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May 6, 2012
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Year ago, before I heard of certain games, I loved to play Resident Evil and watched my favorite series, "Star Trek". When I first started to mess around with RPG Maker, I decided that I could combine a horror element with my favorite series, Star Trek. This game wouldn't have 'Zombies' in it and I had problems from day one trying to get the game going, as I wasn't really editing or creating my own graphics, confidence issues and didn't know how to craft a game. It fell by the roadside. I would later learn of such games, like Dead Space and Amnesia: The Dark Descent and realized that I had a pretty good idea without ever hearing about those types of games. I decided with my improved skills that I can truly make this game. Backstory over.

Now, comes to the point of my request, I don't need many things for this game as most of it will be done through events rather than javascript. The one thing I will need is a fear meter, which will function in the following way. A creature (unidentified) and a strange alien is roaming the ship and you are not certain what happened to your crew. The ship has been damaged and as you travel through the ship, you begin to experience situations that will cause you fear to increase.

Example: You are traveling through a hallway, suddenly, a group of undead start heading towards you. It causes your fear to increase, you try to stun them (only it doesn't work) and you must decide to run or to hide until it passes. If you hide, your fear decreases and the creatures get weaker. They get their strength from your fear.

NEED: A meter, so you can physical SEE how high your fear is
A way to increase or decrease fear by events

If a javascript like this exists, could someone point me to it? I normally do things (as I learn) with events, common events, but this is just a huge piece that people must see in order to properly.


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Apr 19, 2016
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SumRndmDde's HUD Maker plug-in should work just fine for this. Just tie fear to a variable and customize the HUD how you want.


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