May 8, 2019
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Would you like to be dominated ?
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(No, it's not a BDSM game ;))

1. Synopsis
The world of Obara is beautiful but dangerous. It has been for millennia. People only knew dangerous beasts, hunger and war until Charles, the King of Syde united eight kingdoms together. But this profitable moment in history didn't last for long.
After a few generations, Obaran people had to face a new threat. Tens of millions of people arrived through portals scattered around the world. Some were helped, some were killed, some died on their own... until they became immortals to Obaran people. They called themselves the Eternals.
But you can't be immortal and never abuse your power. With time, the Eternals became tyrants, dominators that make the common people fight to death in arenas for their pleasure.

Will you find a way ?

2. Characters
Sam of Syde, the main character. Manipulates magic.

He should have been the heir to the Kingdom of Syde, but because of the Eternals he is just another hiding person.
Strengths: strong personnality, sense of duty, will put his people before him
Weaknesses: cold, distant

Thomas. A thief.

After being caught stealing food, he was sold to Eternals as a punishment. Not a fair fighter, but a good one.
Strengths: clever, good at killing
Weaknesses: hot headed, not so wise

Lektra. The warrior.

No one really knows her story. Her combat techniques are not alike the Eternal guard ones.
Strengths: great constitution, follow orders, never stops
Weaknesses: NEVER stops, not so wise either

Melinda. Trains beasts.

Melinda leads the rebellion in the continent of Aera. But what can you do against enemies that don't die ?
Strengths: very caring for her beasts and friends
Weaknesses: does not like to take orders, she sometimes thinks beasts and people are the same

3. Features
  • Tactical Battles. Choose where you set foot wisely, as it can be decisive.
  • Up to 8 characters (4 in this version)
  • A ton of different enemies so battles are not boring. Each fight might be dangerous.
  • Roam in a big world
  • A LOT of different skills. Tactical battles offer a much more diverse choice for each skill. You can move battlers, have long or short ranged skills, area of effect, alter movement or timeline...
  • Make some choices that will affect the story
4. Screenshots

The archipelago of Aquara, where the story begins.


Go make money by risking your life in the arena.


Explore some dangerous places.

5. Known issues

  • If you finish your battle far away from where you were on the map, the camera doesn't go back to your character.

6. Credits


Avery : for some icons, tiles and characters
Chalkdust for some characters
Indrah for some tiles.
Haydeos : for some characters
hiddenone : for some characters
whtdragon : for some characters

Someone I can't find anymore, for some skill icons. They are beautiful and the work definitely deserves credit. If you find who it is, please contact me !


Lecode for his magnificient Tactical Battle System plugin. (You can support him here)
Yanfly, obviously, for a lot of different plugins
Shaz for allowing you to have your actors healed when you level up ;)
SumRndmDde For the credits plugin


Akari Kaida and Yoshino Aoki for the wonderful music of the game Breath of Fire III.

You can download the game here
or from github.

I know it's not professionnal, and I have almost no graphical knowledge, but I think the game can still be good and the story interesting :)
Any kind of feedback will be appreciated but more importantly in those domains : story, balancing, bugs and typos.

Thanks a lot to the people who will play it :)


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The Lonely Maker
Nov 12, 2015
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So... I've just played your demo, but I didn't even made it to the first battle due to a graphic bug.

Sem título.png

I have only play the first cave part, and your game is really simple, but I think that's the best way for you to learn how things work in RPG Maker. The pickaxe thing, for instance, could be better explained. Like, once you pick it, the protagonist can say something like "now I can break boulders". A sound effect when you find the two pure waters would be a nice touch too.

Oh, and by the way, the guard talks in a different language after we talk to him?


May 8, 2019
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@SoloWise Thanks a lot for taking the time to play ! :D

I think this error is due to the "exclude unused file" options when exporting. I saw that some resources were missing and fixed that, but I missed those ones.
Also, the guard is not supposed to talk in a different language. I developed it in french, and translated it after... I may have missed some event pages here and there :/
I'll try to fix that and to improve the pickaxe at the same time.

I'm very sorry about this bad first experience ! That's a lot of mistakes... I feel ashamed... But at least I'm learning ;)

EDIT: the game has been updated. I removed "exclude unused file" so it is bigger, but it should avoid any problem. I'll update again when I find what's wrong.
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