Feb 23, 2012
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We have a winner! The Dragon Knight has won the Fantasy Character Pack Showdown! We also have a special surprise: All of the Dragon Knight resources will be released as a free preview pack! We'll be adding it soon, so be on the look out!

Check out the the pack itself on both
Komodo Plaza, and on Steam!

Finals Polls (Completed)

Match 1: Werewolf vs Dragon Knight

Semi-Finals Polls (Completed)
Match 1: Strategist vs Werewolf
Match 2: Dragon Knight vs Demon

Round 2 Polls (Completed)
Match 1: Leo (Fantasy) vs Strategist
Match 2: Mammoth vs Werewolf
Match 3: Dragon Knight vs Vampire
Match 4: Demon vs Lancer

Round 1 Polls (Completed)
Match 1: Black Knight vs Leo (Fantasy)
Match 2: Leo (Present) vs Strategist
Match 3: Mammoth vs Hoplite
Match 4: Samurai 2 vs Werewolf
Match 5: Dragon Knight vs Samurai 3
Match 6: Vampire vs Birdfolk
Match 7: Samurai 1 vs Demon
Match 8: Lancer vs King

*All Ties Broken By Komodo Staff Who Had Not Voted Yet
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