Jul 9, 2018
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For the Glory of the Palm-Crossed Strangers
Enter a world where dungeon-crawls are a hobby and weapons are a commodity. Corporations sell equipment and adventurers buy in. Fletchings change hands and arrows fly, all for the glory of the palm-crossed strangers.

An adventurer named Lemuel arrives in the port city of Hansett. While there, his presence is questionable; why would an adventurer come to Hansett of all places, where half the weapons shops have gone out of business and only a handful of members of the Adventurers Guild remain? Lemuel joins up with the guild and begins to take up some jobs, but it becomes clear that Lemuel is running from something.

A long-sleeping shadow falls over Hansett. What puts Lemuel in the middle of it all?

  • A character-driven game with plenty of humorous moments.
  • A rich setting that meshes consumerism with the fantastic. Wizards might go down to the tavern on the corner, but down the block is a massive weapons store with sliding doors, electric lights, and a vending machine.
  • A vast equipment system: Players do not simply move up the ladder from the worst gear to the best gear as they go; instead they choose which company they'd like to get their weapon from and take advantage of their different specialties.
  • Stop leaving it to chance: Combat is about your actions. Your attack will do the same damage from one turn to the next; no variance. Still want a little RNG? Opt in to chance by building characters around crit chance or evasion.
  • Individual Turn Battles: Players will take combat one action at a time, putting serious thought into the decisions they make.
  • Tactics: Sometimes characters will see something in battle that gives them an idea to change the tide of the fight.



Demo coming in October.
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