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Sep 22, 2016
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Engine: RPG Maker MV

Synopsis: For those of you who are unaware, One Piece is an anime by Eiichiro Oda. It is about a group of pirates sailing to find the one piece, which is a treasure left by the king of pirates. Anyone who finds said treasure becomes the new king of the pirates. In the anime, you follow Monkey D. Luffy on his adventure. However, in my game I wanted to make a new cast of main characters, while keeping some important people and adding new people to fight. The Story wont be 100% the same, and you will follow the adventures of a few different groups of people as they go along their journey. To add onto this, to give anyone who doesn't know the anime a general outline, pirates are given bounties by the world government, and send marines out to get these pirates. Marines go up ranks as they capture pirates and do good deeds, and pirates get more bounty as they beat other pirates/organizations/marines/etc or do bad deeds. There are also special powers you can find, called devil fruits. They come with some type of power, but you are rendered unable to swim and seastone weapon/cuffs will render you useless. For those of you who do know the anime, I will keep it as close to the lore as possible, and fill in the gaps as I go.

Positions/Roles Needed: Honestly, I'll take what I can get. At the moment I'm doing everything. It's not exactly tedious, making a game like this is fairly simple to follow (and add new things in) aside from graphics/animations. So any type of role is welcome. I mainly would like someone who would not mind doing maps, another for animations, someone to help bounce lore ideas off of (and contribute lore ideas of their own), and someone who likes to do battle animations (OR just battle designing). Any other type of role is also wanted, but this game is non profit, and mainly here for fans who want to contribute. I'm also wanting to eventually have the game voice acted, so voice actors welcome.

My Role(s)/Position(s): My role is scripter/eventer and coming up with the general outline of the story, piecing things together, writing the lore, an many other small things to put the one piece world together.

I would like to mention, that anyone is able to send me a PM, and give their idea of a new character to be added to the game. (your own character included)

Characters, Setting and World Development:
Main Characters: Akira D. Zane - Swordsmen of unknown origins. Currently Captain of a crew and seeking out to be king of the pirates.
Saint D. Isaiah - Enlisted in the marines as a Chore Boy. Weapon of choice is Flintlock
Saint D. Isaac - Enlisted in the marines as a Chore Boy. Weapon of choice is Katana.
Saint D. Henry - Enlisted in the marines as a Chore Boy. Weapon of choice is Sabre.

The world of one piece is rather awkward. It's nothing like earth. There's North South East and West blues which are separated by Reverse Mountain. Taking reverse mountain leads you to the grand line, which is dangerous sea's to travel. It's also worth noting that, I believe, there are 6-7 moons.

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