[Exit Event Processing] from inside another event?

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Oct 29, 2015
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Is it possible? I'm trying to fix something not easily fixable with eventing in MV. It's a bit complex but I'll try to explain it best I can.

I have a VN styled segment in this game and I'm trying to make it as VN friendly as I possible can inside MV. Which is not very easy because of how MV is set up. What I'm having problem with ATM has to do with Yanfly's "MessageBacklog" plugin.

I have 2 ways for the player to activate it. One is the normal button press, no problem there, but I'm trying to provide mouse support as well so I've done the following;

1) Set the show message event as an parallel process instead of auto-run. This is neeed for another of Yanfly's plugins (Picture Common Events) to trigger while in message. And in this part of the game you are always displaying a message, there are no sprites or maps, just set up like a classic VN.

2) I made picture buttons and placed them on screen, you can click them and they'll launch a common event that opens the message log with a script call. This much works, BUT, clicking on the screen ALSO skips to the next message. This happens AFTER you close the "Backlog window" though.

I had a similar problem when implementing my evented menu (it can also be activated by clicking the screen or pressing a button). In that case I had two different common events for the buttom press and the mouse press. Making the mouse press work was more difficult since that also skips to the next messsage, because I guess that's how MV works. In that case I was able to fix it in a round-about-way by having this common event run on mouse-click menu activation;

◆If:Story Progression = 0
◆Control Variables:#0001 Story Progression = 999
◆Plugin Command:HidePictureCommonEvents
◆Show Choices:Return to Game, Load Game, Options, Quit Game (Window, Middle, #1, -)
:When Return to Game
◆Plugin Command:ShowPictureCommonEvents
◆Control Variables:#0001 Story Progression = 0
◆Exit Event Processing

:When Load Game

:When Options

:When Quit Game
◆Return to Title Screen


:Repeat Above


If I understand my own event right, I think me changing the "Story Progression Variable" to "999" and then back to "0" made the event reboot since the parallel event that drives the story runs on the condition that that variable is "0". So making it something else then making it "0" again seems to reboot it and since I also subtract -1 from the "message variable" the story event will stop at the right spot in the story again.

This does not seem to work as well for my backlog event though. In theory it should work if I can subtract 1 from the "message variable" and then somehow have the story event RESTART. But how do I restart it from inside another event when my above menthod doesn't seem to work?

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