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Nov 25, 2017
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So, I've set up a flashlight in my horror game called The Glitch, and it's working pretty well... Except for just one problem that I'm having which is getting pretty annoying...
I've set up conditional branches to run else if statements and determine the players x, y, and direction... The direction is working out just fine, and it's always switching to where I move, but the problem I'm having is the player's x and y variables... It's like the game isn't reading the controlled variables I put, as the flashlight isn't binding to the players x and y. Maybe I did something wrong? I'm leaving a screen shot with both the finished product in the game and the code I put in, maybe I'm just being an idiot. /:
Either way I'd appreciate the help, because this is quite annoying...

Glitch System.png

As you can see, the light is in the top left corner, even though it should be attached to my character... (Obviously, I'm going to change the flashlight sprites, as I realize they don't look very good. Also the tint in general, not a very good tint.) Now for the code:

Glitch Code.png

I thought I did a pretty good job setting up the code, but I guess I was wrong. Could someone tell me what I did that could've messed it up?
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