Nov 10, 2016
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Hi all :)

So I was wondering, what genres of music do you like? Rap, metal, classical, etc.
And more specifically, favourite artists and songs, if applicable

I like electronic most, with pop, rock, and rap coming up second. Deadmau5 is my favourite electronic artist and one of my favourite overall, with my favourite song by him being I Remember
I also like Ruelle (a less-known artist), who uses an interesting combination of some electronic, classical, and alternative rock
And I listened to Eminem a lot a while back. Not much anymore, but I really enjoy NF

I've never liked classical much, personally, and despise country :p


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Mar 28, 2019
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This group's song is pretty amazing.
I like the chorus part best, what great harmony!
I kinda want to ask if I can put it in my game...:kaoeh:



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Mar 16, 2012
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Up to this time, I have no idea how people could like a genre. It is implying that they strictly only like those genres and probably like whatever music in that genre. Not to mention, I probably disagree with many genre definitions or just confused if certain music falls into a certain genre. With that said, I like music because I like it. I can probably mention some of the music in a given genre but that does not mean I like that genre in particular.

However, humans like to categorize things, and I would categorize mine based on the majority of the music I like. Usually, my source of the music I like is
  1. Japanese pop music (Mainly the source is anime op/ed, and this has many genres on its own. But sometimes I also discovered them from YT recommendations)
  2. J-Pop but off-vocal version. Sometimes (I think) the vocal just gets in the way of me enjoying listening to the instrument composition.
  3. Instrumental (mostly orchestra, epic orchestra, or just modern synth)
  4. Game OST (again, this also has many genres on its own)
  5. RPG Maker MIDI Music resource from a various source I've compiled over the years (Yes, I do listen to them time to time)


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Nov 18, 2015
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Classical for me, although I still hold some respect for jazz (quite different, but still musically complex and interesting).

My super big music background and education makes it hard for me to enjoy listening anything apart from that. When I hear music, I see the "music sheet" in my head and follow along (this makes it near impossible for me to study seriously with music lol), and most songs are repetitive with nothing interesting (4 chords... and usually only 3 sometimes lol).

Favorite composer: Gustav Mahler. I have tremendous respect for that conductor/composer. He is probably one of the greatest orchestrator that ever lived. And it's not true that his work only has influence on the "intellectual" musicians, his work even reaches "the regular people" since it's the foundation of modern film music. Many of his melodies have been copied (public domain so it's fine) by very well known popular songs.

For example, Symphony 3 movement 1, second theme, part 1. It's the same as "Be our Guest" from the Beauty and the Beast:


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Mar 2, 2014
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I love energetic Synthwave, old good Techno, some Industrial pieces, very few Psychedelic Trance and even less ambient pieces of electronica. You got the picture.
As for more analogue sound, well, classical music, like Tchaikovsky makes me feel very nice.
More hard sound on analogue? Well how about Doom, Stoner and Psychedelic Rock?
For instance:
  • Pink Floyd (favorite band)
  • Monkey3
  • Beyond Black Void
  • Sleep
Sounds trippy and it is, but I say a huge NO to drugs and a huge yes to Beer and Rum.

Recently a greek band released a record that was interesting.
the specific song made me feel like WTF this is incredible after 6:30


Suddenly, a summer breeze...
Apr 13, 2012
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I can take any genre of music and find good tunes to it. My personal favorites are pulled from 70's~00's hits, as well as video game OSTs. I can even find fun in meme tracks unironically, lawl. Here's a brief breakdown of my favorite artists or soundtracks by rough category, with a favorite songs.

Normal Music
70s Hits
America: Horse With No Name, Ventura Highway, Sister Golden Hair
Pink Floyd: Another Brick in the Wall, Welcome to the Machine
Blue Oyster Cult: Astronomy, Burnin' For You, Godzilla
Genesis: Land of Confusion, Tonight Tonight Tonight, Invisible Touch

80s Hits
Michael Jackson: Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Bad
Queen: Somebody To Love, Don't Stop Me Now, We Will Rock You
Motley Crue: Shout At The Devil, Too Young To Fall In Love, Dr Feelgood
Metallica: Wherever I May Roam (one of my all-time favorite songs), Nothing Else Matters, Call of Ktulu

90's Hits
Backstreet Boys: Everybody, Quit Playing Games, If You Want It To Be Good Girl (yes, really)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication, Give It Away, Dani California
Green Day: Wake Me Up When September Ends, American Idiot, Holiday
Eiffel 65: Blue (duhhh :3), Silicon World, Now Is Forever

00's Hits
Linkin Park: Breaking the Habit, In The End, What I've Done
Disturbed: Just Stop, Prayer, Indestructible
3 Doors Down: Kryptonite, Loser, Down Poison

Gunship: Tech Noir, Dark All Day
The Cranberries: Zombie, Let It Linger
Skid Row: 18 and Life, Youth Gone Wild
The Lion King: Circle of Life, Be Prepared, Shadowland*, Chow Down*, Endless Night*, He Lives In You, We Are One, My Lullaby (* from the Broadway musical)

Not-Normal Music
Cartoon Theme Songs: Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers, 80's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, "Fastest Thing Alive" from Sonic SatAM, Digimon English dub opening, Sailor Moon English dub opening

Anime Music: "My Will" from Inuyasha, "Smile Bomb" from Yu Yu Hakusho, "Moonlight Densetsu" from Sailor Moon

Jonathan Young: Echo Chamber (his cover songs are also to die for!)

Futuristic Sex Robotz: Don't Make Up Kick Your Ass

ITeachVader's YTPMVs: Win The Race, Hedgehog Stew

The Wasteland Wailers: Dare Master

Video Game Soundtracks
Wicked Child (CV1), Bloody Tears (CV2), Beginning (CV3), Bloodlines (Dracula X / Rondo of Blood), Dracula's Castle (SotN), Awake (CotM), Ruined Castle Corridor (AoS), The Pinnacle (DoS), House of Sacred Remains (LoI), Abadoned Castle ~ The Curse of Darkness (CoD), In Search of Secret Spell (PoR), Jaws of a Scorched Earth (OoE)

Super Mario
Overworld (SMB1 and SMB2), Athletic (SMB3 and SMW), Shopping in Ripple Town (SMRPG), Ghost Gulping (PM), Let's Go (M&L:SS)

Sonic The Hedgehog
Marble Zone, Labyrinth Zone, Final Zone (StH1), Emerald Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Casino Night Zone, Mystic Cave Zone, Boss Theme (StH2), Angel Island Zone Act 1, Hydrocity Zone Act 2, Ice Cap Zone Act 1 (StH3), It Doesn't Matter (SA1), City Escape, Egg Golem (SA2), Back 2 Back, Wrapped In Black (SR)

Etrian Odyssey 3
That's The Beginning of the Adventure, Waterfall Woodlands, Sword Raised In Pride, Cold Justice, Calling That Detestable Name

Final Fantasy
Chaos Shrine (FF1), Rebel Army, Boss Battle B (FF2), Eternal Wind, Crystal Cave, (FF3), Fight 2 (FF4), Lunarians (FF4), Fate In Haze (FF5), Coin Song (FF6), Still More Fighting, Holding Thoughts In My Heart, Main Theme, J-E-N-O-V-A, Cosmo Canyon (FF7), Battle Theme, Victory Fanfare, Crossing Those Hills, Freya's Theme, You're Not Alone (FF9), Sprouting, Battle Theme, Cloister of Trials (FF10), Trisection, Unavoidable Battle, Hero's Theme, Decisive Battle, Under The Stars (FFT)

Dragon Quest
Peaceful Village, A Monster Draws Near (DQ1), Demon Attack, A Lonely Youth, Underground (DQ2), Adventure, Battle Theme, Small Shrine, Village, Pyramid (DQ3), Friendly and Peaceful, Battle Music, Deep Underground, Tower of Death (DQ5), Breaking Through The Barrier, War Cry (DQ8), Heaven's Prayer, Verse of Prayer, Come To Our Town, Are You A Loser (DQ9)

EDIT: Put these into three spoilers because these lists were huge
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Jul 9, 2014
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I'm so eclectic. Depending of what I do, I will humm something, find it here or in a soundtrack and get my neighborgs tired of the same tune after a few hours. (Sorry, traditional animated cartoons backgrounds)

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