Oct 25, 2015
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The Enemy Level Calculator is a tool made by me to assist in the usage of Yanfly's Enemy Levels plugin for RPG Maker MV.

Yanfly's Enemy Levels plugin is a simple concept at first glance, but a difficult plugin to make full use of. This is primarily because RPG Maker MV doesn't come with the tools necessary to see the future growth values of enemies across different levels. Without the ability to see those predicted values, it becomes increasingly difficult to balance your RPG Maker game if you are using the plugin.

The Enemy Level Calculator table is made to simplify that purpose. With it, you can enter the base values, increasing percentage rate, and float growth to see how the enemy's stats will appear at different levels. This will help in making the proper stats for different enemy types to keep the game in balance.

By default, the formula listed in the table is a linear progression curve. This means that the enemy's stats will growth at a steady rate. You are able to use any JavaScript math functions to alter the way the curve works if you desire. Should you want to make it into an exponential curve, you can use JavaScript functions such as Math.pow(b, 2), Math.sqrt(b), Math.log(b), etc. to alter the stat growth the way you want.

I hope this Enemy Level Calculator becomes useful for any users with Yanfly's Enemy Levels plugin installed! Let me know what you think! The Calculator is better seen and used in Google Chrome. Here is it's intro video posted on Yanfly's account.




Figuring out the right amount of defense values to give your actors when using Yanfly's Armor Scaling plugin can be a challenge. This tool will allow you to test various defense values to see how armor scaling will affect different base damage values to help assist you in figuring out how to make armor scaling work right for your game.

Here is it's intro video posted on Yanfly's account.



This is a calculator made for the Base Parameter Control and Class Base Parameters plugins! This tool is used to calculate the changes made to the various RPG Maker MV parameters and show their growth across different levels. Now it also allows usage for the Special and Extra parameters.

Here is it's intro video posted on Yanfly's account.



For those using the Class Base Parameters plugin, developers are given the option to create their own EXP formula. This tool exists to help game developers figure out what kind of formula to use for their game.

Here is it's intro video posted on Yanfly's account.
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