RMVXA Final Pirate Haven: Rebellion of Gilfer's Bay

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Dec 11, 2013
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The upcoming sequel to Crystal Captor: Memory Chronicle Finale.....

Moses Reeve is the son of two pirates, the laid back Bobby and the broom-wielding Callie. He wishes to live up to his parents' name, but is always failing epically at the mercy of his trainer, Jina. With more pirates pouring into Gilfer's Bay due to the rapid shutdowns of port after port, the pirate way is threatened by a merciless dictator known merely as The Dominator.

Bestowed upon a gift by a mysterious cloaked guy and his beloved, can Moses along with his village and pirate refugees stand against the crushing force of the empire they dwell in?


Final Pirate Haven: Rebellion of Gilfer's Bay is a direct sequel to Crystal Captor: Memory Chronicle Finale. The first game was an entry to So Bad, It's Good! Jam 2017, taking first place, and had purposely horrendous and minimalistic maps and events. The sequel will improve upon maps and events, but to keep in the spirit of things, still retain that so bad, it's good charm, just aiming to be 10x better than its predecessor.

Nobody has recollection of the past events since Amina reset this world. No Name master, whom took Moses' place and was bestowed the gift of Crystal Captor by "Xander"--has been defeated. Now Xander, whom now has been restored to his true name (coincidentally Moses as well), is recovering from the illness No Name cursed him with, and can now peacefully live in peace, with Amina's hand in his. With the world their people originally came from destroyed, the two agree upon residing in this world and live out in a tent not terribly far from Gilfer's Bay.

The Reeve family are carrying on as usual. Moses Reeve is training hard to be the best pirate he can, but failing miserably at the hands of his trainer. His mother Callie is both worried and disappointment in his lack of improvement. Captain Bobby and his crew, despite stricter regulations against pirates, have managed to haul in a ton of booty into the bay to keep the pirate way thriving. Mr. Cabbage is still growing cabbages. Jackass once again gets adopted into the Reeve family. And the dazzling Mona (no longer dead since the world's reset) has her crazy tea-loving mind deadset on romancing The Dominator.

But, trouble is brewin' once again, and Moses and Amina will have to again bestow their powers upon Moses Reeve to aid in saving the bay and his fellow pirates.

Oh, and, two Elven scholars who have traveled to Arseland with a mission of their own may come across a vital connection crossing paths with the Crimson Eyed couple. As well as learn of a most exotic prisoner, delivered to Master Potato from Queen Gale of The Kingdom Of Red (so if you played Journey of The Scroll, your questions from the ending shall be answered).

Moses Reeve
[CV: Gohda]

The son of two pirates, Moses is trying his best to live up to his parents' standard but is currently very weak.

Bobby Reeve
[CV: Zeniey]

Moses' father, a laid back pirate captain. His ship is called "The Calla Lily" lovingly named after his wife.

Callie Reeve
[CV: Maisy McDonald]

Also known as the "Broom-Wielding Pirate", Callie is fierce but also very motherly and only wants the best for her son.

Jackass Conner
[CV: Justin Seva]

A pirate refugee from Toiling Port, he came to Gilfer's Bay to join Bobby's crew and handles look-out. A little arrogant and annoys Moses with his very presence.

Mona "Dazzling" Kesley
[CV: Rebecca "Froodals" Everson]

Callie's older sister. Mona has a sick obsession with the pirate-hating dictator and hopes to "dazzle" him so much, he will fall in love with her. Dislikes her nephew. Loves herself and tea a bit too much.

[CV: Trina Deuhart]

Moses' trainer, Jina is one of the best pirates of the new generation and promises Callie to whip him into shape!

Mr. Cabbage
[CV: Searchlights]

An ex-soldier now pirate who deals in cabbage farming. He lives, breathes, and is obsessed with cabbages.

"Cloak Guy" Moses
[CV: Doodled]

Recovering from an illness the No Name master, "Xander", had stricken him with. He is also named Moses. He will do everything to protect Amina.

[CV: Kokoro Hane]

A Crimson-Eyed Cleanser. She is very kind and holds mysterious power. She and Moses are the last of their race.

[CV: Matti Mali]

In charge of navigation for Bobby's crew.

Jared Loco
[CV: Lawrence Trotti]

Has a "cool" aura about him. He is easily annoyed. Also, he's actually kind of an idiot.

Nyaara Neko
[CV: Kokoro Hane]

Known as the "meowing pirate", Nyaara is an energetic Kenomimi that has a lot of fun living the pirate life.

[CV: Liam A.C.]

The "procrastinating pirate", Sid is pathetic and feels like Bobby doesn't want him part of his crew no more, when really, Sid just never shows up on time.

[CV: Eamonn Leighton]

A very suspicious individual that hangs around Gilfer's Bay. Often mutters suspiciously hateful things against pirates.

[CV: Crystal LaValley]

An ex-soldier now pirate. She loves her new found freedom.

[CV: Sabas Cavazos]

Another refugee from Toiling Port, he is always complaining how Gilfer's Bay sucks.

Penelope Poopdeck
[CV: Wendillon]

The "pristine pirate", this gal is always squeaky clean unlike her pirate brethren. Jackass keeps flirting with her, but until he washes his hair properly, she will keep rejecting him.

[CV: Nathaniel Baker]

He seems drunk, but he's always drinking virgin beverages.

[CV: iris龍]

A barista at the pub of Gilfer's Bay. She has to keep telling Carl the drinks he orders has no alcohol in them.

Denise Larrense
[CV: Emi Ray]

An airship captain who hasn't forgiven Jackass for crashing her ship.

[CV: Raff Hunter Evans]

A Guardian of The Gates. All he wants is to bring his sister, Sharon, safely home. Cares not for the Dominator's obsession with pirate obliteration and only loyally serves Lady Jathena.

[CV: TJ Faulkner]

An Elven scholar whom relinquished his servitude to Queen Gale in the Kingdom of Red, from The Continent Across the Sea. As promised, he is aiding a fellow Elf in her quest for her mother's origin. He is stoic, yet cheeky.

[CV: Carmilla Jo]

A Half-Elf. She longs to know the origin of her mother's race, The Crimson Eyed. Alongside Leo'Dan, they travel to Arseland in hopes of meeting the couple claiming to be the last of their race.

- Fully voiced cutscenes, just like the original, with returning roles and plenty of new ones!
- Much longer game than the original and will be presented in two acts
- Mapping and eventing will actually have a greater attempt at effort
- Storyline will be a lot more in-depth
- Leo'Dan and Ni'Ana from Journey of The Scroll appear in this game
- Multiple endings (including early pseudo-ends in the first act)
- More exiting brain-breaking plot twists that may or may not make any sense
- Lots more cabbages! I'm serious, you even get to see Mr. Cabbage's farm this time
- Learn more about some of the characters' past
- Hopefully there will be a lot more exploration and things to do
- It will still have that comedic "so bad, it's good" charm, so expect
the usual brand of ridiculous humour and Gilfer's Bay having glitchy looking lighting

Here's a little look at some of the stuff I have already!

Moses hasn't gotten any better in his training...

Amina taking care of the other Moses, aka "the cloaked guy"

Captain Bobby and his crew, on their ship!

Arriving into a town where the pirates quickly steal some goods in the night (and yes, you get to play some of his crew to get past guards to get said goods)

- Cutscene script completed
- Mapping and eventing done up to the second pirate's stealing mission
- Only waiting on six more actors to send in their batches
- Lines cut for Jina, Blondie, Sid, Carl, 3 extras, and 1 mystery character

- Writing cutscenes are in process
- Concepts and twists mentally noted



Rebellion of Gilfer's Bay has been a project I have been excited to dream up and actually work on since creating the first game. I love doing these types of games because they are not extremely labour intensive, and I actually learn so much as I experiment with different features and technique I could try in RMVXA. It's kind of weird going back to VX Ace after this long, since after working with MV that uses a larger res, I realize.... oh wow, look at how tiny everything is in this program! LOL. But I love VX Ace to pieces, and am enjoying working with this engine once more. It's still my favorite, honestly.

What I enjoy working on most for this sequel is the fact that it really expands the world. Due to the jam's 1 week time limit (and having to make a fun but "badly made" product), the original game was fairly straight to the point and didn't bother too much with names of places or indepth explanations. Now without having to be restricted by a deadline, I am able to flesh out the world. As of Journey of The Scroll that takes place in the same world, but different continent, I was able to make subtle expansions in the references to Crystal Captor, even finally naming the land our characters reside. In this game, we get to interact with more of the characters, such as the pirates you could talk to at the bay, whom play a much larger role. Example being the soldier girl whom is a pirate that "lacks bandanna"--she was a simple NPC that now plays a greater part in the story. We also get to know Bobby's crew whom you barely interacted with in the first game. And just so much more! There is actually more of a plot to this story. We even get to learn about Mr. Cabbage's past! Oh, that will be the most fun story to tell.

I am also happy to say that last I talked to my voice team, they all seemed really cool about reprising their roles, two of them already finished recording for ACT 1. And there will be new voices cast, of course, for a lot of the new characters (I'm preparing to open auditions for that if any aspiring voiceovers would like to give it a shot). So I am really excited to present this story to you all. It's still a a ridiculous comedic fantasy, but will attempt to have more depth, and has its own moments of emotion, intensity, and (hopefully) interesting plot twists!

Most of all, I really hope to learn more about using VX Ace through making this game. Laid back pet projects such as this I think is a great way to do so, as there's so much room to play around and experiment without the limitation of "oh, it needs to be perfect and professional". Haha.

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Chocolate Mint
These pirate ship tiles from the store
Division Heaven
Captain Proton
brian pennington
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Kokoro Hane

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Dec 11, 2013
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Today I received the ACT 1 voice clips for Jina from her voice actress~
Currently in the middle of casting for the new characters!

When characters are all cast, I will post the results and add a character info section!

Kokoro Hane

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Dec 11, 2013
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Character descriptions added!

Kokoro Hane

Overly Ambitious
Dec 11, 2013
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Might as well share some mapping progress....

So whilst I am wanting to put more efforts in mapping than the last, Gilfer's Bay has to remain its glitchy looking self from the first game, BUT! I still improve upon it by making it look more like a pirate port with nets, anchors, seafood stands, etc. (Uses PandaMaru's port tileset)

Now it really looks like a pirate port~


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