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The purpose of this board is to improve Visual Novel Maker and make it as comfy as possible to use!

Rules Before Submitting
  • You must check the other threads first before submitting.
  • Follow the Request Template.
  • Think about the importance of the feature and do you really need it as a default. Remember, adding it as a default gives everyone more work to stabilize the engine. There is a reason that the developer doesn't want to hastily add new features.
  • You must add 2 poll options (Yes, No). Otherwise I would be forced to edit it and render everyone's votes useless.
  • All threads will undergo moderation just to check if they followed the rules.
Things to Remember
  • If by any chance your request has been 'rejected' it doesn't mean it's completely rejected. It just means that we have come to an impasse and discuss alternatives to the requested feature.
  • If your suggestion is rejected, it means it concerns the stability, compatibility issues and QA on the developer side. We will do our best to explain why something is rejected. In the end, it costs money to keep supporting features and make sure they work.
  • Please be civil and don't feel like you're being singled out. Everyone is prone to have requests rejected, even us devs even though we can implement it.
Request Template
Please follow this template so it's easy for us to understand your request!

You must add 2 poll options (Yes, No). Otherwise I would be forced to edit it and render everyone's votes useless.
[b]Description of the Feature:[/b]
[*]This feature, I would like this and that.
[*]Here are some images of the feature I would like.

In this section, show an edit of how it will look like in the editor.

[b]Why is this feature good?[/b]
This feature is great because of the following:
[*]Instant Gratification

[b]Possible issues with this feature?[/b]
Issues that might arise from this feature:
[*]User friendliness
[*]Existential Crisis
Thank you very much for your cooperation. :kaohi:
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