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Oct 29, 2015
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Ok, there are a bunch of different EULA's out there obviously, but most of them (all of them?) share this clause that you can't share a game you've made (with the DLC) unless it's encrypted. With MV you can encrypt your game as you deploy them, but, what about if you want to deploy a game to be played in browser? As far as I know (and I'm no expert, but still), you can't encrypt a game played in a browser since it's streaming the resources to the user, right? Correct me if I'm wrong.

If this is how it is however, does this mean that you can't use ANY store bought DLC packs (no graphics, no music, no SFX) in a game (or demo for that matter!) that you want to deploy for the web (to be played in a browser)?

And just to be clear, while I'm mostly interested in the FSM DLC packs (which I don't believe have their own forum here?), I'm asking on behalf of all and any DLC resources in the store/on steam that has this clause in their EULA.

EDIT; What if the game only used parallax mapping and didn't include the actual tilesets, only map-sized pictures built by the tilesets and displayed using something like Galv's Layer Graphics plugin or a show picture command?
And for arguments sake, let's assume that any graphics in the character objects folder (etc) also was either removed and/or merged as a part of a picture/sprite and not shared in it's original format. IF including DLC content in a MV game playable in a browser is not legal for license holders, what about the above scenario?

It's of course possible for someone to manually try to extract parts of a tilesets from a parallax map If they really want to. But at that point, is it really much different from sharing a screenshot or trailer video online (Which I would assume falls under the claude for limited marketing, which you are allowed to do)? But then again, byrocracy is a complex matter so I'd like an officiella anwser on all this.

Thanks for taking your time to read all that!
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