Exporting to flash fails, but normal PC exporting doesn't


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Oct 25, 2015
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Seeing as how my topic was not responded by the support staff, I figured I put it in the wrong forums, so here is almost the same post that is in the IG forums:


I followed the tutorial on exporting to flash. So the java / flex is taken care of. When I try to export my bigger game, it gets about 20% done and the IG Maker freezes. I tried this both on a windows 7 and 8 machine. When I try to export my much smaller game, it gets to 100% and then an error pops up saying that the system can't locate (game name).swf (same error on Windows 7 and 8)

So I thought it might be that I didn't make the games properly, somehow. So I used the build-in games that we are supposed to use as a reference. I figured these games would have the best odds of exporting since they are made by the same people that made IG Maker. Nope, reaches 100% then an error comes up that says it can't find the swf file.

So I went to the folder where it says it can't find the swf file. So I tried exporting again, and right as the error happens, you can see that a file is quickly added and removed from that folder where the error says the swf file is missing from.

Any help on this? I was looking forward to making little flash game birthday cards for friends (basically one of the main reasons I bought IG Maker, I even didn't use the discount codes cause I was happy to be able to make flash mini-games) and at this point that's not an option. Thanks.

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