of the door “Sanev! Come out already, it is the ceremony of Emmat!”, “Give me some more time.” Said Sanev annoyingly. The sound of the event of Emmat increases. People outside are enjoying the event. Sanev walks with small steps to look out from his tower window; seeing the great gold dragon laying in the city’s square. “Sanev! Don’t waste your time testing nonsense. Enjoy life a bit!” yells the female. Next to the laboratory door is a drawing of a map. The map reads ‘Star sight 240 degrees’. “I told you! In a moment!” Against the wall rest a staff that has twisted branches, that holds a purple orb. The branches are well polished and very nicely spiked up words. A strange looking staff. He walks to his desk where he opens a book and mumbles, “Page 325… Light only sparkles… Dark areas around several cosmic places… vanishing of light dots… Hmmm…” On his desk is a portrait drawing of a High Elf. Messy grey hair, Wyvern Venom Green eyes, a big nose, a scar on his upper lip and half of his right ear is missing. A real alchemist looking figure holding a crystal looking vail. Below the portrait writes ‘Sanev Thero’. A sound of a glass breaking was heard from the other side of the door. “Evas? What was that sound?” Looking worried at the door. Sanev walks towards the door as he speaks “You know how I hate you breaking things when you are cleani---“ he opens the door seeing a body of a female high elf laying on the floor. A cut from her throat down to her chest. “Well, who would have thought you would end up like this?” Questioned Sanev to the body. Looking at the broken window he looks outside; he almost drops his jaw. From his tower, he saw a giant black shadow covering the moon. Sweeping down to the city’s square. A terrible quake shacked the tower causing Sanev to fall prone. The way he fell looked slightly odd. His back on the ground with his legs up. He looks up from his view he saw a black hooded figure holding a dagger covered with bloodstains. But the figure lost his balance due to the quake that happened. Sanev act swiftly and grabbed the broken glass from the ground. “Graaahhh” shouts the black figure as he swings the dagger towards Sanev. Sanev throws the glass shards into the hood of the figure and rolls to his left. “Aaahh! My eyes!” Shouted than hooded man, “You should have expected that. I hope you can fly.” Spoke Sanev pushing him out of the window. While the black figure falls down, Sanev looks outside. He sees a large number of Dark Forces. Swarming into the city. Dead bodies and fire allround. He looks a bit higher up seeing two dragons fighting just above the city roofs. “Marvelous! I never expected to see another dragon fight! Better to start packing.” He turns around and stumbles over the dead body. He looks to the dead body, throwing his arms up in the air in annoyance and says “Even while you are dead you are in my way, unbelievable!” He walks into his laboratory and grabs several things. The star map, several books lying about, a few potions, and empty vials. Another quake shakes thru the tower causing Sanev to drop a potion. “Ah no, no, no! Not the acid!” The acid melts the floor away as it drips down the tower. A scream emerged from the hole, “Ahhhhhhhhhh ahhh get it off me!” Sanev puts a guilty face saying, “Sorry.” as he continues packing. Just about he walked away he turns around and grabs the staff with him.

Rushing his way down the tower stairs wearing a bag around his arm, a big book that his arms wrap around, and the staff slightly hung on his belt. 32 staircases going in circles in the tower. Halfway Sanev stands still catching his breath. “Why did I choose to live in a tower…? Right, I hate to socialize! How can I forget.” shaking his head. He continues walking down the stairs and meets with 3 other high elves that look somewhat old and are in panic. “Sanev? What is going on, why are dragons attacking?” Panicked a man towards Sanev. “How would I know? Just help yourse---” Mumbles Sanev as the tower shacked forcefully causing one of the high elf men to fall off the stairs along with several bricks falling from above. Sanev looks down along with the rest of the high elves. Sanev looks up and down saying “Hmm… According to my calculations, that man is dead.” Both high elves look at Sanev with shock. “You had time to calculate all that?” Said the high elves on Sanev’s right looking at him as if he was crazy. “You had time to question my correctness, Right?” Questioned Sanev to the man on his right. The man with blond hair on his left starts to rush down and yells, “We better get out before this tower collapses!” Sanev follows the man along with the other High Elf.
“Over here. It is a secret path going outside the city.” Spoke the man with blond hair standing at a wall that looks like a secret passage. “Ah, I never thought that we had built such a cowardliness tunnel.” Brags Sanev to the blond man who states, “Be happy that we have one!” “Exactly.” Said the other High elf helping the blond elf to open the secret wall. As the secret door opened, Sanev was the first to look into the tunnel. “Oh well, I guess we have no choice gentlemen.” Looking into the tunnel which was blocked by a collapsed ceiling. “No… we are going to die here?” Cried the blond high elf. Sanev turns around and starts walking to the door that leads to the exit. “Wait! It is dangerous to go out that way!” yells the blond high elf. Sanev ignores the man and simply opens the door. Sounds of weapons hitting against each other and yell of death waves into the tower as an arrow flew past Sanev’s ear. “Ha, luckily my ear was already cut off!” As he started to run out to the open. The blond man looked at Sanev going outside as he drops to his knees. The other high elf yelling “Sir! Sir, are you alright?” The blond man drops to his side with an arrow stuck in his chest.

Sanev is walking at a fast pace into the war of liquid shadow. He simply does not stop walking. A black-armored soldier blocks Sanev way. The soldier swings his sword at Sanev. ‘Slaaaash~’ Sanev eyes meet the eyes of the soldier just above his book that he used to block the sword. “Don’t touch my book” Mumbled Sanev annoyingly. He pushes the sword away as he spirals grabbing a green liquid vail and throws it in the face of the soldier. He continues to walk not to look back. Because he knows how terri-fying wyvern acid can do to one's face. He rushes down the stairs of the city leading down the mountain to the main gates. He glances at the sky seeing 4 dragons attacking one dragon. It was not clear as it was pretty dark during the time. He reaches down the stairs and looks around. “This is odd. The place is too quiet for the market.” He kept moving straight to the main gate. Suddenly a void warps around his limbs causing him to drop to his keens. He looks down seeing black tentacles warped around his legs squeezing. “You do realize that these slippery things are hurting my legs?!” cried Sanev out in pain. A shadowy figure engulfs the air around. Appearing a hooded figure from nowhere. A female voice spoke in front of Sanev. “I will borrow the staff for a while.” She grabs the staff and looks at it deeply. “You do know what you are holding!? It is not a toy or a walking stick! It is something much more dan---“ Sanev tried to explain the hooded figure as he feels a strong impact at his head. ‘Bam’ He drops on his chest head down into the ground. Laying there still slightly conscious. “You talk too much, old man. Bring this one back to the Elder. He is after all the greatest alchemist in Dynar.” Spoke the lady with a soft voice. “Yes ma’am!” The soldiers grab Sanev and his stuff as the void like tentacles dissolves from existence. Consciously Sanev watched the lady walking towards the dragon’s battlefield holding the staff in her hand. As he slowly passes out.

“Wake up, Pale skin!” yells a growling voice echoing in the chambers that Sanev annoyingly wakes up in. “No, no, no! You don’t wake an old man like that! You will give him headaches!” Annoyingly looks at the man while Sanev is tied to chains. The man standing surprised in front of Sanev is a dark-skinned elf muscular with silver hair, purple eyes that you could mock over, and dark grey lips to be jealous for but the man are almost a giant compared to Sanev. He looked charming yet his personality gave him an ugly vibe. This is a Drow, “You are not understanding the situation you are in, old man.” Growls the man in anger. Sanev tries to get his balance while he says, “I am not going to argue with your unintelligent words that speak of nonsense. Of cause I understand my situation and I perfectly know that you failed to keep me chained.” Standing up cleaning his robe from the dust. “By the Stars! How did you manage that?!” questioned the shocked man. “Because he is Sanev Thero.” A strong voice rumbles from the back of the man standing in front of Sanev. “Oh wow, someone recognizes me?!” Excitedly said Sanev as he peeks from the man in front of him. The man stands aside and points at Sanev “Hmpf! Elder, This old twig does not even think of his current state!” ‘Slap’ across the silver man’s face. The man looks down at Sanev as he slaps the man again ‘SLAP’ while angrily says “How dear you call me an old twig! Do you even realize your current situation of who you are speaking to! You are speaking to the great master of stars and eminence in alchemy! With all you’re might you dear call---mmmppphhh mumblemmmm” The sliver man holds Sanev’s mouth to silence him and looks at the Elder. The elder walks closer where the torchlight reveals his face. A man wearing formal clothing with a collar from his shirt that covers his neck. Silver long hair with a line of blood-red, as if it was dyed that way. His complexion looks old with brutal fire like eyes that could stare you thru the 666 layers of hell, holding a walking stick with a ruby-like stone. He stops in front of Sanev. He looks at Sanev and says “I know, and that is why you are here.” The silver man lets go of Sanev’s mouth as he starts to say. “Pphaaa! Your hand tastes worse than ogre’s snot! Although that might even be an improvement! I---mmmmphhmm.” The silver man sighs and holds the mouth of Sanev again. The elder looks at the silver man and says, “Velfek, You may leave”. Velfek bows respectfully and says “Yes, Elder” and lets go of Sanev’s month and walks immediately out of the chamber. “Where are you going!” yells Sanev “I was not done with you!” “Sanev!” The ground shakes from the immense power of the Elder’s voice. Crumbling some dust from the ceiling. Sanev looks at the Elder and then up. “Yes, I am calm now. Before the ceiling crashes upon us.” Looking back to the Elder with a questioned face to get annoyed from. The Elder turns around and starts walking. “Walk with me, Sanev”. Sanev starts walking with small steps starting to be confused about why he is in these chambers. “I am the Elder of this palace. Call me Vionzi” speaks the Elder as they walk out of the chambers. Sanev looks around and sees the grey trees of Northern Mere. Flowers, grass, streets, and palace rooftops grey from the ash of the huge volcano Bolzon. “Our peo-ple have fleet here after the high elves pushed us away. We learned to adept the ash. Get used to it yourself” Said Vionzi in a slight depressed voice. “I can’t recall the reason in our history where we pushed away elves. But I do remember a group of drows leaving the city. Its reason might have been unknown to me. But I believe that is not the reason why I am here.” Sanev said historically while rub-bing his chin. Vionzi stops at a statue of a dozen people. Each putting their hands together as if they were about to receive water. Looking up with sadness and tears. Just below the statue is a label that reads “The Devastation of Drows”. Vionzi turns and continues walking as he says “Correct, I brought you here because of the knowledge you have for the stars. You know how to look beyond the sky’s wall.” Walking into the palace’s gate; black-armored guards bow towards Vionzi. “I need you to do more research on the stars. Stars are our Ancestors. If this is true then we will also have the power to resurrect the long fallen ones.” Continues Vionzi. The quietness of the place with the sound of the vol-cano raging was quite disturbing and sad while the place is grey. Small drow children run round in the palace gardens playing tag. It looked all normal to them. Sanev looks up in the sky and questions “How do you want me to look thru that fog of ash? If you want me to research the stars than I’d need a cle---.” A blast of wind blows the ash away shining a bright sun from the clear sky. As the fog whirls around the palace like a moving wall. A lady sorcerer stands at the palace doors and says “And that is how you handle that.” Sanev admires the sky and says “Yes, that would be a fine trait on a daily basis.” Vionzi looks to the lady and says, “She will be your assistance”. Sanev looks to the lady… and looks again and says “Her? She smashed my head in!” The lady walks towards Sanev as he looks to the lady which has dark skin, red lips, purple eyes, long ears, and medium short silver hair. Sanev slightly steps back as he touches something behind him. He looks behind and sees the lady standing there. He looks back and nothing was there but a lingering green cloud as if it was an illusion. He looks back behind him and yells “Illusion magic? That is very impressive. You actually can mentally create more copies of yourself?” She whispers in Sanev’s ear, “And they can physically be painful too.” Sanev shivers from her voice. Vionzi interrupts the two saying. “Meladi, Show him to his room and the laboratory where both of you shall work.” Meladi stands straight up and replies, “Yes, Elder. Right away.” And looks at Sanev smiling.

“This will be your room. I hope it has everything you need?” said Meladi in a calm voice. “Yes, yes everything! Everything… except for a glass of water.” Jumpily replies Sanev to Meladi. Meladi points with her finger to a nightstand next to the bed and zap out a blushing dust winds towards the nightstand and conjures a glass with a jar of water. Sanev looks at Meladi, back to the glass and says, “You are a lot better than my last apprentice.” She replies and bows “I am happy to hear that.” And walks out of the room closing the door. A moment of silence and Sanev breaths out of relief. “Pffffff… What a change of life.” He looks to his right and sees the stuff that he has packed. “Well, look at that. Leaving a mad man in his room with his toys.” He whispered to himself as he prepared for a trance of resting.

The following morning; someone is knocking on the door. Sanev excitedly yells “Come on in, it’s open.” The door opens; Meladi stands at the door and says, “Good morning, are you---?” Meladi looks around seeing no one inside the room, other than a plate with bread crumbs, an empty jug of water, papers laying around, several vails placed in precise order, and a big book open. Sanev’s voice can be heard saying, “I have been testing several ingredients to create an invisibility potion and the result is a success!” Meladi rose her foot and stomps the floor causing a magical wave that shook off the invisibility from Saven revealing his physical form once more. “I am quite pleased how the results turned out because---.“ Meladi tilts her head while rising her eyebrows looking at Sanev who is looking down at his clothing and says, “Dispelling active effects from a person? Very impressive, but you do realize that the ingredients I used are wasted!” Looking at Meladi slightly annoyed. “Let us go to the lab, Master Alchemist.” She says with a smile. She turns and walks out of the room and turns to the right. Sanev looks up and shakes his head slightly and turns around to grab his book along with several papers. He walks out of the room having his arms wrap around his big book looking left and then right to search for Meladi. He follows her with small steps.

Entering a large rectangle lab that looks almost modern for the medieval eyes. Except everything is built from either wood or marble. In the middle of the rectangle long end is a large window. It almost reaches the ceiling. On the marble counters, you see several lab equipments spread across the room. Every alchemist’s dream. Sanev walks in with his jaw almost in his hands. Looking around he quickly moves a few steps further in and says, “Now this is significantly bigger than my tower.” Meladi smiles and says, “It is nothing, it just has what we need.” Saven nods as he excitedly looks around. Meladi places her hands on Sanev’s shoulders and whispers into his right ear, “I truly admire your work, Master Alchemist.” Sanev’s eyes open wide and look extremely uncomfortable, “I am sure we can work together just fine.” Meladi continues whispering. Sanev rushes three steps ahead and turns around brushing off his shoulder and replies, “Not unusual to have someone admiring my hard work.” From his eye corner, he sees a filled shelve with ingredients of different kinds. He quickly steps to the shelves and says, “Well look at these! You have so many different ingredients! Satyr Horn, Skeletal Bush, Drowsy Basil, Griffin’s Feathers.” Sanev looks at few ingredients that are stored in flasks and continue, “This looks like Troll Sweat! Ah, I can remember a potion where you require Troll Sweat and urine of an Ogre. I had some horrible experience harvesting that from ogres.” “Sanev.”, calls Meladi looking at Sanev desperately and says “I need a favor from you.” Sanev looks at her with eyes wide open and says, “I will not make a love potion, besides favors will only end in promises, and promises are easily broken. Especially when it comes to love potions!” He turns around and places his book on the table and turns several pages. Meladi smiles and walks slowly towards the window and says. “I have heard the existence of a potion for Lichdom. I believe you know how to make this?” As Sanev found his page and starts reading he replies, “Extremely forbidden! It is a necromancy act, not particularly something you want to start with.” Meladi looks out of the window. A chilled air starts to freeze the lab. Sanev looks slightly up seeing the Testing Pipe form crystal-like ice around the glass. He raises his hands and starts counting his fingers as he slowly turns towers Meladi who starts to speak. “I have seen too much grief for our people. We lost lives from hunger, ash poisoning, thirst, and creatures from the wild. One of them was my only sister who died in my arms! All I want is for our people to rise once more and become rich again. But our age is limit and the only way to achieve this requires more time for us to live.” The chilly feeling starts to damp off and the lab returns to room temperature. Meladi looks at Sanev and says, “That is why I ask of this favor.” Sanev face has a thinking moment as he points his finger up and says, “You almost know 6 out of 8 schools of magic. I am very impressed! Normally only wizards know so many schools of magic, unlike a sorcerer. Very impressive.” As he continues reading in his book. Meladi walks closer to Sanev, she smiles and says, “It might be forbidden in Dynar. But it is not forbidden here, Master Alchemist.” Sanev slowly bends his head towards Meladi while being interested. “The requirements for the ritual to achieve Lichdom are very complicated and I have only known wizards to achieve such power. They look like a corpse! I wonder if they still feel passion for their achievements.” Sanev spoke with knowledge. Meladi looks confused and asks, “Ritual?” Sanev stands straight turning towards Meladi and explains “Why, yes. The potion that was used for the ritual is not required at all. It is a very simple potion to brew. The potion itself only kills the drinker without having to suffer from pain. The ritual is what causes you to become a lich.” Meladi slightly looks disappointed but asks “I am sure you know of an alternative way?” Sanev clapped his hands and smiles brightly as he says “Yes! Vampirism!” Meladi looks confused. “I am happy that you ask!” Stated Sanev without waiting for Meladi to ask a question. “Vampirism is a state of immortality that allows the person to never physically grow old. Unlike Lichdom, Vampirism is rather a more complete form let us say. However, like anything; it will have side effects. Though I have not yet done any experiments. I don’t even know if it will work.” Meladi looks excited and quickly asks “What are the requirements!?” Sanev gets a bright smile on his face and replies, “Quite some. According to my knowledge of the effects of ingredients. The ingredients that we need requires to enhance the mortal blood cells and improve the organ system so that it can handle the vampirism staging progress. In fact, you are drinking a type of poison that changes your inner body.” Meladi glances in confusion at Sanev and asks, “What kind of ingredients would do that?” Sanev shakes his head and grabs a feathery quill and an inkwell. He places them on the
List of ingredients counter and starts writing the ingredient names on a paper.
List of ingredients

Any Celestial Heart-Blood
Any Demon Heart-Blood
Two layers of Demon Skin
An ounce of Dragon Blood
Two crushed Hellhound Teeth
Hair of a Roc Feather
Petals of a Shadow Blossom
An ounce of Fairy Saliva
One Raven Feather
four petals of Lion's Betty
Meladi walks closer and looks over his shoulder. “You do know that this is not what your Elder ordered, correct?” Sanev asks as he writes. Meladi softly whispers in his ear. “Nobody needs to know about this after all. Let us call it a lab’s secret.” Sanev stops writing for a moment; glances at Meladi and says, “None of my business anyway! Here you go.” He hands over the paper and continues reading in his book. “Dragon Blood? How are we supposed to collect that?” Meladi asks as she reads the paper. “What do you mean how? There are plenty of dragons in this world that would love a treasure over a few drops of blood! Else you can still find several vials filled with Dragon Blood in alchemy shops.” Mumbles Sanev in annoyance. Meladi face palms and gently says. “After I use your staff the dragon’s turned into mortal forms.” “WHAT!? Where is the staff now!?” violently screams Sanev towards Meladi. “I lost it in the progress after locking Emmat’s soul into a Magicstone. Which I sadly lost by this fiery high elf.” Sanev stares at Meladi with surprise and says. “Typical sorceresses! Wizards usually calculate their actions before they hurl a ball of fire. Sorcerers on the other hand immediately throw the ball of fire and then starts thinking about what they have done! I am surprised that you knew about the staff’s existence and even knew it was in my possession! However, losing such a powerful artifact is horrible! Terrible! You better hope that the person who finds it will not use it!” Meladi turns around and says “I understand I did mistakes. But we did not expect another sorcerer with immense power. He was able to control gold flames.” Meladi walks out of the lab. Sanev glances by surprise and whispers to himself. “Gold flame? Felaern Shathyra? Not important though… I think my calculations are going according to plan.” Sanev smiles brightly as he continues to read his books about the stars.

A large hall with a throne and a large round table in the middle. The smell of delicious boar meat was in the middle of the table. Along with 5 people sitting around; enjoying the feast. Sanev, Meladi, Vionzi, Velfek, and another dark elf that looks like a general of the army. Long straight silver hair that almost covers an average face complexion. His eyes are slightly red but not as fears as that of the Elder Vionzi. “So who is this Pale Skin my Elder” questions the general. Just about Vionzi speaks Sanev imminently replies “You should respect your ‘Elders’ as in the older person. To answer your rude question. I am Sanev Thero! The most famous alchemist of Dynar!” As the rest on the table slightly giggles the general says “I apologize for my rudeness. My Name is Onoca Phiarae. I am the general of our union.” Vionzi looks at everyone and says “Tomorrow we have a big feast where everyone in the palace will join. Sanev. I’d like you to join us.” Sanev nods as if he had no choice. Vionzi asks Onoca about the latest reports, “Onoca, How did the search go for the stone?” Sanev wiggles his ear and listens closely as Onoca replies “We have searched the whole city however, we have not found the stone yet. The Queen of Dynar seems to not know anything ether. My Elder, May I suggest taking the city of Dynar for ourselves? The position of the city is perfect.” Vionzi shakes his head and says, “No, let them feel what we felt and leave them be. Rebuilding the city will take several years.” “Yes, my Elder.” Replies Onoca. Sanev questions Vionzi with a slighted confused voice, “How come the army was so huge yet the palace and the surroundings have very few people?” Vionzi shows a sad face and says “When we were kicked out of the city of Dynar we were many. However, we splinted into five groups. It was devastat-ing to watch our people split and follow their paths. Just like them, we lost several people from hungry. We were raged and wanted revenge. However, our numbers were too few. Eventually, Meladi was capable to control powerful illusion magic. Which we used to our advantage in the attack” Meladi proudly interrupts “I was able to create gems that had enough power to generate illusions for our soldiers to wear. This caused a distraction long enough for our soldiers to push onward.” Sanev nods his head and says, “I already thought something was odd. Because the City’s market was completely emp-ty which is impossible if you had that large amount of soldiers storming the city. Very well done. However, with the dragons gone; this would mean that the world is going to change significantly! I believe this was your plan?” Vionzi shakes his head and says “No, it was the plans of Esalyss.” Sanev looks at the Elder with wideopen eyes and glances away for a moment as he says, “Esalyss the Deathlady sacrifice herself for the drows? Very interesting. I’d love to live longer to witness this change. Sadly my age is near its end.” Vionzi nods and says with a relief “This is only the beginning. The other drow clan’s Elders will know soon that we are strong. With your help, we can bring back our Ancestor and regroup our forces. Speaking of which. How is the progress going?” Sanev takes a breath before he speaks yet Meladi jumps in and says “We do not have enough information yet, because Sanev still needs time to set up his equipment to view the skies my elder” Sanev with his finger slightly above his chest about to speak frozen in place. He glances over to Meladi with a dark expression. “I hope this won’t take long. Our lives depend on you Sanev Thero. Let us continue our feast.” Sanev looks to his food as you can see that he is in deep thoughts. While the rest continues eating.

Sanev walks in the long halls of the palace looking for his room. Passing several guards in the progress. In front of 2 guards and 3 possible ways. Sanev stands there wondering which way to go. He moves to the left one and stops… “No, no, it was not this way was it?” He turns and passes the guards again; seeing their eyes following Sanev. Sanev walks straight. He recognizes the door of the lab. He shucks his shoulders and went inside the lab. The light of the chandelier was not very bright. Causing the place to be somewhat darker. He walks to his book that was left untouched. But several ingredients were placed on the counter. “Well, well. You managed to collect every ingredient and précised as well. I guess you will be a great assistance.” Whispers Sanev. As he imminently starts brewing the potion.

The following morning Sanev woke up from a door that was slammed open. He opens his eyes and says. “Normally a person knocks before they open a door. Haven’t your kind learned that?” As he sees Meladi standing angrily in front of him and says, “Why aren’t you in your room? Do you not care that we had to search for you because we thought you left?” He looks at Meladi with a carelessly expres-sion and replies. “I am more at home here than the room you gave to me.” He stands up and looks at the boiler that was almost the size of a human head which was filled with a Dark Red liquid. Meladi looks at the boiler as well and asks, “Is that it?” Sanev smiles and says “Hold your river rocks, it still needs to brew longer.” Meladi’s face shows visions of victory in her eyes as she smiles brightly. Sanev turns and said. “Now do that sky thing you did so I can look at the sky.” Meladi looks at Sanev as she walks to the window and says in a tone of Sanev's voice. “You could say please? Haven’t your kind learned that?” “Ha! Very funny, you almost sound like my mother.” Said Sanev with a burst of laughter. Meladi whirls her arms around causing the fog to moves away; clearing the bright sky. Sanev looks outside and nods his head as he says, “It almost feels like a curtain that I normally keep close.” “And it cost a lot of energy to perform,” Meladi replies with a slight annoyance. Sanev is taking notes of the sky while Meladi says, “I have to follow several orders for my Elder. I will be back at the feast this evening.” “Yes, yes, you do that… 155 degrees.” Mumbles Sanev as he takes notes. Meladi walks out and closes the door. As soon the door shuts Sanev glances at the boiler and walks towards it. Suddenly the door opens again as Sanev jumps and acts as if he was reading his book. Meladi looks at Sanev, grabs a few papers, and says. “I forgot the papers. You seem jumpy, are you okay?” “No, no… Squeezing cockroach mass…” Mumbles Sanev. Meladi stands there with confusion and shakes her head and walks out. Sanev glances to the door and as it slowly closes on its own. He then walks to the boiler and takes out a vial that did not look it was part of the ingredient list. He adds a single drop of this vial with another kind of red liquid. As the drops fall the liquid within the brewer somehow tries to avoid the drop causing it to stick to the sides of the brewer. Sanev tilts his head and says, “Come on now. Don’t be so picky!” When the drop touches the brewers bottom it suddenly causing a magical fire of blood red that surrounds the boiler. The fire whirls in circles as it waves into the brewer causing a puff of smoke to emerge from the brewer. Sanev stands there covering his face with his arms and his knee. He peeks and says, “That could have gone worse.” He looks at the liquid as it is lightly orange yet has a reddish aura. He smiles and says “I have no clue if this will work… But only one way to find out.” He starts to hum a melody as he walks to the window. In the reflection of the window, you see his large smile that almost looks evil. “Hmmm mmmhhh Dam dam dam daaa~~~”

The feast started and a power voice echoes through the halls where several new tables were added. Many drows were all sitting waiting for a speech from Vionzi. “We are very well aware that we have won a war. But we were not able to obtain the power we hoped for. Luckily with the help of a great alchemist, we will be able to reach great heights and once more have the power that we always dreamed for.” Mass of applauding echoes the halls as several people stand up bowing towards the Elder. Everyone was to receive a nice wine as part of the celebration of the victory they achieved. Sanev also got a beautiful glass with orange-like wine. He looks at it, smiling as he whispers “Let it begin.” He places the glass down and looks around realizing that Meladi is missing. He suddenly looks slightly wor-ried and tried to remember why she is not here. Vionzi walks to Sanev and says “let us drink together!” Sanev smiles and says “Oh no!, I need to stay sober! Because I need to keep an eye on my experimental subjects.” Vionzi looks confused but acts as if he understands and raises his glass to Sanev and smiles as he was the first to drink the orange-like wine. Everyone else follows by drinking as part of respect. Sanev stands up as he starts walking and says in a very dark voice, “Well! Will you excuse me? I have several matters to attempt in the lab. Please, enjoy your everlasting wine.” Vionzi looks up as his vision turns red, he drops to his knees as he feels very weak. His nose starts to bleed as his eyes turn more blood red. He coughs out blood and punches the tile that instantly cracked into pieces. He straights his back with his arms leaning behind him; looking up to the ceiling and his mouth open. He starts to scream in pain. His mouth grows fangs like a wolf, His nails blacken like that of a raven. He feels his whole body changing from inside. With a fast move, he bends forwards with his arms and elbows on the tiles while he looks on the floor. Slowly he catches his breath. Looking slowly up he feels power. But without the knowledge to control. Looking into his eyes you don’t just see the 666 layers of hell. You feel them.

Sanev walks thru the empty halls of the palace. Humming as he tries to search for the lab. He stumbles with Meladi who looks at Sanev and asks, “What are you doing out here? Were you not at the feast?” Sanev smiles and says “Ah, Yes I was, it was a wonderful sound. I wish I could watch the immense change in life. However, I think it will be far too dangerous. So I took my leave.” Meladi looks at Sanev with a very confused voice she asks, “What happened?” Sanev looks around and asks, “Where was the lab again?” Meladi ignores the question and starts to swiftly walk towards the dining halls. Sanev looks at her and shook his shoulders and whispers “I will probably hear of that later. Now, where was that lab?”

After finding the lab standing inside; he breathes in and out. When suddenly the door behind him slams opening shoving him on his knees. The sound of the door closing was louder. He stands up in pain and mumbles. “What was that for?” he turns around and sees Meladi against the door. She slightly speaks while catching her breath “What… have you done?” He throws his arms in the air and annoyingly says, “You wanted to give your people immortality? I made sure that happened.” Meladi turns around and looks at Sanev with an angry face. She starts to cast a fire-like ball and says, “What have they become!?” Sanev face palms and shakes his head as he replies, “There you go again. Throwing balls first before you are thinking. Calm down and simply wait with me.” Meladi died down the fireball and stamps the ground yelling, “WHAT ARE THEY?” Sanev walks to his book and reads as he says, “I would not know yet until I see them and do more experiments. The only thing I know is that the potion was a success according to your reaction, they are still alive.” Meladi rushing to his book and throws it to the ground. She pushes Sanev against the counter. “Au, au, au! My back!” coughs Sanev in pain. Meladi furiously starts to speak, “I thought I was the one that did not think before she acts. But you are worse! How can you do this without knowing the results!?” Sanev Smiles big and says, “Oh young girl. I calculated everything before I even came here. Even this moment. You see, I am a mad man. Eventually, everyone will know that they are 5 steps from realizing, that I am ten steps ahead of them! Now let me go and let me explain.” Medali lets go and looks at him with a hard time trusting him. She starts to think and asks him, “You planned everything? The dragons? The moment that you are here? Wait…” She starts to realize everything. She looks to Sanev and starts to feel guilty. “It would be logical for me to hide the staff if I did not want it to happen? I might not have thought it would go this way. But the achievements are still the same! Better even! Because I was never to blame.” Sanev takes out a vial that has an orange liquid inside; he hands it over to Meladi and he says, “They will not survive without someone to help them learn their new abilities. You adept faster and I know that you will be able to help them.” Meladi slowly takes the vial and looks in the eyes of Sanev. He slightly grins watching Meladi drink the vial and says, “You got what you wanted. Now show me some results!”

The palace swarm of creatures unknown of their abilities. Each one of them stable at mind but unable to control their strengths. They look like normal dark elves but their long fangs and blood-red eyes show the difference of what they have become. Their pride vanished as they feel the need to hide from the world. In the lab, Meladi lays on the ground. Her nails raven black, fangs that improvers her complexion, and overwhelming strength flews in her body. She stands up with her mouth slightly open which showed her fangs, breathing heavily in and out. She looks around seeing no one nearby. When she looks at the counter where Sanev’s book now laid a note. Which reads,
“Dear, Meladi. When you wake; I hope you find this note without ripping it apart like a savage beast. I have been watching while you turn. You looked incredible! I envy you, I gave you the last vial of Vampirism. I thought of keeping it to myself, however. Sometimes I would do something kind. They say ‘kindness can come in different ways’.
I am sure you question yourself what you have become. You all are the first of its kind after all. Therefore I name you ‘Pure Blood Vampyr’.
Don’t bother searching for me. Because I am long gone. You see, I prepared several invisibility potions for this day. I will be honest with you, I will miss you. You were a fine apprentice. Now live your everlasting life to the fullest! Sincerely – Sanev Thero”.

VV Thank You for reading! Please check out the credits. VV
  • KakonComp: Thank you very much for your support, encoding the chapters, and giving me the strength to conquer my dyslexia.
  • Cath(not on this forums): Thank you very much for inspiring me to actually continue writing the story.
  • Elias(not on this forums): Thank you for being my brother and helping me.
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Chapter 2 and 3 are here!

After a few weeks I started writing the next chapters.
The more I write the more I enjoy myself writing it. It is almost like I am preparing a vast D&D world for a campaign for my players.

Greetings all :)

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