Sep 28, 2015
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The Roduki... A species of born adventurers whose lives revolve around honour and battle, split between two warring factions; Dawn and Dusk. The Era Of War was a time both factions joined forces to fight a horrific and strenuous war with powerful creatures known as Remnants, whom began appearing in unusual frequency.

The Remnants laid waste to the world and the majority lost their lives in the war, but eventually the Roduki prevailed thanks to the efforts of the king and queen.

The world was too damaged and became a barren wasteland, in order to survive the Roduki Elders cast a spell so monumental that it's effect were global; it brought about the reconstruction of the entire world itself.

Now the world is restored anew the two factions are looking to settle their conflict once and for all. The eldest son of the king and queen, prince Varlore must choose which side he is on and explore this new world full of mystery and wonder.

And so... Your story begins.

My inspiration behind this project comes from the old Final Fantasy and The Legend Of Zelda games. As well as more recent ones such as Undertale, Skyrim and fantasy games such as Agarest and Star Ocean.

The idea behind Fantasy Heart is to give the player a heavily immersive world that encourages exploration, instead of being told where you can and can't go by the story of the game it will be completely open from the start and the only thing preventing the player from going anywhere will be their skill and resources. There is nothing that I find more annoying as a player than figuring out what to do or where to go but not being able to do it until the game tells me I've got to do it.

Exploration will be necessary for the game's story to progress and you'll find unique dungeons and interesting quests, areas and roads off the beaten path along the way; some may even provide short cuts.

Game Features:

  • Choose Your Faction: Choose between two teams, Dawnvora or Duskvora. Each with their own unique storyline, quests, abilities and characters.

  • Open World Exploration: Explore the vast world of Fantasy Heart, journey through the land by overcoming puzzles, finding items and secret passages in order to unravel the story of the Roduki and the secrets of this new world!

  • Crafting and Alchemy: Learn recipes to craft items and equipment to use on your travels.

  • Friendship System and Party Quests: Grow closer to your allies, progress through their side quests to hear their story, access new abilities and watch lively interactions between Varlore and his team.

  • Go beyond your limits: You can level up to 999.

  • World Conquering: For all you aspiring world dominator's out there you can take over opposing faction's bases, set up forts around the world to increase your factions strength and fortitude and build your base up to use more facilities!

  • Time System: The game's days, weeks, months and years will pass by in-game!

Unfortunately I do not have a lot of in-game screenshots of finished products as nothing is going to use the vanilla program's graphics. Like this room:


Here are some screenshots of things in progress:

Everything in the game will eventually be of my own design, graphics, music even sound effects. I want to make a game that's difficult to turn around and say "That was made in RPG maker.", it's a huge ambition and this is what I have so far.

For more regular updates on it, as well as other stuff related to it like the art and music side of things you can follow me on twitter or facebook where I upload pictures and updates regularly!

Twitter: @XDarkImpetusX

No demo available yet! But that is next on my to do list!


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