Jul 4, 2014
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Event Command Corrector:

Event Command Structure Details (Warning! Extra long documentation! :p):

- Demo:
Nope, won't happen! o.o

- Author's Notes:

Sometimes I change my mind about the name of specific things or a graphic/audio file I used for something.
And more often than not, the things I want to change appear in tons of events.
Changing these one by one manually is... Not fun... at all. >.>
I always wanted to make this script because of this, but a few days ago someone actually commissioned me to do it.
Well, I think, this script could benefit more people as a free to use tool, because of the common occurrence of it's reason of existence, so I decided to post it instead.

Note that this tool will edit your physical map files on your PC directly!
For this reason, you should backup your map files found in the Data folder of your project before executing any event command changing script calls!

Yes, it is possible to mess your events up if you set a parameter to a wrong value, so be extra careful with what you do, and read that awfully long documentation I wrote about the structure of the specific event commands (or at least the details on the specific commands you want to edit)!

You will have to close and re-open your project after a modification to see your changes in the editor!
The changes made will appear in the game itself without a restart, but the editor won't refresh itself without re-opening it.

You can NOT remove or add new commands with this script, only the modification of an already existing command is possible with it!

You can NOT change the structure of your event commands either! For example, the number of choices in the "Show Choices" commands can NOT be modified. Doing so will mess your events up (the choice selections made in the game will not trigger the correct choice branches).

You can NOT modify "Set Move Route" event commands with this script! Those are way too complex, so I skipped them. If there is a demand for it, I may do it later.

You can NOT modify an event command with this script in an encrypted project! Attempting to do so will yield in... nothing, it will skip the script call if that happens. :p

Well, I guess, I wrote down all the warnings and stuffs which needed to be said, so this should be it...
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