RMMV First Video Game: No Such Thing as Heroes (Demo)

Discussion in 'Game Ideas and Prototypes' started by BolognaSandwich, Jul 5, 2018.

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    So, after several weeks of working with this project, I finally created enough content to feel satisfied with to share. This is by no means complete, but its coming along.

    Disclaimer: Considering since this is my very first video game, I only plan on making this for anyone willing to play it for fun including myself. I would like to thank the following sources I found while looking for resources to help build my game. The trees, animals, and music from from the game's resources and these following people:







    Yanfly's amazing plugins!


    I hope that's everyone, if not please let me know.

    Now, here is the rundown:

    Young siblings Siris and Ceres find themselves in an awkward, heartbreaking situation when their father, who demanded their leave two years prior and after two years of long silence, sends them a letter begging for their return. Without much explanation, Siris and Ceres are thrown into a delivery that could result in the loss of their lives or worse, the lives of thousands of innocent civilians. A stone that has the ability to revive anyone or anything as long as you pay its terrible price, rest in their hands. With the aid of a long-time forgotten friend of their father's, Ceres and Siris must travel the world to rid it of this powerful device while surviving through the consequences of their father's past sins.


    Siris: Twin brother to Ceres. Typically calm in nature and sarcastic, Siris can find himself emotional when it comes to his family. Trained by both Rose' and his father, Siris is an expert sword wielder who guards the lives of those he holds dear.

    Ceres: Twin sister to Siris. Typically quiet and joyful, Ceres only wants what is best for the people around her. Choosing the path of the healer rather than fighter, Ceres sticks close to her brother and gives him the emotional support he needs when the time comes.


    Nothing special. Since this is my first game I stuck with the basic Turn-Based plugin from Yanfly. I tried to create a fun experience with familiarity to myself and fellow gamers. The names of spells and attacks are placeholders for when I can come up with more creative ones. :D

    Probably should also clarify that there is a back row for weaker members. I don't have a tutorial set up.

    Anyhow: Here is a link to the first part that I have created! This is a rough mess, but you should be able to make it passed 2 bosses.


    I hope it works. I'm still a complete novice to everything. If not, let me know.

    All I ask for is advice. Things you may have noticed that didn't fit or needs readjusting. Grammar mistakes and all that I will find myself in due time!
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    Your demo link is messed up, it ends up as 'link not found'.
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    "Link not Found"
    "File isn't here anymore."
    ... I was looking forward to playtesting this just moments ago.

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