EvilOverlord (being the bad guy) Demo available.

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    I`ll have to check that.
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    I probably keep playing your game as you happened to request to play it and difficulty so far has been acceptable. Also the writing carries the game.
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    I like your video. I am glad you decided to give my game a shot.

    Here's an alternative link:

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    Ok, I got it to work. I played a while and here are some points:

    [SIZE=medium] - I lolled at the intro :p  It[/SIZE][SIZE=medium] ended quite abruptly though, and I was quite confused to be suddenly in the game itself. It’s probably a good thing, cause long intros can be boring.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium] - I wear my best clothes in bed? Really?[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium] - OMG, a rat! [/SIZE][SIZE=medium]It is indeed quite sad that the guy has to fight rats in his own room.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium] - [/SIZE][SIZE=medium]It seems Jeeve’s a vampire. I guess I won’t be able to take him with me outdoors during the day. EDIT: Wrong.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium] - [/SIZE][SIZE=medium]The rest of the palace looks quite nice. I liked the chats between different minions. It was fun exploring the place. The dragon was a bit weird.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium] - I find it a bit weird that Jeeves can heal. Can vampires really do that? I also found that level-ups are really frequent.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium] - The big slime fight seemed kinda pointless since none of them could even damage the Heir or Jeeves. I just knocked them out one by one with them constantly hitting and not doing damage. The megaslime was much [/SIZE][SIZE=medium]more of a challenge, luckily. But how I managed to make a slime bleed, I will never know.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium] - In several parts the mapping is a bit weird and missing things. In the palace it's good, but after you leave the sewers, there's much to be improved.[/SIZE]

    The story seems solid enough, even if a bit confusing at times. Using more time to explain certain things might be good. The mapping is off at places after you exit the palace, but the world map looks very nice.

    You might want to work a bit on Heir's and Jeeves' dialogue as well. It works well at some points, but it'd be nice to see even more of it. I also got nothing out of Heir's and the overlord's relationship with each other.

    Anyway, it's a very promising start. I like the concept a lot.
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    Glad you liked the intro. I drew it myself. Heh, I am also aware of the long intro issue, so I decided that a short, concise one was a good move.

    Jeeves got a hefty sunscreen I guess?

    Vampires can do a lot of stuff. I suppose I could call the skill for bandage or something instead.

    Hmm, I tried to make slimes harder, but not too hard. Guess they could need some more hardening.

    (Slimes do have a gelatiounous membrane that one can poke a hole in.)

    The thing about the mapping is probably true, but unless you tell me specifically, I am not sure hat you mean.

    I am glad you like the story so far.

    True, I can do some more dialogue. In case of hints, I have given Jeeves a trivia ability that allows him to say something about the surrounding area.

    Glad you like the game so far.
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    Maybe you could include Jeeves' sunscreen in the story, lol. :p

    The slimes didn't do any damage to me at all and they were gone in two hits. You could add some attack power and defense for them to make them a bit tougher.

    The mapping was a bit off in the last part of the sewers, for example. It just didn't look right. And in the desert camp you can exit from any side although there's a specific path to take. Not sure if this is intentional. The maps in general are very mixed. Some are great already, some have barely any details at all. I guess it's more about what places are finalized or not than actual mapping skills, cause you have definately done some good mapping too.

    I noticed that Trivia skill, but I never remember to use it. :/

    I just did some more exploring. I went to witch forest outpost, but there wasn't anything interesting there. How long has Heir been living with Jeeves in that camp? It seems there was a flash forward in time, but it wasn't implied in the story, I think.

    The town within walls was very interesting, but hard to navigate. In many instances when I went to one direction to exit the map, it put me to the new one in a completely different direction. Very hard to make sense of things.

    And lol, I died when I tried to steal money from that old woman who ATE ME... O_O
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    Did you talk to all the characters in the outpost?

    I am sure at least one of them could give you a hint on how to progress.

    I tried to make the town feel bigger by skipping the heavily populated areas. I might have to reconsider the place.

    Ah yes, you should always beware when attempting to rob people.
  8. Casia

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    Ah, now I found my way into that forest. A couple of chests, a surprise battle, a locked withces house and a monster camp... where I can't really do much, unfortunately. Jeeves says I could start forming an army there, but no one seems to present the right speech options for that.

    Also, you really should consider changing that town somehow. I got lost there... :(

    Later I noticed that there are random encounters on the world map too. Makes sense, but caught me off guard.

    The haunted castle is pretty cool! I have no idea who that demon was, but the enemies are odd in a good way and the mimic doors were awesome. Also, the enemies here weren't pushovers like in most other places, which was cool. I died when that table and barrels and wine attacked me, but I did hold on quite a long time considering I had no MP and one third of my health on both Heir and Jeeves.

    Since I spoke about mapping earlier, I must say that the castle has some pretty sweet mapping. It's a great place in its entirety.
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    Hmm, I might redo some work on the town.

    Try talking to npcs twice. Some say a little bit more the second time around.

    Glad you liked the haunted castle. I put in some good work there, though the monsters can be frustrating.

    (I find it funny that you also had a haunted castle north of your hometown.)
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    Watched Clord's (And ole Stevie's) Let's plays on this game.

    You've gotta give it to Julian the pictures he's added and the dialog in this game is hilarious. It makes me want to play the whole game just to read the clever scripts.

    Edit: I remember there's funny hidden books and easter eggs too.
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    Thank you Jef.

    Really appreciate the feedback.
  12. Casia

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    Yay, I got some troops! The Orcs after that haunted castle. And some type of a trader too, who seems to be a pretty cool character.

    I'd just like to ask if there's anything I can actually achieve with my troops yet?
  13. Julien Brightside

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    If you collect enough troops, something interesting will happen to your home.

    Continue exploring, there are many things to find.
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    Some fights were kinda hardcore but I finally managed to finish the demo. It was AWESOME! Once I started, I couldn't get away from my laptop until finished. Love the town at the end. 

    Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to the full game.
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    Glad you enjoyed it man. Comments like these make me want to continue making it.
  16. Julien Brightside

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    Updated the front page with some character art.

    Currently working on making the game better and expand it past the end of the demo.
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    1.    Have a hint or bigger map towards Vlads castle so that people can see that there’s a danger in going there.  Added skeletons and gargoyles as units you can fight before entering the castle.
    2.    Add more combat flair text.
    3.    Find a way to make characters have levels more adapted towards the main characters level.  (Currently using, Heirs level, greater than or equal to a level above the recruitable characters level. Add +2 level.)
    4.    Ooluf, Sirrta, Stu, Lilah, Gusto,Hermit, Chuck, Hassad, Dryad, Sheesha,  DONE
    5.    Find a way to make creatures appear in places that seem more likely.
    6.    Add a bigger range of creatures to fight in various places, Volcano done.
    7.    Added firebat for volcano. High damage, low health. Kill first.
    8.    Added slime, high damage, low health, attack fast.
    9.    Added kerberi. Strong monster. Don’t be rash.
    10.    Added Ghast to Forgotten castle. Low Health, high attack monster. Attack fast.
    11.    Added bushwalker, high defense, low health, debuffer.
    12.    Added poisonstabber, low health, high attack, poisoneous.
    13.    Added monster numerical colors in forest. Need monsters, need fixating. Done
    15.    Add exp to all the characters in the fight.  DONE
    16.    Add booty from defeated cities. Done
    18.    Robber King and Fluffy have tiles that is unable to walk over. Changed the priority to below. Should fix the problem.
    19.    Mimic king, can walk over tiles. (It was clicked as through)
    20.    Prisoners get out of the prison in Dysart city. Prisoners will only vanish if the door is open.
    21.    Earth gem turns red. Direction fix on event.
    22.    Game crashes when three ships are destroyed at sea. Tried doing something. Not sure if it worked.
    23.    Sea monster, repeat of text. Paralell event. DONE
    24.    Wine bottles can’t be walked over in Overlord castle. Fixed the tileset. Broken winebottles can now be walked over.
    25.    Reappearance of Snuffles. Done
    26.    Animate the orcs to walk towards the bridge. (Somewhat done.)DONE
    27.    Harpy image blurred. Done reuploaded image.
    28.    Blue city entrance unreadable sign. Needed event fix. Same priority as characters.
    29.    Change city layout to be something more easier to walk through.
    30.    Add flavor text to NW,SW,NE, SE, CHURCH Done
    31.    Add npcs to NW; SW; NE; SE; CHURCH Done
    32.    Blue city inn, can enter rat hole without Lilah. Done. Added Lilah as a requirement.
    33.    Buy function for Chuck? Done
    34.    Desert town has some wonky maps. Add a couple to fix. Done.

    Renamed the file so you don't get the stupid error.
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    For Jeeves, you could say he has a Magic Talisman which blocks the sun.  And, later in the game, it's stolen, so he has to venture out only at night, or take damage.

    He could also just be weaker in the day without the Talisman.
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    I have been really unmotivated to record my hours on the game production lately.

    Anyway, NEW VERSION!

    You should be able to copy over your save game to the new folder, but with the new game it is recommended you just start over due to new content being added in various places throughout the game.


    To do list, V 0.50 (Or have done list, Some of these are supposed to be red in color, but meh.)

    1. See if I can avoid having to change the party everytime we enter the house. I`ll just turn followers off and gather followers. That way party is kept intact.
    2. Have some text on the imps guarding the front entrance in overlord castle.
    3. Capitalize room name for sewer entrance.
    4. Make own skilltype for non-battle, non-party skills Name character.
    5. Slime doesn't use special ability. Should be fixed now.
    6. Rats still give too much gold. Cut down the gold rate.
    7. Spell check of Lilahs words when meet her in the cabin.
    8. No text when checking Gwaines grave in Westeroth town.
    9. Heroes in pub vanish too quickly. Check event.
    10. Check event in topleft corner of westeroth. Old man speech.
    11. No sound in dungeon if sneaking through rat hole.
    12. Fluffy should get a corpse?
    13. Sirrta gets fire I at level 7.
    14. Threatening aura now works for 500 steps.
    15. Defeated Miriam, let Eris walk out instead of disappearing. Just ended up changed the event to avoid Eris disappearing.
    16. Message when Hassad joins your party.
    17. Skeleton in Dysert prison is awake. Check event.
    18. Troop Mariner, knight change position.
    19. Balance Soul eater move.
    a. It requires too much TP.Changed some requirements. Now it costs 50 TP, but you have to be ethereal to do it. Elea also have a “get physical” move now that gives her more attack, but also more damage.
    20. Balance Raging strike move.
    a. Requires too much TP. Split the cost, but you have to be enraged to use it.
    21. Try to balance Elea in a way that allows her to be a better use in battle.
    22. Balance Sirrta. Her skills are too powerful and require little mana. Added higher mana cost to some skills. Added fire weapon skill. Took away spark and rock.
    23. Sheesha talks in the volcano uh... quite a bit before I got her, hee. This is via trivia on the screen marked 'entrance' (Between the two switches which are needed to advance) Done.
    24. Can walk on pits in Jeeves' room in the ruins... and then can't go back into jeeves' room once you leave it. Changed the tileset. Changed the door event graphic. This should do it.
    25. Door when assaulting Ha'med's keep rotates when you talk to it.Fixed.
    26. Small text change to succubus stomach.
    27. There's no trivia on the ocean (Which results in jeeves talking immediately after you are swallowed despite not being there, so you may want to put a blank message there if nothing else)Added Trivia to both ocean maps.
    28. Sheesha is dead again in the monster - I presume the 'recruited sheesha' switch isn't turning on properly? Either way, she's definitely not in there. Forgot the Sheesha switch. Added that.
    29. Finally, after setting the gunpowder, there's no trivia on /that/ map. You do have a very short time to check, mind you, but doing so there results in jeeves immediately talking next scene, which could muck things up. Added Trivia.
    30. Orc dialogue fixed.
    31. Added dialogue bit after sewer escape.
    32. Snuffles can be found within base after he has joined the legion.
    33. Dancer added to pub after she has joined your legion.
    34. Haraxqual added to dungeon after castle has been built.
    35. Barrels unwalkeable in Heirs room. Fixed tileset.
    36. Elea comment even while not in party at Mimic King. Fixed with a condition.
    37. Changed the sound file for the church to a standard one. Maybe that will fix it.
    38. Fixed the tileset in the seamonster stomach.
    39. Removed event that was unnecessary in seamonster stomach.
    40. Make Gusto and Elea chat whenever they are in a prison. Add trivia conversation.
    41. Edit words from spellcheck.
    42. Work on Centaur camp. Done
    a. Make npcs for centaur camp. Done
    b. Make shops for centaur camp Done
    c. Make inside of tents for centaurs. Done
    43. -Do push the fact that the locals are oppressed by local king dicator lovable.
    a. Make farmer house 1.
    b. Make farmer house 2.
    c. Make farmer house 3.
    d. Make farmer house 4.
    e. Make farmer house 5.
    f. Make inn.
    g. Make shop armor.
    h. Make shop weapon.
    i. Make shop accessories.
    j. Make shop magic.
    k. Make rich house 1.
    l. Make rich house 2.
    m. Made ticket shop
    n. Add npcs.
    n.i. Add farmer npcs
    n.ii. Add shop npcs
    n.iii. Add rich people npcs
    n.iv. Add hotel npcs
    n.v. Add tourists
    n.vi. Add dock npcs
    o. Add dock map.
    p. Add expensive hotel
    q. Add souvenir shops
    r. Add arena map
    r.i. Add battlers
    r.ii. Make Arena fights
    r.iii. Add npcs
    r.iv. Add details
    r.v. Add trivia
    r.vi. Add gladiator scenes x2
    s. Add trivia for maps
    t. Decorate overmap.
    44. Changed an event on field map after recruiting Sheesha. Done
    45. Add newspaper plate in WEsteroth city. Done
    46. Make shops for the city
    47. Make standard houses
    48. Expand the stuff you have to do to get the earth gem. Added stuff to do.
    49. -Make arena map.
    a. Make Main arena
    b. Make Prison part of the arena
    50. Make frost elemental trivia map.Done
    51. Make frost NPC elemental.Done
    52. -Introduce harpy village.
    a. Make npcs
    b. Make trivia
    c. Check events
    d. Made f.harpy sprite with belly.
    e. Made m.harpy sprite with belly.

    53. Make Water elemental map.

    54. Have bosses react to having less hp than 50%. Added a little bit of flair text for now.
    55. Make Giant ruined castle (Tiny map)
    a. Map
    b. Trivia
    c. Events
    56. -Make giant village
    a. Make npcs for the village
    b. Make battlers for the snowy landscape.
    c. Make shopkeeper for the village,there's a smith. Good enough.
    d. Make King dialogue
    e. Make book references to old traditions.
    f. Make princess boss
    f.i. Enable script for eating party members, this failed, using events instead.
    f.ii. Test
    57. -Blockade in the mountains
    a. Made the map
    b. Make trivia
    c. Make battlers
    58. Fixed some houses in Seamonster
    59. Make hunter map
    a. -Save harpy from cages in camp.
    b. Add npcs
    c. add trivia
    d. Add battlescene.
    60. Sprites of fallen bosses sometimes don't match with said boss. (I have forgotten which ones) I`ll just have this as cleared until the next update.
    61. After upgrade of home is trigged event with Robber king again so I ended with two blades.
    62. Tiles in guttia village walkable when they shouldn’t. Fixed.

    63. Some issues(estetic) with sprite interferences on a bridge in Vlad's castle(upper bridge wall).

    64. Maiden event in westeroth city fixed.
    65. Fixed gnome fortuneteller in castle.
    66. Made imp sprite with belly
    67. Changed Overlord sprite to differ from Heir sprite
    68. Made centaur sprite with belly.
    69. Made succubus sprite with belly.
    70. Added arena npcs
    71. Added overlord fort secret room.
    72. Added overlord Map room.
    73. Add different battle music to boss battles:
    a. Slime
    b. Robber king
    c. Captain
    d. Sorceress
    e. Mummy
    f. Hassad
    g. Eowold
    h. Pirate captain

    74. Add TP cost to spells and MP costs to special attacks.
    75. Add items instead of gold for certain creatures.
    a. Slime
    b. Rat
    c. Bat
    76. Add music to all new maps that fit.
    a. Makeshift camp
    b. Ice Tower
    c. Centaur camp
    d. Border Guard
    e. Easoth
    f. Northara
    g. Hunter camp
    77. Change level increase when making characters join:
    a. Lilah Done
    b. Sheesha Done
    c. Elea Done
    d. Gusto Done

    78. Figured out variables and levels. Main characters that join the party now should be the same level as Heir.
    79. Check sewer skeleton event mishap This should be fixed now. Problem: Faulty eventing.
    80. Add interaction between heroes during siege at your fathers castle. Currently shows them a little bit at least.
    81. Add specific bonus when executing enemy bosses.
    a. Robber King done
    b. Efriitus Done
    c. Sirrta Done
    d. Lilah Done
    e. Captain of Outpost Done
    f. Countess Miriam Done
    g. Girl in ruins Done
    h. Hassad Done
    i. Eowold Done

    82. Add ruins
    a. Westeroth ruins
    a.i. Trivia
    a.ii. A. Scene.
    b. Dysert city ruins
    b.i. Trivia
    b.ii. A. Scene.
    c. Arena city ruins
    c.i. Trivia
    c.ii. A. Scene.
    83. Add incentives in the towns so that Heir has a revenge reason for defeating the leaders.
    a. Westeroth – Healer
    b. Dysert – Warrior
    c. Arena - Knight
    84. Add religious temples
    a. Westeroth city
    a.i. Add blessing
    a.ii. Add secret
    b. Dysert City
    b.i. Add blessing
    b.ii. Add secret
    c. Eastoth city
    c.i. Add church map outside
    c.ii. Add church map inside
    c.iii. Add trivia
    c.iv. Add npcs
    c.v. Add secret event
    c.vi. Add blessing
    85. Added water temple
    a. Need to make trivia.
    86. Aftermath:
    a. Npc interactions in Northara
    b. Npc interactions in Makeshift camp
    c. Npc interactions in Nest
    d. NPC interactions in Easoth
    e. Npc interactions in Centaur camp
    f. Enter new ship east of city.
    87. Check door fail at Northara
    88. Check NPC fail at Northara
    89. NPC centaur fail dialogue.
    90. Check enemy spawn location at Nest
    91. Shieldwall increase HP
    92. Test boss battle against Eowold.
    93. Had to take away ship due to copyright.
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    This is awesome, I really enjoyed it.

    Considering the huge wall of text (that I did not read, lol) of your things to do you're probably aware of this already, but I'll point it out nonetheless in case you missed it:

    1) Lilah, the witch, is lost permanently when you're swallawed by the sea creature? I could not find her anywhere. If yes, it would really suck. Hopefully it's just an oversight. She also does not seem to have her own room in your castle, unlike other characters.

    2) Some abilities are off in balance. Spark costs 10 MP, hits everyone and stuns whereas flame costs 20, hits one and lowers defense. Just one example. Heal vs Heal II is another. 20 MP vs 30 and the latter heals 3 times as much or more.

    3) Some abilities also have a "hidden" MP cost (if they cost both MP and TP, like Overlord's Force that also costs 50 MP), is there no way to display it somewhere?

    4) I feel like Jeevis could really use swords, I mean, they're all weaker than axes and Heir's not gonna wear them anyway. It could also make Jaavis a bit more useful as a character (he's not that good, really)

    5) Meatshield would make a lot more sense on Heir than Gusto. Would also make guantlets for Heir more valuable (since they're focused on defense). Gusto does not seem to be really built for tanking (his defense is not that great, and his equipment options are limited).

    6) There is one rat hole in Vlad's castle that you cannot go into. The one in the treasury.

    7) You can engage Ra'mad without falling down the pits (if you stay away from those two tiles) and lose a lot of stuff that you find in the labyritnth and the prison, is this intended?

    8) Snuzzle (the teddy bear) is found nowhere in the castle after you get it back. This also applies to several other NPCs such as the imp near the efreet, the succubus you find prison of first town's castle or the dancer in second town, ecc...

    9) I got the Fire Gem replica but it seems it cannot be put in the pedastal in the other room of the volcano. Did I miss something or it's not working as it should?

    10) One last thing: I feel that for being "Evil" Overlord, this game rewards too much the "good" behaviour rather than the evil one (spare vs feed), the biggest example of this is sparing characters that also have abilities that trigger on the map and give you access to places you can't access otherwise. Lilah the witch is the biggest example of this, if you feed her, you lose so much for a bit of exp and some minor stat boost. Since you feed on this character, shouldn't Heir also learn the ability that they have to access those place? For example, feed on Lilah and Heir learns Shrink, feed on Elea and he learns the float/leap, feed on Sirrtah and he learn the burn logs ability, ecc.. Even in the "Spare vs Destroy" Human Towns there seem to be no contest, sparing appears to be a lot more rewarding.

    But still, overall this was great I really enjoyed it. I really hope to see this game reaching completition as I had a blast playing it, well done!
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