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Sep 6, 2012
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I have no idea how helpful this thread is going to be, but I hope you'll find what you need, whether you're working on a fairy tale game or a fairy tale themed village/dungeon.

Apoc's female genie portraits,
Appeared from the pond's genie battler (Terms) [original],
Arteria's magic carpet sprite [VX(Ace)],
Avery's lamp and genie icons [VX(Ace)],
Chalkdust's genie sprite [MV],
Closet's genie battlers (Terms) [VX],
DreamingRach's genie faceset [MV],
Fancy Garden's gold pile battlers (Terms) [VX],
Janai's Genie facesets and portraits (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Lunarea's gold pile [VX(Ace)],
Makers' gold tiles [VX(Ace)],
Mick's genie sprites (Terms),
OnCutStudio's genie battler [original],
Pandamaru’s genie sprites and gold autotile [VX(Ace)],
Pipoya's gold animation (Terms),
Ryoshu's gold pile [VX(Ace)],
Sithjester’s Disney’s Aladdin and Jasmine sprites [XP],
Toraneko's Jasmine sprite (Terms) [XP],
GrandmaDeb's list of Ancient Resources,
Ying's pile of gold [VX(Ace)],

Alice in Wonderland:
Ækashics' mushroom battler [original],
A Gust of Wind's Alice and Mad Hatter sprites (Terms) [Mack],
Appeared from the pond's Alice in Wonderland battlers and busts (Terms) [original],
Archeia's portraits [VX(Ace)],
:wub Aryeh's Alice tall SV battler [MV],
Avery's big mushroom tiles [MV],
Bokou's Wonderland tiles and weapon [MV],
Bougainvillea's Queen of Hearts inspired windowskins (Terms) [VX],
Candacis’ Wonderland inspired (auto)tiles (under Fairytale and A3/A4),
Charlesthehurst's Queen of Heart sprite [Mack],
Closet's mushroom battlers (Terms) [VX],
Cocodoco's Alice inspired sprites (You can find one under VX and under original, in the FSM sprites, there's a Red Queen) (Terms) [VX(Ace), Mack],
:wub Crescent Moon Arpeggio's Alice and Dark Alice sprites, facesets and portrait (Terms) [original]
Cyanyurikago's rabbit battlers and Alice battlers (Terms) [original],
Emmych’s Jabberwocky sprite [original],
Fancy Garden's big flower and mushroom battlers (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
GrandmaDeb's Faerie, Magic and Mushrooms list and Red Queen sprite [VX(Ace)],
Hyouburogu's Alice in Wonderland battlers (Terms) [original],
Janai's Mad Hatter’s faceset, portrait and sprite (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Kaikai's big flower battlers [VX(Ace)],
Kazzador's Queen of Hearts sprite [VX(Ace)],
Kiritanman's mushroom battlers (Terms) [original],
Lunarea’s giant mushrooms and wacky chair, huge flower mini pack, different giant mushrooms, and fantasy trees [VX(Ace)],
Lune/Royal Sin's Alice Human Sacrifice sprites (under Chars Menschen) and Alice in Wonderland sprites (under Chars Monster & Fantasy) [XP],
Makapri's giant mushroom tiles (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
OneCutStudio's mushroom sprite and battler [original],
Palladinthug's mushroom tree DS tile [DS],
Pandamaru’s giant mushrooms tiles and Queen of Hearts and soldier battlers [VX(Ace)],
Pentagonbuddy's mushroom battlers [VX(Ace)],
Raider's edits of Pandamaru's giant mushrooms [VX(Ace)],
RYOU MIZUKI's portraits, facesets and sprites (Terms) [VX(Ace)], (site's closed unfortunately)
-RyU-/White Patisserie's rotating teacups (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Sketcy-Sketch's Wonderland tiles and Alice's portrait and faceset [VX(Ace)],
Sinweaver's child Alice sprite [MV],
slimmmeiske2’s Alice and Dinah sprites based on Archeia’s portrait, Cheshire and Queen of Hearts sprites [VX(Ace)] and Red Queen inspired sprite [XP],
Studio Pickle's mushroom battler (no terms yet) [original],
Taizan Neko's Wonderland autotiles (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Thalzon's mushroom battlers (and other really whimsical battlers that fit a Wonderland game ^^) [original],
Tokkuri's teapot and teacups tiles (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Un Almacen's mushroom battler (Terms),
Washikaku Reiko's mushroom and Cheshire cat battler (Terms) [original],
Wolf RPG Editor's mushrooms battlers (no terms yet) [original],
Whtdragon's mushroom trees [MV],
Ying's whimsical tiles [VX(Ace)],
:wub 永久力吹雪's Alice sprite, faceset and SV battler (Terms) [MV]

Avery's Cinderella icon [VX(Ace)],
Candacis' Cinderella shoe tiles [VX(Ace)],
Sithjester's Disney's Cinderella sprites [XP],
slimmmeiske2's Disney's Cinderella sprites [XP],


Hansel and Grethel:
Appeared from the pond's candy battlers (Terms) [original],
Avery’s Gingerbread House [XP] and gingerbread icon [VX(Ace)],
Bougainvillea's candy tiles, autotiles, door and icons (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Caz candy cones DS tiles [DS],
:wub Com_sho's candy tiles [MV],
Citruscat's candy tiles (Terms) [XP],
Dragoonwys' candy tiles [MV],
F-high's candy battlers (no terms yet) [original],
Kimaila's Candy tiles (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Juunanagou's candy themed windowskin [VX(Ace)],
Lunarea’s Gingerbread House [VX(Ace)],
Leila’s candy tiles [VX(Ace)],
Lemori's candy tiles [VX(Ace)],
Lizzy’s candy tiles (Terms) [Mack],
:wub Imowo's candy tiles 1 & 2 (Terms) [original],
Nekura's candy tiles [original],
Pandamaru’s Candy cones and Gingerbread House with animated door [VX(Ace)] and MV candy cones and gingerbread house,
Phoenixegg's candy icons (Terms) [original],
-RyU-/White Patisserie's candy tiles (past halfway) (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Un Almacen's candy icons (Terms) [original],
Venere and Marte's Hansel sprite and Grethel sprite [Mack],
Ying's candy tiles (with gingerbread house) [VX(Ace)],

Little Red Riding Hood:
Archeia's portrait [VX(Ace)],
Avery's Little Red Riding Hood icons and wolf portraits [VX(Ace)] and wolf sprite [MV],
Blake_Ezra's werewolf sprites [VX(Ace)],
Cardboard Warehouse's werewolf sprites (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Chocolate Mint Tree's with hood and without hood, sprites (with down poses); wolfboy portraits, facesets and sprites; wolfteen portraits, facesets and sprites (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Closet's male and female werewolves and wolf battlers (Terms) [VX],
Deeb's werewolf sprites [VX(Ace)],
Fancy Garden's wolf battlers (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
F-high's werewolf battlers (no terms yet) [original],
Haydeos' werewolf battlers [MV],
Hermit Crab's Travels' Little Red Riding Hood (Terms) [original, VX(Ace)],
Hiddenone's generator wolf head [MV],
Janai's wolf portrait and faceset, killer Little Red Riding Hood portrait, faceset and sprite (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Kaikai's wolf and werewolf battlers (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Kimaila's wolf!Ralph bust (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Kiritanman's wolfboy battlers (Terms) [original],
KREY's Wolf [VX(Ace)],
Luminous Warrior's recoloured wolf sprites [VX(Ace)],
Lunarea's Wolf battler [VXAce],
Maiko's Little Red Riding Hood battler (Terms) [VXAce],
Makapri's wolf sprites (Terms),
Mick's black and purple wolf and wolf sprites (Terms) [original],
Mine's portrait, faceset and sprite (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Minnow's wolf sprite [MV],
monta's pixel battlers (Terms) [original],
Moogle's wolf recolours sprites [VX(Ace)],
Palladinthug's kobold/wolf sprites [DS],
Panda's Wolfman battlers [VX(Ace)],
PandaMaru's Ace Wolf battler and XP,
Pineda's wolf sprite [VX(Ace)],
Pipoya's monster animations (perfect for your wolf) (Terms),
Saphire's blond with hood and basket, brunette with hood and basket [XP],
Scinaya's werewolf portrait [VX(Ace)],
Sinweaver's SV wolf battler [MV],
Sirominto's wolf sprites (no terms yet) [Mack],
slimmmeiske2's child and adult Ace sprites based on Archeia's portrait, portrait [VX(Ace)], old sprite [XP], child sprite [MV],
Studio Pickle's wolf battler and sprite (no terms yet) [original, XP],
Thalzon's Wolf battlers (under beasts) [original],
Toraneko's wolf sprite (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Toumomo's Red Riding Hood sprite,
Tsarmina's Red Riding Hood portrait [original],
Un Almacen's Red Riding Hood icon (Terms) [original],
Venere and Marte's portrait, facesets, sprite and icons [VX(Ace), Mack], (down unfortunately. I've got them, so feel free to PM me for these)
Vitamin Dog's Wolf man, Wolf Woman, Wolf people faces, Wolf portraits and white wolf sprite (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Whtdragon's wolf sprites [MV],
Wolf RPG Editor's wolf battlers (no terms yet) [original],

Sleeping Beauty:
Avery’s spinning wheel [XP],
Candacis' rose vines [VX(Ace)],
Cecilia Cresent's Maleficent sprite [Mack],
ksjp17’s animated spinning wheel [VX(Ace)],
Lunarea’s spinning wheel [VX(Ace)],
Nekura's rose garden tiles [original],
Pandamaru’s spinning wheel [XP],
-RyU-/White Patisserie's huge vines (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Sithjester's Disney's Sleeping Beauty sprites [XP],
Toraneko's tower covered in roses (worldmap tile) (Terms) [VXAce],

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves:
Candacis' glass coffin, poisoned apples and magic mirror sprite [VX(Ace)],
Fancy Garden's apple battlers (Terms) [original],
Konoe's Magic Mirror (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Lunarea's Magic Mirror [VX(Ace)],
Makapri's Dwarf sprites (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Phoenixegg's Magic Mirror (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Sithjester's Snow White sprite [XP],
slimmmeiske2's Snow White clothes [XP],
Tokkuri's glass coffin tiles (Terms) [Mack],

The Little Mermaid:
Closet's mermaid battlers (Terms) [VX],
:wub Crescent Moon Arpeggio's mermaid battler (Terms), [original]
Dilsena's mermaid and merman base,
Draco's mermaid sprite [MV],
Fenix's mermaid sprite [VX(Ace)],
F-high's mermaid battlers and merman battlers (no terms yet) [original],
:wub Gachopin's mermaid base and sprites (Terms) [MV],
GrandmaDeb's Underwater resources list,
ImmortalDreams' mermaid battler,
Incerta's Japanese mermaid [VX(Ace)],
Kaikai's mermaid battlers (Terms) [VX],
Konoe’s mermaid portraits and facesets and mermaid sprites (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Leila's underwater kingdom tiles [VX(Ace)],
Makapri's mermaid statues (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Makers' underwater tiles [VX(Ace)],
monta's pixel battlers (Terms) [original],
PandaMaru's mermaid base, mermaid sprites and battlers [VX(Ace)],
Pixel World's underwater tiles (Terms) [XP],
Rostofoudo/Sundriveplus's mermaid sprites and another mermaid [VX(Ace)],
Scinaya's mermaid portrait [VX(Ace)],
Sithjester's human Ariel [XP],
slimmmeiske2's Disney mermaid sprites [XP],
Soramani's mermaid portrait [VX(Ace)],
Tatanya's mermaid sprites [VX(Ace)],
Thalzon's mermaid and merman battlers [original],
Tokkuri's seashell tiles (Terms) [VXAce],
Un Almacen's mermaid battler (Terms),
Yunary's mermaid ear generator pieces [MV],
尾羽の小屋's mermaid sprites, [original]
優男's mermaid sprite, [2000, RTP]
無花果's mermaid sprites, [2000, RTP]

The Snow Queen:
Avery's Disney's Elsa sprite [XP], portrait [VX(Ace)] and MV sprite + portraits based on slimmmeiske2's sprites [VX(Ace)],
Chigusa's Snow Queen bust and full body (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Hermit Crab's Travels' Snow Queen (Terms) [original, VX(Ace)],
Pipoya's snow animation (Terms),
slimmmeiske2's The Snow Queen sprite [XP], Ace versions and MV sprite and faceset,
YakuzaMakoto's Snow Queen battler,


:wub Aryeh's Belle tall SV battler [MV]
Avery's Rumpelstiltskin icons and Frog prince icons [VX(Ace)],
Candacis' Frog prince's golden ball [VX(Ace)],
Closet's puppetmaster battler (Terms) [VX],
Fancy Garden's Puss in Boots battlers (Terms) [original],
Folce-zero's Puss in Boots battlers (Terms) [original],
GrandmaDeb's Animal sprite list,
Kaikai's puppet battlers (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Leila's Baba Yaga tiles [VX(Ace)],
Makapri's Mama Pig sprites (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Mike's beanstalk [MV],
Pandamaru’s beanstalk and frog prince battler [VX(Ace)],
Pixel World's toy soldiers (Terms) [XP],
Ruby's Enchanted tiles (includes a tower for Rapunzel?) [VX(Ace)],
-RyU-/White Patisserie's The Indian Waterlilies tiles (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Sithjester's other Disney sprites (Belle, Tiana, Mulan) [XP],
slimmmeiske2’s Allerleirauh/Donkeyskin dresses, Bluebeard and Pinocchio sprites [XP],
Themo's Fairytale forest tiles [VX(Ace)],
Tokkuri's Enchanted rose tiles (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Tsarmina's Rapunzel portraits [original],
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Aug 3, 2012
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I can't believe how much work you've put into this.  It definitely qualifies for the adjective 'awesome'.  Well done and thank you.


Pixel Pusher
May 2, 2012
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Wow, nice compilation ^^ thanks for doing this!

I also have a talking mirror face for the Snowwhite theme in my sprites section :)


Sep 4, 2014
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I actually am working on a fairytale game. I'm making up my own (telling the story in a kind of fairytale-ish way, with the aesthetic there as well), so the witches and fairie's sections will probably be the extent of what I use, but definitly very helpful. Thank you!

nio kasgami

May 21, 2013
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WOW thanks I was needed that slimmm channnnnnn~

now I can begin my game *evil laugh* 


Sleeping Dinosaur
Oct 13, 2012
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Great work! ;3

I also have made a magical lamp icon with smoke and dshini recently, so this might also work for an aladdin setting^^

If you have ideas and suggestions for more fairytale icons, shoot me a PN^^


Little Red Riding Hood
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Sep 6, 2012
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Great work! ;3

I also have made a magical lamp icon with smoke and dshini recently, so this might also work for an aladdin setting^^

If you have ideas and suggestions for more fairytale icons, shoot me a PN^^
I must have spaced over those. Added :D

PMing you right now :p

Nice list! Thanks for doing this!

I noticed you have a couple of links to Makapri's site, but I think you missed these cool fairy portraits, facesets, battlers, and sprites:
I thought I had added those already, which I apparently did not, so thanks! ^^

I also forgot to add Makapri's wolf sprites, mermaid statues, mushroom houses and mama pig sprites.


Little Red Riding Hood
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Sep 6, 2012
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Updated the list with (mostly) MV resources.

:wub: Ækashics' mushroom battler [original],

:wub: Avery's big mushroom tiles [MV], Snow Queen portraits based on slimmmeiske2's sprites [VX(Ace)]

:wub: Chalkdust's genie sprite [MV],

:wub: DBDragoner's child witch sprite and faceset [MV],

:wub: DreamingRach's genie faceset [MV],

:wub: Flirion's RTP fairy recolours [MV],

:wub: Haydeos' werewolf battlers [MV], witch battlers [MV],

:wub: Hiddenone's generator wolf head [MV],

:wub: Ike's tall RTP witch sprite [MV],

:wub: Makers' underwater tiles [VX(Ace)],

:wub: Mike's beanstalk [MV],

:wub: Minnow's wolf sprite [MV],

:wub: Mu's witch hat generator part [MV],

:wub: Pandamaru’s MV candy cones and gingerbread house, elderly witch [MV],

:wub: Sinweaver's SV wolf battler [MV],

:wub: slimmmeiske2's child Little Red Riding Hood sprite [MV], Ace Snow Queen versions and MV sprite and faceset,

:wub: Strange Dragon's fairy recolours [MV],

:wub: Tuomo's vibrant witch battlers [MV],

:wub: Whtdragon's mushroom trees [MV],

You might also notice some links that lead to dead sites/topics with dead images. I'm on a mission to try and get those resources back/permission to repost them.

Prodigy 1216

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Dec 21, 2013
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Am I the only one read this thread as Fairy Tail.........

Anyway these are awesome, nice compilation!


Little Red Riding Hood
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Sep 6, 2012
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Little Red Riding Hood
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Sep 6, 2012
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((Continuation of the above list))​
Amysaurus' fairy sprite [VX(Ace)],
C.H.E.'s fairy sprite (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Chocolate Mint Tree's male fairy portraits, facesets and sprites; walking RTP fairy sprite (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Closet's fairy queen and fairy battlers (Terms) [VX],
CLOSET Ace's fairy queen battler (Terms) [VXAce],
Crescent Moon Arpeggio's fairy battlers (Terms) [original]
Cyanyurikago's fairy battlers and Touhou fairy battlers (Terms) [original],
Etolier's witch and fairy faces/battlers (Terms) [original],
Fayforest witch and fairy facesets (Terms) [original],
Fenix's fairy sprites [VX(Ace)],
F-high's fairy battlers (no terms yet) [original],
Flirion's RTP fairy recolours [MV],
GrandmaDeb's Faerie, Magic and Mushrooms list,
Hermit Crab's Travels' fairy (Terms) [original, VX(Ace)],
Jitter's fairy battler [XP],
Kaikai's fairy queen and fairy battlers (Terms) [VX],
Keep the Rhythm's fairy sprites (Terms) [DS],
Kiritanman's male fairy battlers (Terms) [original],
Liberty's dark fairy battler [VXAce],
Lunarea's fairy queen portrait, faceset and sprite [VX(Ace)],
Maiko's blue fairy battler (Terms) [VXAce],
Makapri's male and female fairy [VX(Ace)] and mini fairy sprites (Terms) [original],
monta's pixel battlers (Terms) [original],
Naramura's fairy and witches (Terms) [original],
Nextocean's dark fairy sprites (Terms) [MV],
Pandamaru's fairy battlers and sprite [VX(Ace)],
Pineda's fairy sprite [VXAce],
Phoenix Egg's fairy sprite (Terms) [original],
Razor Edge's Mack fairy sprites (Terms) [Mack],
slimmmeiske2's fairy RTP edits [XP],
Strange Dragon's fairy recolours [MV],
Studio Pickle's fairy battler and fairy sprite and another fairy battler (no terms yet) [original, XP],
Tatanya's fairy [VX(Ace)],
Taoc's Touhou fairies (no terms yet) [XP],
Thalzon's fairy battlers and sideview battlers [original],
Themo's fairies [VX(Ace)],
Ying's Touhou fairies [VX(Ace)],

Amysaurus' witches [VX(Ace)],
Anextension's RTP witch battler [VX(Ace)],
Antares' witch recolours (sprites and faceset) [VX(Ace)],
Chaos Portal's witches (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Chocolate Mint Tree's witch portraits, faceset and sprites; witch portrait tiles (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Closet's child and elderly witches and witch battlers (Terms) [VX],
Cocodoco's witch face, witch sprite (with flying behavior) (Terms),
Cyanyurikago's Touhou witch battlers (Terms) [original],
DBDragoner's child witch sprite and faceset [MV],
Etolier's witch and fairy faces/battlers (Terms) [original],
F-high's young witch battlers and old witch battlers (no terms yet) [original],
Fayforest witch and fairy facesets (Terms) [original],
Folce-zero's witch battlers (Terms) [original],
Gurensyo witch battler and face [original],
Haydeos' witch battlers [MV],
Hermit Crab's Travels' witch (Terms) [original, VX(Ace)],
Ike's tall RTP sprite [MV],
Jalen's male witch portrait, face and sprite and short-hair witch portrait and face,
Kaikai's witch battlers (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Kimaila's witch bust (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Liberalcat's witch sprites (Terms) [original],
Liberty's witch sprite [VX(Ace)],
Luminous Warrior's recoloured witch sprites [VX(Ace)],
Mastima's RTP recolour witches [VX(Ace)],
Mine's 2000 witch and male witch portrait, faceset and sprite (Terms),
Momope's young witch, Succubus witches, Elf witches and without their ears (all have portraits, facesets and sprites) (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
monta's pixel battlers (Terms) [original],
Mu's witch hat generator part [MV],
Nakkuruman's witch sprites (no terms yet),
Naramura's fairy and witches (Terms) [original],
Ookie Panda's RTP recolour witch [VX(Ace)],
Pandamaru’s witch battlers, faceset and sprites [VX(Ace)] and elderly witch [MV],
Pawnsoldier's RTP witch faceset (no terms yet) [original],
Pineda's witch sprite [VX(Ace)],
River's White witch and little witch [VX(Ace)],
Saiki no omocha's Ugly witches,
Scinaya's flower witch portrait [VX(Ace)],
slimmmeiske2's RTP witch recolours [XP],
Soramani's ugly witch, Ruka witch portraits and faceset [VX(Ace)],
Soramani's Ruka witch sprite (flying as well) [VX(Ace)],
Storyteller's RTP witch faceset [MV],
Studio Pickle's RTP witch battlers and face and another witch battler (no terms yet) [original],
Tana's witch battler and sprites [XP],
Tatanya's witch recolour faceset [VX(Ace)],
Toraneko's witch sprite (Terms) [VX(Ace)],
Tuomo's vibrant witch battlers [MV],
Whiteark's RTP witch battler (no terms yet) [original],
Ying's Touhou witch [VX(Ace)]
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Nov 30, 2013
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Slimmmeiske2, I could kiss you! You're a godsend! I have been searching for three full days trying to figure out where I could acquire, and who a particular beautiful wolf bust belonged to, only to find the link on your forum to Vitamin Dog. Thank you thank you thank you!!
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Little Red Riding Hood
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Sep 6, 2012
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Thanks Guardinthena. Glad it was useful to you. :)

I really need to update the list, but I'm very close to the limit once more in my first post. :asad:
The only elegant solution I can think of is making a new topic (and reserving the next few posts this time :aswt:).

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