Mar 25, 2013
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Game Synopsis
"I need to know the truth. What happened to him. What happened to them."
It's been a year since a strange event took place at Aerscam Mansion, a place now forgotten by time. Dorothy, a curious and persistent girl, wants to know the truth behind the mysteries surrounding this place. She decides to stay there for five days, but as soon as she arrives, a letter warns her that she's not alone, and her presence is not welcome. It seems that the mansion is haunted by old spirits who want revenge. Can she survive until 6AM?
Every night at 12AM, and for six hours (6 minutes in real life), Dorothy will have to defend herself against the attacks of vengeful spirits. She can't escape, but she can keep track of her enemies by using a strange artifact that allows her to see every other room in the mansion, and by using candles and lights to keep them away. If one of those spirits gets into her room and Dorothy manages to resist their attack, her level of fear will increase, reducing her chances of surviving subsequent attacks.
"Five Nights: Aerscam Mansion" was inspired by the FNAF series, however, it has a new story, characters and game mechanics. (!) This game contains unexpected screams, flashing lights and unsettling sounds.

Estimated Length: ~1 hour (main story) ; ~3 hours (main story + 6 extra challenges).
Available in English and Spanish.
I recommend playing with a mouse or touchpad.

Dorothy, the main character.
She's a perseverant teenager that goes to the mansion with one objective: to know the truth, even if it requires to face multiple, vengeful souls.
She tries to be a strong person, however, her greatest fears can play against her during the nights, making her uncontrollable.

Frederick Aerscam
He's an enigmatic man who used to be the owner of the Aerscam Mansion. No one knows his whereabouts after his disappearance during 2015, a year before Dorothy decides to investigate those strange events.
What could be the conection between Dorothy and him...?

The "souls".
Vengeful spirits that seem to be trapped in the mansion. They call it their "home" and won't let anyone invade it.
During the nights, they will become more and more aggresive towards Dorothy, until the point they'll try to kill her as a "revenge".
What are their motives...? How and why did they die...? Why are they trapped in that place...?
Game Mechanics
"Five Nights: Aerscam Mansion" has the following game mechanics.

Nights and Hours.
This game contains multiple nights of varying difficulty. In each one of these nights, a new enemy will become "active" and will try to kill you. Every night lasts six minutes in real life.
Even if the title says "Five Nights", after the fifth one you'll be presented with a mode called "Nightmare": an extra night where most of your enemies will be incredibly aggressive.

Mouse System.
This is a point-and-click game, so you require a mouse (or a touchpad) to play it.

The Observation Zone.
This is where most of the game takes place. The Observation Zone is a room connected to the rest of the mansion by two hallways that can be illuminated with the use of the lamps next to them. It also has a strange artifact that lets Dorothy see the entire mansion and defend herself against the souls that attack her.

The Artifact.
A strange artifact that looks like a monitor. It lets you see the entire mansion without moving, allowing you to make strategies to avoid the enemies and survive the nights. By clicking on the buttons you can change the room. It will get corrupted for some seconds every time an enemy moves or when an enemy is in the room you're watching.

Audio Cues.
Being aware of audio cues is essential in this game. Heavy breathing, loud footsteps or distant screams may indicate the movement of some enemies. Music also changes according to the presence of multiple souls or how close they are to you.

Fear Scenes.
Some enemies have the ability to induce hallucinations in Dorothy's mind once they get into the room. This is called a "Fear Scene". You have to click on Dorothy's shaking silhouette at the right of the screen to calm her down, otherwise, she will lose her control and will get killed by the enemies.
Every Fear Scene increases Dorothy's Fear Meter.

Fear Meter.
Dorothy's level of fear can be checked with the fear meter. It increases not only with Fear Scenes, as some actions done by enemies can increase it too.
A high level of fear makes it harder to survive Fear Scenes, and tints the screen red.

Souls and Aggressiveness.
Every soul that attacks you in this game has a different routine, like moving randomly or in a fixed way. Some of them move fast and some others move slowly, some of them can induce Fear Scenes and some others can not.
As the nights go on, their level of aggressiveness will increase, making them more difficult to avoid while the game becomes more difficult.

After every night you'll be rewarded with a Flashback: an scene where the past events of the mansion are revealed. This will give you the answers to the unsolved mysteries the mansion has.

Custom Night Mode.
After finishing the "Nightmare" mode, you'll be rewarded with the Custom Night Mode, where you can play eight new challenges with fixed aggressiveness levels for every enemy, or make custom ones by adjusting the aggressiveness of every enemy, from 0 to 10, the way you want it.

Extra Menu.
After finishing the "Nightmare" mode, you'll be also rewarded with the Extra Menu, where you can see the enemies of the game, watch their jumpscares, replay scenes, and check some other content and guides too.
Game Screenshots







Download Link.
(Links for the new, updated version, April 2017)
Click Here (English Version V1.1)
Click Here (Spanish Version V1.1)
Hope you like it! Notify me if you find a bug or leave a comment if you want!
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Mar 25, 2013
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19 / 04 / 17 - Five Nights Aerscam Mansion has been updated!
The new version of the game is finally available. The old version is still available in case something goes wrong.

CHANGELOG VERSION 1.1 (April 2017). This version is NOT compatible with old saves. Playing again will reveal a lot of changes.
-The first three nights are harder (the souls appear earlier and they're more active).
-Every scene after finishing a night (or after...something bad) has changed, now including dates, dialogue from the main character, interacting with the environment and more. You can go to "every" room in the mansion now, and there are new scenes, too!
-A lot of new graphics, ambiance music (variations) and sounds added. There is a new jumpscare too.
-Fear scenes were improved. Now, you have to click on Dorothy's figure to calm her. It will move around the screen if your fear is high. The graphics were changed, too.
-When you see a soul in the artifact or the hallways, the screen will get corrupted a bit. This will make more easy to identify which room has a soul in it.
-Changed the appearance of the main character (Dorothy), including her sprite and face on the HUD.
-Jumpscares now occur instantly (they lagged a bit before happening). Fear scenes are faster, and you can see them in the extra menu after finishing Night 6 / Nightmare.
-The check button on The Artifact its easier to use now, you don't have to click it repeatedly.
-You can see more detailed info of every soul in the custom night menu, by clicking on their pictures.
-When the difficulty increases, you'll see more...interesting things during the nights.
-Be careful. The last soul that becomes active...is way more dangerous now, and will always start its attack during night five and six.
-Fixed a lot of bugs I found after releasing the game and changed some minor things.
-Improved the english translation (I tried!)

Screens (Also added to the post!)





Notify me if you find a bug, so I can fix it. I added a lot of things so I hope this version feels new if you played the game before!
Thanks for playing Five Nights Aerscam Mansion.
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Oct 1, 2015
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Wow... This looks really interesting!
I'm kinda of a scared kitten, so I'm a little... How do I say this without looking like a child? Afraid XD I mean, I jump with the flashing images in my game and I know they are there, let alone in a game not mine and this intense. Gotta try it asap!

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