event appearing behind a tiles?

Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by rahxephonkun, Dec 8, 2016.

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    is there a way to make an event appear behind a tile, similar to the way you can make the player walk behind parts of certain tiles?

    say I have an event whose image is 2 tiles long, and I want part of the bottom tile to appear behind a tile of a japanese folding wall,  so just half the image is poking out of the top, so the player can walk behind the tile, and the event image appears behind the tile but the player walks on top of the event?

    im guessing this is too complicated or impossible?


    can the player walk behind this folding wall and have an event whose image of the beds appear behind it, but have player walk on top of beds?

    i got it working like you can see above by just placing the tiles down and then making my own custom event that doesnt have an image, Im guessing this is the only way to accomplish this?

    im just wondering if its possible to set an events priority to appear behind tiles while also letting the player walk on top of it??

    As I said I got it working this way I am just wondering if there is a way to do it because I have run into other situations where I wanted to make an event appear behind something ( for example having an event that controls an NPC who walks around appears behind the same trees that the character appears behind instead of having to avoid those trees because the player appears behind them but the NPC / event appears in front of them?
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    Set the priority of that event to Above Player, create a blank event, set priority to Same As Character. It should work since the bottom part shouldn't passable.
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    Events are like players.  If you set the priority to Same as Characters, and the event moves behind a tile that has a star passage setting, the event will appear behind the tile.

    If you also want the player to be able to walk on the event, then set it to Below Characters.  That way the event will appear behind the player, and the tile with the star passage setting will appear in front of them both.

    What are the events for that you've got there?
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    In XP I was able to even make events render below all non priority tiles, but it required some scripting to do that...

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