Jan 23, 2015
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The plugin I request is an experience as currency/experience shop.  With the experience as currency, experience will be used instead of gold as the way to buy items, armors and weapons. When you buy items the cost is divide among the party, eg if you have potion that cost 100 exp,   and your party has 2 members it'll cost 50 exp per member; however if you have 4 members in the party then it cost 25 exp. Also if at least one of the players doesn't have enough exp to buy an item, you can't buy it. For example if each party member has to lose 25 exp for to buy the item but one of them has 10 exp then they can't buy it. Also if you sell an item back, what ever price you sell it back at is divide among the party and given back as exp, eg the item sell back price is 12 and you have 3 party members, then each party member gets 4 experience. Change gold acts just as it would if you went to buy an item, the cost is divided between the party. So a decrease in 15 gold among 3 party members, is a decrease by 5 in each party member. If you can, can you make sure it's compatible with Yanfly's Shop Core. (Found here .)

Requirements (Summary):

Uses Experience as Currency.

At shops experience is used to purchased and sell items.

The cost of items is divided among the party, eg 12 exp per item & 3 party members, each member looses 4 exp (the same is true if you sell an item, eg you sell an item that cost 12 exp with a party of 3 members, then each party member gains 4 exp).

You can not purchase items if at least one of your members doesn't have enough exp. For example. 12 exp per item & 3 party members but 1 member has 1 exp you can buy said item.

Can use "Change Gold" and it works as if in a shop. Eg change gold, increase in 100, and divided among 4 party members means an increase for each member by 25. (100/4 = 25)

Preferable but not Required:

Compatible with Yanfly Shop Core.(Found here .)
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