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Feb 1, 2016
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Hello, I am new to these forums, and I didn't know where to post this. I have been working on a private fun little experiment of a game for about a month or so now. For the most part its comin  together nicely. However, oyi does this game do some strange things at times! Case in point, the reason I made this post. I have a NPC that is sleeping, and when the player clicks on him, a text is supposed to pop up saying "zzzzZzz" and it does, but the problem is, and this is strange. The character changes forms each time you click them, from a brown haired man, to a woman with pink hair laying on her face, to a blond man laying on his side, I used a damaged person graphic when I did this. Then there is this door, a stone door with jewel in the graphic, when the player walks through it, it disappears (which is fine), however it cuts a white hole into the ground in the shape of the door afterwards. So anyone know how I can fix these? Also if this is in the wrong section, just say where and I'll move it.

Oh I forgot one other thing, if you put a plaque/sign on the wall how do you get it to activate? I tried adding one to a wall and making an event and choose (player activated) and then the text, and nothing happens.
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Mar 5, 2013
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I've moved this thread to Ace Support. Please be sure to post your threads in the correct forum next time. Thank you.

Questions on "how to do something" belong in the support area of the Maker you're using. I've moved that according to your profile preference.

Game mechanics is for theoretical development of mechanics independent of the engine.

And what you need is to check the "direction fix" (bottom left), you're using a behaviour sprite that has different pictures for the different directions

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