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    Firon is a high school student with no current ambitions for what he wants when he is older. Leads a normal life, with normal parents. He Likes to make snark remarks against people and doesn't take life too serious. Laid back. Isn't too passionate about much.

    The story follows him in his life which takes a turn in an unexpected direction when strange things start happening in his peaceful town. A murderous incident from the past resurfaces in the present time with many unsolved mysteries and a determined detective trying to piece together what is happening while the main characters get caught up in this investigation.

    This is an adventure game with a story revolving around the main character, Firon.

    - An adventure game that takes around 2-3 hours to complete.
    - A wide cast of characters.
    - Exploration based gameplay.
    - Original Graphics

    Firon: High school kid with no current ambitions for what he wants when he is older. Leads a normal life, with normal parents and an all around boring life.

    Sophie: Top of her class. Straight A Student. She thinks videogames are a waste of time and a means of escaping lifes problems without having to deal with the burden of life. Gets into arguments with Firon about this.

    Jaro: He doesn't seem to be interested in much at all. Doesn't compete with others nor does he care what others think of him. Seems to always be deep in thought. Naturally intelligent. Aces all exams and barely studies.

    Ethan: Has two friends that follow him around and praise him. He is into any kind of competition sports or even beating Firon in weird competitions like exam score which he normally cares little for. Not into videogames. Wants to be a boxer when he grows up. Rival to Firon.

    Detective BIlke: A World renouned detective that has solved over a hundred homicide crimes. Questionable why he is a city like Carona. Has a particular interest in the murders/dissapearances that have happened.

    Larsa: Mutual friends with Firon due to being friends with Sophie. Average student not too high in scores or too low. Minimal study.


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