RMMV Exorcist's Path - Part I of the trilogy ready!


Jan 14, 2016
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Exorcist's Path

After they've failed to seal the Underworld Goddess Duessa forever, a new prophecy was born. A prophecy of a hero, destined to save the world. But he is just a child.. How much power does he truly have? And.. who is the girl, next to him..?​

  • Classical RPG in a medieval fantasy setting with a linear Storyline.
  • Story-driven: The player gets first introduced into the world by visiting the past. He will get to know Duessa, who threatens the world of the humans, aswell as the 5 Pillars of the Earth - a small group of humans with overnatural powers on their mission, to protect the world.
    The main storyline focusses on the 2 protagonists. One of them is the prophesied hero. The meaning of the other protagonist is still concealed.
  • Dynamic Battles and powerful Summons: The actors come accross so-called "spirits" and will learn to summon them. Summoning a spirit requires a full TP bar of 100. The TP gain is customized. If using the right spirit at the right time, they can be incredible powerful.
  • Focus on interpersonal relationships; which is the relation between the 2 protagonists and how it is going to develop in future? How much would they be willing to sacrifice for the other..? Small cutscenes and dialogues shall help to get to know the actors and feel how they feel.
  • Relations between the protagonists and their spirits (summons): Cutscenes and dialogues shall give those summons their own character and soul.
  • A beautiful world to discover, combined with carefully chosen background music:
    FSM tileset is mainly used in this game, combined with Celianna's Fantastic Buildings and different additional doodads. LNM's lightning plugin creates a fantastic atmosphere, as visible on the screenshots.
    Murray Atkinson's Spanish Guitar Strings and the Voices Of Angels collection by John S. Richard provide some wonderful background music.



  • Protagonist I (the Player chooses his name)
    500 years ago, long before the Hero was born, an old prophecy revealed his destiny for the first time.
    He grew up together with the family's foster daughter in a small village, enjoying a more or less unburdened childhood - if there weren't those dreams haunting him every once in a while..
    He's got a great sense of responsibility and always tries to protect his (not blood-related) sister. However, he also very enjoys to tease her whenever he gets the opportunity.
  • Protagonist II (the Player chooses her name)
    One day a crying baby girl was found in the forest north of the village. It's a miracle she was still alive, as demons use to haunt the woods. The local padre and his wife took her to their home, raising the girl as their own daughter. However, noone knows, where she came from or who her parents are..
    She is very caring and her foster brother is for her the most important person in her life. At times she likes to act like a mother towards him, knowing he'd be annoyed by that. It doesn't bother her tho, as all she wants is his well-being.
    She is afraid of supernatural powers and creatures (and probably even simple wild animals). Fortunately her brother is always there to protect and give her a feeling of security.
  • Dagda The Void Priest
    Dagda is the oldest and wisest of the 5 Pillars Of The Earth. His abilities include power over the space-time continuum.
    He is a reliable smart man who desires a world without demons. Although his decisions are usually final and not influenced by his emotions, he is friendly and has kind words for the people surrounding him.
    Dagda uses to stay calm and reasonable. In fact the only time he cried in his life was decades ago, when his dog died of old age.
    He loves to flirt, but there is only one woman in his heart.
  • Lilith The Shadow Priestess
    Lilith, a former demon from the underworld, is quite familiar with dark powers. A valuable trait among the 5 Pillars.
    During a fight, just at the point when Lilith was about to be defeated, Vishna The Ancestral Druid, was able to return Lilith her soul, turning her back into a human being..
    Lilith, since then, has been a quiet introvert woman, who is taking her mission, to protect the world, very serious.
  • Melchior The Light Prophet
    Once a servant in heaven, he descended, becoming a human again, in order to join the 5 Pillars Of The Earth.
    He is the youngest member of the 5 and represents Lilith's counterpart, which causes them to perfectly complete each other.
    Melchior is light-hearted and outgoing.
    He doesn't get along well with the Firelord and secretly finds Lilith pretty cute.
  • Nuriel The Firelord
    Nuriel was once a prisoner in hell. Decades of torture should divest him of his soul. Alone his strong will and mental power prevented this happening. Strange enough it was Melchior, who freed and brought him finally back to the overworld.
    The Firelord is a rough comrade and barely has any friendly words to spare.
    However, his hate towards the underworld after his imprisonment gives him the necessary will and strength, to do everything possible, to help, accomplish the 5 Pillar's mission.
  • Vishna The Ancestral Druid
    Lost in the forest she's been found by Dagda and his dog long before they would even know about the 5 Pillars. Vishna, a little girl still, was crying, when the young man, Dagda, saw her combing through the woods, barefooted.
    It turned out, that she was the daughter of a herb woman.
    Dagda, giving her a piggyback, brought her back to the hut. But all they found was the dead herb woman lying on the floor..
    Apparently the little Vishna was trying to find help, but it was too late. Since then Dagda and his dog stayed with her in that hut and he raised the little girl all by himself.
    The first time, Vishna's powers of soul guiding revealed themselves, was when the life of Dagda's dog came to an end. Both were crying, as they had to say goodbye to their old loyal friend.. and rather unconsciously it was Vishna, guiding the dog's soul to his afterlife. Dagda, however.. always been blessed with an outstanding spiritual energy and high intellect, saw and understood what was going on. From that day on he was not only anymore to raise Vishna, but also to guide her. Later they formed together the Pillars Of The Earth. Predestined to protect the world of the humans.

The first part is downloadable as a demo on itch.io:

  • Ækashics (monster sprites incl. dragonbones material)
  • FSM - First Seed Material (Map Tilesets)
  • Celianna (Medieval Buildings)
  • PandaMaru (Blacksmith Sprite)
  • WhtDragon
  • Shoroi Akuma (Protagonists)
  • JewelSaviorFREE (Spirit Artworks)
  • Soramani (other character's busts/facesets)
  • SkottyTV
  • Strange Dragon
  • Avery (Icons)
  • Andy Chen (Animations)
Music & Sounds:
  • Murray Atkinson (Spanish Guitar Strings)
  • Richard, John S. (Emotional 2: Voices Of Angels)
  • YouFulca aka Wingless Seraph (Boss Battle Themes)
  • Yanfly
  • SumRndmDde
  • Moghunter
  • Galv
Lightning Plugin:
  • Level No Matter (Creator)
  • FeelZor (Continuation of the Plugin)
  • Xelion (Translations)

After the first part is now available as a demo, I will work on part 2+3, completing the game into a Trilogy.
Part 2 shall have the subtitle "The Journey". The protagonists will visit different places out of their hometown, collect some spirits and deepen their relationship. A surprise for the plot is planned.
Part 3 will lead the player to the end, meaning, basically the last dungeon and the final boss, aswell as an after-story.
Forgive me, if I don't go into more details at this point.
IF part 2+3 get the same positive feedback as part 1, I will seriously consider, putting the 3 parts together, in order to upload them as a free game on steam.
And yes - this game is and always will be completely free.
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Jan 14, 2016
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2 more videos have been made of the game!
A great way, btw, to take a first look without having to spend too much time on it.

  • Here again the video example from the opening post -
A flawless Let's Play, the pure game, no comments nor extras:

  • A Let's Play by HawkZombie on Twitch:
(I intentionally link back to my Devlog. As the stream happened around 3~4am my time, I sadly wasn't able to attend it live and so I commented it a few hours later)
HawkZombie Streaming

  • Last but not least a german Let's Play video:

Meanwhile I've been working on part 2.
Although I will release part 1+2+3 separated, they will form 1 game.
Once done, I will put everything together.


Jan 14, 2016
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Just released the first update of part 1!


1. Added option to disable Timed Attacks

Many loved them (including myself), others hated them. Now it's up to the player self, if he'd like to play with or without them. For further infos about this change please check THIS POST.

2. Added Mimics!

Mimics have a special purpose. These hostile treasure chests appear by chance, after the player has defeated a random encounter. They are tanky, but their damage output is low. Also the player has the option to ignore them. However, this is not recommended, as Mimics reward the player with 1 of 8 Bronze Weapons, once they've been defeated.

3. Added Bronze Equip

The 8 different Bronze Weapons can be upgraded 3 times each with their respective catalyst (Whetstone, Cobalt or Fairy Feather). Besides this their stats are pretty decent for being starter weapons.

But not only weapons have been added! There's also now a whole new Bronze Equipment Set. Armor pieces are blessed by a random suffix, while for each piece exists 1 very powerful Suffix. I won't list them here, as it's probably more exciting to come accross them by chance in the game, without having to specifically farm for them. Armor pieces cannot be upgraded.

Both - weapons and armors - can be disassembled in order to receive raw materials, which can be sold then to specific NPCs (like the Blacksmith). Also there is a small chance to receive upgrade material for weapons. In case of feeling unlucky with disassembling, there's also the option, to buy upgrade material from Wayland.

4. Added Melee Skills

In order to make battles abit more interesting, 2 Melee Skills have been added. At some point during the Story the player will receive 2 Runes from the padre. These runes can be used on an actor; the actor will then learn the ability. The choice is totally up to the player, who should learn which skill. It's also possible, to make a single actor learn both abilities.

5. Added Tutorials!

Now the tutorial battle is actually recognizable as a tutorial battle. Further added a Manual to the Blacksmith's Shop, which explains the new equipment mechanics.

6. "Quality Of Life" changes

Many players told me, they didn't like how slow the text was. So slow text is removed. There're still pauses here and there and I'll take a look into them, but as of now, that's not my priority, as I'd like first to focus on finishing part 2 of Exorcist's Path. Also of course have been done some bug fixes (in fact 1 bug turned into an easter egg) and a few text corrections.

Exorcist's Path: The Prophecy is the first part of a Trilogy and can be downloaded here: https://henryetha.itch.io/exorcists-path


Slime Lv99
Apr 13, 2019
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Maybe it's just me but i always love overtinted screens =)


Jan 14, 2016
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Maybe it's just me but i always love overtinted screens =)
Thank you! And yea, same!
So glad, LNM's lightning plugin has been continued (which includes the ingame time and thus the tint screen + an ingame lightning editor). I love trying to match and mix it with different light sources and especially ambient lights.
And above that some overlay (on some maps), like on the first screenshot the "greenish" ambient light on the cemetry, while the stripes over the whole screen are actually supposed to be sunbeams, but I think they make there a good moonlight :)
Well, some might say, I'm overdoing stuff, but I love the atmosphere it is giving, together with the music.

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