Oct 3, 2017
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File Downloader / Updater (VXA)
Introduction: This started as part of VXA Multiplayer Demo. The project got too big, so I divided it up into smaller pieces. The first part was the interface functions that I made into the base of an engine. The next part was to separate out the different functionalities starting with the ability to download and updated game files. The engine can now be used to pull files through a setup using included client and server components known as Downloader. The server component allows uploading files by game and version with a designation. A developer can use the engine to call the client components to get the latest version of the files from the server by the designation.

  • Download files that have been registered with the server
  • Download individual files by latest version or sets of files by game version
  • This includes:
    • Audio files: BGM, BGS, ME, and SE
    • Graphics files: Animations, Battlebacks1, Battlebacks2, Battlers, Characters, Faces, Parallaxes, Pictures, System, Tilesets, Titles1, and Titles2
    • Data scripts
  • Interfaces can be created, customized, and managed of a central point
  • Interfaces can contain graphical elements like text, images, or bars, interactive elements like buttons or input boxes, and lists of elements
  • User input mapping including alphanumeric keys, space bar, back button, enter button, tab bar, and shift bar
  • Timer and scene change events that can call functions
  • Mouse position tracking and mouse button interaction checking capability
  • Buttons can respond to mouse interactions including mouse over, mouse out, and mouse click which can be set to call functions
  • Inputs can be given focus or blurred and set to send inputted text to a function
  • Can set mouse representation image
  • Interfaces can follow game players or characters
  • Inputs can be restricted to allow alphanumeric characters, letters, or numbers, and set to allow spaces in text
  • Bars can use numerical or time based values
  • Can store user settings and save them locally
  • Can log to local files

Code and Documentation:

Current Status: Need testers in the form of developers to test the download capabilities and give feedback on it and the engine as a whole. The first test would be to use the client against a server I have setup. The tester will use simple commands to test the client side of the download. Secondly, a tester would need to attempt to setup both client and server sides using the documentation, and give feedback on the process. Lastly, I would like the other functions of the engine explored for feedback purposes as well.

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