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Sep 19, 2019
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Hello everyone, I'm here with this game, which is horrible so far!

I do not want a commercial game, I just want a game to play with my friends, who are a 3 or 4 who play RPGs.
I personally find myself a good writer, and a good designer, heeeer, not too much a good designer.
I need basically everything, I have a good story, good characters and .... just. As I am not good at the other things that is required to make a good game, I started using RPGM.

Engine: RPGM MV

The story tells the life of a bunny, in a world where animals are standing and humans are no longer on the planet. Spoiler: In the middle of the game, it turns out that they already existed, that the animals were once wild, as in the movie. Zootopia, and despite the pollution of the world, went to other planets and never came back, millions of years later, the climate stabilized again and the remaining animals evolved, also because of radioactivity, and they passed. It is about 2100 years after the evolved animals, and with that they have reached a civilization similar to that of the medieval era, or a little more, ok, spoilers end.
He travels the world to sell his wares, but whenever he can help the needy, it seems a little cold, but he can't bear to endure innocent suffering, sometimes suffering from flashbacks, seeing other rabbits and animals a little. horrible because there is a scream and noise of things being broken and banged throughout the story, these flashbacks become clearer and he understands their story.
The first part of the story is that when he was walking he sees a seemingly deserted village, he comes to her and sees an old turtle, he helps him find his glasses and takes him home, the old man tries to say something, but Two giant penguins appear and take them to a prison.
When the rabbit is thrown into prison, he sees his roommates, a silent shark, a mischievous looking male fox and a beautiful rabbit female.
He is told that almost all the residents were in that prison because the king had arrested all those who did not pay taxes, that since he replaced his brother with a crusade they were very expensive and people could not pay.
He finds a way to escape, and says he will confront the king, he says to release the prisoners while he fought the king. The little shark followed him willingly.
When he reached the throne room, the guards barred him, he said he would end his dishonorable reign.
Of course the king was not cheap, sent the guards to punch him, he tried to defend himself, but was beaten by the guards.
When one of the penguins hit him hard, the shark jumped in front of the rabbit and punched him, and flew to the wall.
When all seemed lost, the disobedient looking rabbit and fox arrived with all the villagers and defeated the king and his companions.
Everyone's names were discovered:
The male fox was named Greg
The female rabbit was named Allice
The little shark was called Sharks (hehehe, clichés)
the false king was called prince John
The green king who traveled later was king Richard the Lionheart, who was very good to his people.
After things were done, the rabbit left the village, but just before leaving, he saw Allice waiting for him on the exit road, climbing a mountain.
(Allice) "Why are you going? The villagers are waiting for you to celebrate King Richard's return."
(Rabbit) "I have to continue my course, you have to continue yours"
(Allice) "Just tell me your name!"
(Bunny) "...."
(Allice) "Aff, ok, that little shark, Sharks, he hit his head really hard, but it'll be fine, he asked me to give you the scarf he was wearing around his neck. Please stay with him.
The rabbit takes the handkerchief from her hands, and keeps walking, but he stops and talks, before definitely leaving "
(Rabbit) "Nice to meet you, was nice to meet you all ..."
My name is ... Metsu ...

And this is it!

"Positions / Roles Needed":
-ideas guy
-face set and likes designer

"My Role (s) / Position (s)":
-Programmer (using only RPGM MV Base Date so far)
-The guy who takes care of the plugins, (most of Yanfly, which are very nice if you want to see: http: //

(I don't have screenshots because I don't have story-related sprites, so it might be weird)

"Skill Trade":
As I've written before, I consider myself a good writer, despite the cliches every once in a while.
can i help anyone please just PM me with a title that i will understand what you want!

"Characters and World Development":

He is the main character of the story, a warrior, defender of the oppressed and who does not like to socialize, something typical of the main characters of the old days.


He is that overly raccoon character,
but everyone hates him, he become with Metsu after fixing a sheep he had done

Secondary characters of the first chapter:

3[/B]-"Secondary characters of the first chapter"](Allice)



I think that's all I need to say right guys?
Have a good night or a good day or a good afternoon depending on what time you are reading this!Sorry for potato english!



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Mar 18, 2012
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@Gabriel-Chi Super cute artwork! But because of it's size, would you mind putting it in spoilers?


Sep 19, 2019
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