Oct 13, 2017
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Operating self switches the FailSauce way
The Intro
I'm lazy. There, I said it. I got tired of rewriting the code to change a self-switch of other events every time the event in question was on another map. What's more, rewriting the code for a range of self switches gets really old, really fast. With that in mind, I wrote my own plugin to take care of it. And, because I'm a creature of habit, it had to co-exist with "Outer Self Switch" from Yoji Ojima / Kadokawa (I'm lazy and I'm not rewriting stuff in my game to support my own new plugin, let alone someone else's.) Then, it was suggested that I share. So, here we are.

What it Does
This plugin adds two plugin commands, SingleSwitch and RangeSwitch to your game. They allow the maker to control a self-switch on any map in their game from any event. The actual functions provided in this plugin are named differently from that used in OuterSelfSwitch (Kadokawa), so should co-exist peacefully.

The commands come in two flavors, Single and Range, and the formats are similar.

- SingleSwitch
Format: SingleSwitch [on/off] [Map#] [Event#] [A/B/C/D]
So, SingleSwitch on 32 67 A, would indicate to turn on switch A for event 67 on map 32.
A special entry for map-number is "0" which self references the current map.

- RangeSwitch
Format: RangeSwitch [on/off] [Map#] [Starting Event#] [Ending Event#] [A/B/C/D]
Thus, RangeSwitch off 0 40 55 B, would indicate to turn off switch B for events 40 through 55 on the current map.
Note that this range is inclusive, so in the given example it would include switch 40, 55, and all sequential event numbers in between.

Version 1.1
Removed the case-sensitivity of the parameters, so On, ON, on, and a, A, b, B are working regardless of capitalization.

Terms and Conditions
Free to use, even for commercial use, requires RPGMaker MV. Please credit "Mrs_Allykat" or "FailSauce" in your project, as well as Yoji Ojima (the original author of OuterSelfSwitch). Tested with MV 1.5.2, with other versions of MV your mileage may vary.

Click Here to the download page!

PS: Yes, there is a demo project. Also, again, I'm lazy. This is not some massive super plugin, it's just the result of not wanting to rewrite the same five lines of JS over and over again. So, literately, there are more lines of instruction than there is lines of code.
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