RMMV (Fan Game concept) Danganronpa Trapped In

Discussion in 'Game Ideas and Prototypes' started by REREXabby, Aug 19, 2018.

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    Okay, so after watching a lot of danganronpa fan projects and stuff, I somehow come up a little fan thing of danganronpa. However, I feel like this one won’t make sense, but here’s goes nothing.

    After so many hope fighting despair and many students died, the government tried to sue the school, but it would be the end of better talents. Finally, after students were kill for the final time, they sued the school and made another that talents aren’t even important. This program was called “OPERATION: TALENTS”. However, someone, who thinks that without talents are slaves, decided to take control to school and forced them to kill each other in another killing game.

    So, yeah that’s how it’s going to go. I’m mean, I feel like it doesn’t makes any sense. But, i’ll see what you guys think.

    Oh, if you don’t know what danganronpa is, well, it involves 15 students forcing each other in a killing game. Anyway, see y’all later.

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