Fake or real dev site?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Amane Kagari, Apr 17, 2019.

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    I'll be digging up a dead post to shed more spotlight on stolen assets/plagiarism.


    Aekashics and a bunch of other artists are being stolen from and being resold as services. Aekashics thinks they're related to Musubi, too.

    Here's Aekashics' response to all of this: http://www.akashics.moe/librarium-n...-possibly-selling-it-to-unsuspecting-clients/

    Attacking in the wrong direction would be an issue if there weren't more fingers pointing their way for repeat offenses on the plagiarism front.
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    1 day delivery for a sprite sheet for 5$ o_O Yeah that is suspect! Without EVEN looking at who might had done it, it feels better to do a googling for free with the right ToU material.
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    I've dealt with Fiverr in the past, and all I can say about the platform is that if the internet is the "wild west," then fiverr is the "O.K. Corral." There are several fantastic artists that work through the platform. There are also some bad apples. A LOT of bad apples. To get anyone competent requires the user to work the filtering. To get someone competent AND honest can take hours, and definitely more than $5.

    Here is a few of the rules for the use of the platform:
    1. Finished works are not $5. (They aren't. Sorry, see below.)
    2. Ask for sketches. No sketches or PSD's showing partial work means it's not original.
    3. Check for revision terms, if they have none - then you're getting a bad deal (either at the time, or after delivery when it is someone else's work)
    4. MAIL them first, and CHECK that things are consistant. No Mail = No Hire.
    5. Check their spelling, grammar, and general posting material.
    6. Check for consistency in their work.

    Golden Rule: If it looks too good to be true, then it's a SCAM.

    I've not posted about Fiverr myself due to experience. It is work to use the site, and even when I do decide to put money towards a project in the terms of custom art -- It's going to someone in the community HERE.

    I'll spare everyone the entire sob-story, but my husband does some work for certain websites that need customized text-art for different events that must be published. This means that fiverr is one of several places that he looks for this sort of art. I can't count the number of times that I've heard him cussing at the monitor about some such-and-such from fiverr. Again, I'll reiterate that there are some great people on the platform, but it's up to the user to look for the right person. Think of fiverr more like a local swap-meet. There are some wonderful people, and some wonderful scammers.

    (edit: after all my posturing, I misspelled "grammar." Go figure.)
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