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    RM is often used to make adventure (especially horror) games. Rather than discuss abstract concepts on what makes a good puzzle, I thought it’d be more useful if we all list some examples of favorite puzzles or puzzle mechanic in games we’ve played. I will start with an old one and a more recent one

    CLASSIC: Maniac Mansion: Teamwork puzzle solving
    Still one of my all time favorites in that puzzles are solved by a team. For those who haven’t played, in this game you get to pick three team members, each with unique abilities. Puzzles can be solved differently depending on who you picked. Some puzzles even require multiple members working together. I think more adventure games can use this mechanic.

    MODERN: The Room series: Simple yet satisfying.
    The Room uses a first person POV and puts you in escape rooms that can be solved by manipulating various 3D mechanical puzzles. I think what this game does really well is its design of really simple puzzles that make you feel smart. Let’s be honest, most of us aren’t Sherlocks. Most puzzles in the Room are really “duh” puzzles that can be solved by grade school kids, but they don’t FEEL kiddish. I think it’s because the puzzles are based primarily on the power of observation. So the longer you stare at it, the easier it gets, and in the end makes you feel like a genius. Win win.

    So what good puzzles or mechanics do you know?
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    think about zelda series that has a bunch simple puzzles in it. you need to run back and forth a bit.

    Also a weight puzzle can be nice,
    if a player stand on a switch it has low weight and a rock is heavier to have the desire weigth.
    if you use 2 switches A and B, A for rock, B for Player. if player is on A and rock on B nothing happend,
    when vice versa, a door can open.

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