FA Interactive Tools don't work.

Discussion in 'RGSSx Script Support' started by Mawichan, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Hello, I'm using Falcao's FA Interactive System.
    The Push/Pick Up/Fall/Jump/Vision Range are working just fine. However, none of the tools work when pressing the action key. No error messages or things like that, the items just don't anything when equipped. I found that among the other scripts I'm using, Tsukihime's Instance Items is the thing that causing it. But I'd rather not have to delete it or change the settings for the weapon section to false, as a couple of other scripts require it to function (item charges, item recharge, item durability, item repair, etc. I really need these). So I'd love to know how to tweak these scripts or what to add for both to work together. Unless they have fundamental/unchangeable elements at conflict or something of the sort.
    Thanks for reading!
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