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Why won’t you accept my ideas on magic/tech/etc for the canon?
Because we’re not interested. Those things belong to your projects, not the universal setting’s core rules.
What we deal in are actual CORE CANON RULES for the world. This means that whatever gets made a rule is ABSOLUTE for the whole world. As such, we don’t want people coming and explaining their project ideas as “rules”. You can have anything you want in your own project, but it doesn’t belong to the canon.
Also, only finished projects count towards setting the canon. This means that until you prove you’re actually working on a project and will probably complete it, we won’t list you as a developer or put your countries up for reference.

What are the restrictions for games in the setting?
It must take place in Arum and not destroy the setting (follow basic rules).
There is no required length or genre for the games. It could be a full cutscene or a dungeon grind; lasting an hour or a hundred, it doesn’t matter.
Please remember Arum is supposed to be a “serious” world. Filling an island with dinosaurs, teletubbies, ninjas, power rangers, sparkly vampires, anime characters, etc, will not fly. We will not usually mind whatever you come up with, but please, no random and “lolz” type of games. You know what we mean.
You can use any graphic style you want. We follow a RTP VX style for the donation packs because it’s the default one and the easiest one to find resources for, is all. You can make a full graphic custom project if you want, what matters is that it takes place inside the Arum setting.

Can we donate music/characters/other resources?
You could, but we won’t list them or package them officially (unless it was a very large and well-usable set).
We will accept donated maps, and release project packs when there is enough content, but we do not support other resources. This doesn’t mean you can’t offer them to other developers, we simply won’t be handling it.

What RM programs do you support?
We will chiefly work with the ACE Rpg Maker for official releases, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the setting with older programs. You won’t have the donated maps to work with, is all.

I have another question. Who do I ask?
If you have a question not covered by any of the information topics, you can swing by the Help topic (link coming soon) or send me (Indrah) a Pm.
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