Fate's Blade - Looking for a team!


Apr 2, 2016
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Fate's Blade (working title) - Need development team - 18 years old and up please!

I am looking for quite a team for a game I would love to develop. I have some experience in RPG Maker VX Ace, but certainly not a master. I am a story writer and a voice actor (in case you need one for your game). 

My inspirations come from "The Secret of NIMH" and "X (anime)". 

A story of a strong women figure, not physically, but mentally.

As the story grows, she finds more physically strong characters to help support her in her travels. Giving the challenge of having a weaker opponent in your party at all times. 

The stronger characters include a cocky Pirate Queen, a mysterious vivacious hybrid girl of animal and human, a masked gentleman who speaks with his blade, and her own son, who grows to be a fighter due to the unfortunate events that take place.

In a very basic synop
sis, a mother of 38 must go out into the world with her son to find her daughter who was kidnapped in their own home. Along the way she discovers there is more to her children than she could ever imagine. And when the time comes, she must make a decision no mother should ever have to make.

There isn't a definite time era, but magic will be a part of the battle mechanics.

My reasons for requesting teammates who are older than 18 is due to it's vulgar violence, language, and it's dark story. Even it's ending ends on a sad note. 

The game will be no longer than 10-15 hours. The game should have some length, but quality definitely over quantity. If there is lots of ideas that come in the future or not as many, their is always room for change. 

What I will need:

1 or 2 Composers: I'm looking for a score that uses classical instruments, piano, violin, etc. Everything else is in your creative hands. If you usually work with a partner on your music, they are welcome to be a part of it. If you have experience in sound effects as well, that is a major bonus.

Up to 3 Parallax Map
per/Events: I will be doing event work as well, mainly in the cut-scenes department, but I have moderate experience in events, so I will surely do my part. 

1 or 2 Script Editors: I have no knowledge in this department whatsoever, so looking for someone with good experience. Let your creativity flow. 

Partner writer and editor: I am totally open with having a partner writer/editor on board, however they have a similar mentality of the story's moral. Otherwise I am totally open to removing/adding new playable characters. I'm looking for someone who can help me make the main characters more 3-dimensional, creating side characters, and help connect the pieces in the story.

Up to 3 Artist/Pixel Artist: You will be creating custom sprites, tiles, character designs/arts and any other visuals we may need in the game. I have no preference of full body or just facial visuals, that all depends on you guys. The time era has not been fully specified so showing your strengths are recommended when applying. Though I don't intend to have full art cut-scenes, if you have experience in that, I'm open to the idea.

Though everyone has most control of certain things, everyone still has an equal voice. If you are a composer and have experience in pixel art, don't be afraid to make suggestions! Or you can write and also can set up maps or puzzles and you have some ideas, awesome! 

I am looking for those who ha
ve some experience like I do, but don't need to be experts. I have had this story for a few years now and i'm finally making the jump to make it happen.

If you are interested, let me know what you would like to do and show me some experience in that field. (Screenshots for artists, music samples from composers, etc.) If I feel you are qualified, I will give you the more detailed story of the game and then you can decide if you would like to continue from there.

Hope to hear from you soon! 


Here is some screenshots of things I have tinkered with.



RPG Maker Sample 2.png

RPG Maker Sample.png

My idea of game will not be a generic JRPG. There isn't going to be random battles in the game, but there will be a few boss battles. The main character's attack doesn't do any damage, but you can find artifacts and craft items that can weaken that opponent if you find more about that person before battling. So strength and button mashing won't win the battle. You have to plan ahead and learn your enemy before facing him. I'm hoping each character has a different mechanic like this. Pirate Queen would have strength, but must learn techniques and find weapons throughout the world to help. Hybrid has magic, which she must learn new spells through your journey, etc. So it's imperative to discover things and talk to people. 


I decided to make a few sprites of the main characters. I used Sithjester's Resources and tampered with them slightly. This is merely an example of what I'm looking for. 

Full body sprites to me is much better than the chibi sprites. It gives you the ability to make the characters feel more 3-dimensional. 


Though I don't have all the sprites made (I have no clue how Caspian is going to look), here is a little more info about the main characters.

Bella - A mid-30's archaeologist who retires to raise and home-school her children. As a single mother, she has certainly had her troubles, but her children have always kept her afloat.  

Vance - Bella's teenage son, who may be in his rebellious stage, feels his mother would fall apart without him, so he continues to stay.

Bea (Beatrice) NPC - Bella's teenage daughter. Hoping to have a career in art, she hopes to travel the world for inspiration. She loves her family, but feels she's smarter than her mother, so she doesn't take her seriously.

Raven - A mid-20's air-pirate who delves into the world of bounty hunting, if it pays well. She is hired by Bella to help her find the culprit who took her daughter. Though she prefers to work alone, Bella offers her an artifact she could not refuse.

Caspian - A male tiger hybrid human. Though he enjoys the strength and endurance his tiger blood has given him, he seeks out his father, who abandoned him as a child, to find out who he was and how Caspian came to be. Caspian joins the team when he discovers that the group is after someone who may have the answers he's been looking for.

Lune - A well known masked vigilante who seems to know what events are taking place. Afraid of what Bella might do when she discovers the truth, he decides to join them on their quest.

I wish I could make Face Graphics for these characters to give you a better visual, however, I am not that talented in that department.
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Simon D. Aelsi

Voice Actor/Composer
Feb 22, 2014
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Sounds interesting...  Any other projects you worked on we can see? :)


Oct 24, 2015
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I would defenetly be up for contributions with a classic score. I mainly use Orchestral anyway but I tend to lean more towards the sound of the SNES/PS1 era of JRPGs than modern scores. I would probably not have the time to write a full score but with a co-composer I would be able to do my part. I mainly compose sad themes in minor scales to so. Being part of something like this feels better than developing my own project. I just do not have the energy for it. 

Some example tracks. 

My style of battle music might not fit the feel of the game, it is a weak area of mine, but here is one example of that to. 
Apr 29, 2015
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Seems interesting..

I could help with eventing ^^


Aug 31, 2015
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if it's still open i would want to help

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