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Sep 5, 2016
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Howdy folks, I've got a head-scratcher goin on here, probably cuz I don't know much javascript.

I'm using Yanfly's Party System plug-in to try to attempt what I'm looking for.

In my game, you can have up to 8 guests join the party. Ideally I'd like to have every single party member following the player character in the overworld. The catch is that I only want 4 party members fighting at a time to avoid steamrolling every enemy.
Using the plug-in parameters, I set "Max Battle Members" to 4 and "Maximum Followers" to 9. However, it seems the "Max Battle Members" parameter overrides the "Maximum Followers" one, as only the first 4 party members are visible at a time.

I know it seems trivial and maybe counter-productive to have a total of 9 people walking across the game like a snake, but it's supposed to be kind of absurd that the party gets that size, and one of the friends I'm making it for isn't much of a gamer and would find entertainment in running in huge circles with everyone, if nothing else.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks, friends! :)

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