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Jan 7, 2013
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Engine: RPG Maker MV

Synopsis: Final Fantasy: Chronicles of Eno is a JRPG directly inspired by the classic Final Fantasy franchise by Square Enix. However, where other games in this vein are made as direct homages, often replicating story structure, graphics, and gameplay, this project aims to have its own unique flavor.

A direct adaptation of an in-progress Final Fantasy D&D campaign, the story takes a very different direction when compared to the typical JRPG. Leveling is based on progression through the story, so the player is never forced to waste their time grinding, although there are plenty of planned side activities to help boost and enhance the characters, and purchasing new gear and equipment with a wide range of different stats and buffs will help players to customize their approach to gameplay.

A heavy emphasis of the game is, as is tradition, on combat. Taking notes from games such as Final Fantasy 4, 5, and 6, the game features an Active Time Battle System, with cast times and challenging enemies, forcing the players to use all of the tools at their disposal and think critically about their encounter. There will be no ‘press a to win’ in this game!

Given the unique base-line of this project as a D&D campaign adaptation, it is our hope that work on it could prove to be a unique and interesting challenge. We are aiming to make a game that, while true to the Final Fantasy franchise, is still its own beast, able to stand perfectly fine on its own two feet. We have a great zeal and drive to make the title the best it can be for anyone to enjoy for free at any time, using our experience in writing and crafting tales, undergraduate studies in Game Engine Technology, and general drive to deliver a valid experience people can enjoy.

As of right now, we have wrapped up development on the main story for the first chapter of the game, which consists of the first major plot arc from the campaign. Set on the M’rasan isle, the contents currently in place include:
  • 5+ Hours of main story content.
  • 1-2 hours of optional side content, bonus dungeons, and a puzzle stage to unlock special rewards.

Our hope in putting out this recruitment thread is to make the experience much more appealing to potential players. Everyone is familiar with the typical look of an RPG maker game using stock assets, and while we will put out the first chapter with them if need be, we would love to make a good first impression and have a different look. But neither of us currently on the team has the skills needed to wildly change the look of the game.

Positions/Roles Needed:
  • Tileset Artist - to make unique tilesets to give the many environments of Eno a comfortable ‘final fantasy’ look. These tilesets will be utilized in the creation of battle backgrounds.
  • Spritesheet Artist - to make the character sprites stand out from the rank and file of other RPG Maker MV games. Seeing as we have a wide range of races with differing body types in this setting, this one is especially needed.
  • Composer - This one isn’t strictly speaking required, but it would be good to add a bit of extra flare to this project.

We do not know for sure how many of these assets will be required, as the Tabletop RPG this video game is based on is still a work in progress. However, judging off of the density of content in the first chapter (the demo of which can be downloaded below) I feel somewhat confident in the following estimations for numbers.

  • At least 3 Tilesets, possibly more depending on how things go as time goes on.
  • Spritesheets will be the most numerous, due to the wide range of races and the desired variance. We're looking at around 10 sprite sheets worth of sprites, at least.
  • The music is something we don't strictly need to have done, seeing as this is a fan game. As such, the requirements for the composer would be relatively low and flexible.

What can you get in return?
I am not blind to the sheer volume of work this would be to any volunteers. That is why I am willing to offer my experience as a writer in return for any efforts provided here. Additionally, my co-creator, Tom117z, can also provide writing assistance, and thorough playtesting for any projects you may need that sort of help with.

My Role(s)/Position(s): Lead Mapper, Event Programmer, Enemy Artist, Lead Writer (As the Game Master for the campaign.) In essence, I do most of the grunt work in the actual engine and run the campaign, although my friend Tom117z has helped tidy things up in my wake and is our lead playtester, and he will be helping when putting together side content.

Characters, Setting and World Development: Our story takes place on the wide and varied First Enoan Continent on the planet Eno, the titular setting of the JRPG. It is home to a variety of species with their own unique cultures and ideologies, ranging from the forest-dwelling Elvaan of Veteya to the technologically advanced nation of Linsalum. It is a world in a tentative peace, though threatened by forces both in the shadow and in the light of day. It is in this setting that our characters set forth, consisting of five primary protagonists for the party:


Ni Ethil

A young and inexperienced, though brave and heartfelt, Elvaan Ranger hailing from the capital city of Old Veteya. She is an orphan girl, raised from infancy by an adoptive family with a history of military service in the Old Veteyan Rangers. Yet she may not be all she seems...


Thanatos Shadowgrasp

A shadowy and troubled human Dark Knight with a closely guarded past, his darkness kept in check by his new friends. His anger and drive for vengeance always threatens to tip the balance and friendship with those he holds dear.



A quirky but humble human Paladin from the Galrion Domain, he wanders the land seeking to better understand all magic that may heal a troubled soul, a chance encounter providing more of an opportunity than he could ever have imagined. Yet his pleasant demeanor and occasional bumbling hide a seething rage he likes to keep in check...


Rocket the Chocobo

The life, and soul of the group, and a being unique in her nature. Rocket is a cybernetically enhanced black Chocobo, given sapience and intelligence by Magitek. The product of insidious experimentation that has left its mark. The nature of her creation, and its consequences, haunt her despite the black Chocobo’s childlike and joyful nature.


Mika Solwin

A mithra hailing from the island of M’Rasu, a true scholar of the magical arts and all things kept within a book, she is the most intelligent of the group, bolstered by her fiery determination. Her newfound friends, and more, will require she make deeply personal decisions as to where she wishes her life to lead her.​








We also have a demo that covers the entire first chapter of story content made and ready to go as a proof of concept. We recognize that we are asking a lot here, with just how much stuff one can find in a Final Fantasy title. We don't want anyone participating in a project that they are not interested in, especially when it is of such a scale and driven primarily by passion. If you want to check it out to ensure for yourself that we are serious about this and that it is something you want to be a part of, then you may download it at the dropbox link down below.

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