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    It’s finally here! The full version of Fear & Hunger. After two years of development time the game is finally at a state that can be called a full game. It has been no easy two years by any stretch. As a solo developer behind this game, it has taken its toll on my social life and my wallet. And that is one of the reasons I’m going commercial with this game now. The world of Fear & Hunger begs for more content and I wish I could continue expanding the lore and its world with future installments with similar commitment of time and resources.

    The previous demo version already offers a large portion of what the full version has in store, but I’d estimate that the full game is roughly double the size and even the previously existing areas are tweaked and updated with this release. The game has new enemies, new characters, new magic and skills, new gameplay additions, plenty of new areas, more story, more lore, more everything. There are 5 distinct and different endings. Even more if you count some character specific variations. The game keeps up with its grueling difficulty and some of the bosses that are waiting for the poor souls that dwell too deep are the biggest challenges in the game yet.

    I will continue with Fear & Hunger for sure. There are bound to be loads of bugs to fix at the very least, but I also plan on tweaking things once I get a better idea on the overall reception of the game and what needs balancing and what needs to be more difficult. In any case, I hope the game is worth the wait for all of you!


    Fear & Hunger is a horror dungeon crawler set in the dark and hopeless dungeons of fear and hunger. Four misfortuned adventurers dwell deeper and deeper to the darkness and uncover the secrets this ancient fortress holds inside. The fortress works as an ancient nexus for different planes of existence. The depths are in an eternal turmoil as both old and new gods struggle for power, it’s up to the players to choose their position and stance in all of this.

    The game is a hybrid of survival horror and dungeon crawler genres with its influences ranging from Silent Hill to Nethack. There are roguelike elements to the game as well as a heavy foundation of a j-RPG. Fear & Hunger is heavy on atmosphere and ruthless in its difficulty.

    • Mercenary - Mercenary enters the dungeons as a hired sword, he is meant to rescue a captive from the prisons.
    • Knight - Knight enters the dungeons in hopes of saving her charismatic leader of the band of holy knights who is held captive in the prisons.
    • Dark priest - Dark priest enters the dungeons in search for greater knowledge. To surpass humanity.
    • Outlander - Simple story of revenge. Outlander lost everything, the person to answer can be found in the dungeons.
    • Oppressive and relentless atmosphere
    • 4 different character classes and many additional characters to recruit
    • Unforgiving and unique gameplay
    • Randomized elements to keep the game fresh with subsequent playthroughs
    • Turn-based Strategic Dismember Combat System
    • Graphical art style mixing pixel art with digital painting
    • Original ambient soundtrack creating the dreary mood

    The world of Fear & Hunger is VERY dark. THE GAME IS MEANT ONLY FOR MATURE AUDIENCES! Extreme violence and gore are everyday sights in the dungeons and death is one of the easier ways to go in the game. The game has drug and substance abuse, heavy themes ranging from self-mutilation to sexual violence. None of the themes are taken lightly however. They are all part of the world building and there to create the unique atmosphere where the game measures just how far the player is willing to go in order to survive.

    Parts of the dungeon layout, events, loot and enemy placements are randomized with few different variations to keep things fresh with subsequent playthroughs. The game is designed with the classic trial and error formula, so you can expect to start the game over and over again. But as long as you learn from your mistakes, you can quickly find yourself at the deeper levels of the dungeon.

    The combat in Fear & Hunger is turn-based akin to classic role-playing games, but with a twist of it’s own. You can target individual limbs of your enemies to dismember them strategically and thus maximize your chances for survival. However, just the same, enemies can also cut off the arms and the legs of your playable characters if you are not careful. You need to prepare well for every encounter if you wish to stay alive. But don’t forget that running away from threats is often the best solution as well. There are many ways for survival in Fear & Hunger - You can find better equipment, learn different blood and love magic, fuse characters into each other, pray different gods, talk your way out of battles, meet new party members, snipe enemies from distance, use traps to disable them… and so on. The Idea is to use what you got at your disposal and be creative with it.


    The game can be bought from Itchio and Gamejolt, or you can give the demo version a try for free!

    Hope you guys like the game!

    SCREENSHOTS (Contains nudity and pretty grotesque stuff):


    Graphics, sound design, development, writing and pretty much everything
    Miro Haverinen

    Additional Animations

    Additional Music with the F&H logo
    Ghostpocalypse - 5 Apotheosis
    Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

    Game Testing
    Jacob Hunt
    + countless people on rpgmaker.net and
    Fear & Hunger’s discord channel

    Discord channel
    Jacob Hunt

    Brainstorming and design
    The original dungeon crawlers Jay 525, Lauri and Sonja
    + countless others

    Plugins and additional coding:
    Yanfly Engine Plugins
    Atreyo Ray
    Izyees Fariz
    Denis Kuznetsov
    Victor Sant
    Tor Damian Design / Galenmerth

    Special thanks to Neco the Sergal and RiskRim (Check out their Youtube channels!) and everyone who has been supporting the game since the last version. I’m so sorry if I forgot to mention you here!
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    Holy sheep, this looks dope as hell. Definitely gonna have to give it a look soon!
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    This looks great! I've got my copy. Will play it and let you know what I think. Great visuals!
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    Why not on steam, tho?
    I mean this definitely looks like most steam-legit RM game I've ever seen and it just humbly resign to ichio? Hmm..

    Although I probably not gonna buy your game simply because it's not my element, but I hope best of luck for your game.
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    Just tried the demo after seeing this mentioned on RPS. I'm afraid the combat comes across as silly. I tried a knight and found that even after cutting both hands and the stinger off of guards they were still able to tackle me for over 30% damage. Through PLATE MAIL. Then I disabled both legs and they were STILL body-slamming me for that amount even though they had nothing but a torso and a head left. This doesn't fit with a system that lets me cripple enemy limbs and I'm not terrified so much as rolling my eyes. Realistically deadly combat could work but it needs to cut both ways.

    It's an interesting concept and I wish you luck with the game, but no sale from me.

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