Oct 30, 2015
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What I want to do
I'd like to be able to use Event Commands on my Followers (the party members that follow you around when outside of battle). For example, using Balloon Pop-ups on my followers, like this:
(This is a mockup of what I'd like to be able do)

Is there a VX Ace script that did this?
Yes. Lemony's Follower's Commands script.
The way it worked was using a script call with the Follower's index (or name) before using an Event Command on the Player. This redirected that Event Command to the specified follower:

Lemony's Follower's Commands also allowed using the Move Route command on Followers, which was handy for cutscenes.
The full description of the script can be found in the thread I linked, but here's the script's code, just in case:

#==============================================================================# ** Follower's Commands (also known as Follower's Move Routes v.2.2.1)#------------------------------------------------------------------------------# * This little script allows to use in followers any editor command designed# to work with events, this includes Show Animation, Show Balloon Icon,# Set Event Location and Set Move Route.#------------------------------------------------------------------------------# * To use it, simple put a script call with the following before each of the# previously mentioned commands.# $game_temp.lfmr_follower = follower index OR folower name# Use $game_temp.lfmr_wait = true/false to make the followers wait/follow again.# Example# $game_temp.lfmr_follower = 1 OR 'Name' : $game_temp.lfmr_wait = true#==============================================================================#==============================================================================# ** Game_Temp, Alias to initialize.#------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Adds variable to contain follower's index and to turn on/off following.#==============================================================================class Game_Temp#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Public Instance Variables#--------------------------------------------------------------------------attr_accessor :lfmr_follower ; attr_accessor :lfmr_wait#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Initialize Alias#--------------------------------------------------------------------------alias lemony_moveroute_initialize initialize#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Initialize#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def initializelemony_moveroute_initialize@lfmr_follower, @lfmr_wait = nil, falseendend#==============================================================================# ** Game_Interpreter#------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Alias to get_character to return the desired follower if an index was set.#==============================================================================class Game_Interpreter#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Get Character Alias#--------------------------------------------------------------------------alias lemony_moveroute_get_character get_character#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Get Character#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def get_character(param)i, $game_temp.lfmr_follower = $game_temp.lfmr_follower, nilfc = $game_player.followers if i.is_a?(Integer)fc ||= $game_player.followers.each {|f| return f if == i} if !i.nil?i.nil? ? lemony_moveroute_get_character(param) : fcendend#==============================================================================# ** Game_Follower#------------------------------------------------------------------------------# Alias to chase_preceding_character for preventing the execution if a move# route exist for this character or for the preceding one.#==============================================================================class Game_Follower < Game_Character#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Public Instance Variables#--------------------------------------------------------------------------attr_reader :move_routeattr_reader :original_move_route#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Chase Preceding Character Alias#--------------------------------------------------------------------------alias lemony_moveroute_chase_preceding_character chase_preceding_character#--------------------------------------------------------------------------# * Pursue Preceding Character#--------------------------------------------------------------------------def chase_preceding_characterp_c = @preceding_character if p_c.nil?return if (@move_route != @original_move_route) || (p_c != $game_player &&(p_c.move_route != p_c.original_move_route) || $game_temp.lfmr_wait)lemony_moveroute_chase_preceding_characterendend

So do I want a port of that script to an MV plugin?

Pretty much, yes, although the implementation method is up to whoever picks up this request. Although I'm personally only interested in showing balloons and animations on my Followers, I figure allowing Move Routes as well would make this plugin useful to a lot more people.


I want to at least be able to use balloons on my Party followers.

Thank you very much to everyone who reads this, and special thanks to anyone who picks up this request! :) :thumbsup-right:
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