Every game I play that was made using RPG Maker is offscreen to the left

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    I recently got a new computer, with Windows 10, and I decided to set it up today, On my old computer (also with Windows 10) I dragged some games made by using RPG Maker that I like into Dropbox and took them out on my new computer. Before every game was done loading into Dropbox on my new computer I played one of my loaded games while it was still in Dropbox, my computer said it was calculating the size needed to fit the screen and after it did that everything worked like a charm, the game completely filled out the screen. After I played that for a bit I checked to see if all of my games had loaded in yet, and they had. I decided to play another game (while it was still in Dropbox) and low and behold, the game was now off-screen and to the left on my monitor, with only a bit more than half of the game actually visible. Pressing F5 zooms the game out, so I can see more, but I still cannot see the full game as it is still off-screen and to the left on my monitor. I have not been able to figure out what went wrong and why this bug has occurred. I've restarted my computer several times and I checked if changing my screen resolution did anything, it did not (My current screen resolution is 1920 x 1080). I'm not too much of a technical guy and I'm really stumped here. The pictures below are examples of this bug in the Off Fangame: Knight. How can I fix this?

    screenshhot two.jpg

    screenshhot one.jpg

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